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The Muslim females should disassociate themselves from the mainstream feminist movement

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Started: 1/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Feminist movement is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated movements of the current world and it has brought wonders by relieving women of social norms and superstitions. But the current worldwide feminist movement is led by higher class working ladies. As a result, they are able to apprehend only the problems of the higher class ladies. They have a minimum idea about the mid eastern ladies of Saudi Arab, Sudan, Egypt, etc. , about their condition, their values. Also, the lower class(poor) women fall into this category. So, I believe that these women should detach themselves from the mainstream feminist movement and start a movement of their own.


What you are inferring in your argument seems to be that Muslim women are not considered women. I have known many Muslim women personally that live in America. They share the same cultural likes and dislikes, they attend the same college lectures, they live and breathe just like any other citizen in the United States. Just because they are Muslim does not mean their rights as women are any less or different than non-Muslims.

The women's movement is partially about making governments aware that women are equal to men and should be treated as such; it's about changing national policies that will give women the rights they think they deserve. If a Muslim woman feels like she is being mistreated by her employer, or her husband, or her government she has every right to join the "mainstream" feminist movement. Maybe the feminist movement means different things to women in other countries, but your religion by itself does not affect your views on women's rights. Are Christians the only ones allowed to join the "mainstream" movement? What about Jews? Hindus? Should they not be allowed to join the mainstream feminist movement too?
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First of all, I reffered to the Muslim females who are not self dependent. Such as the Muslim females of the Middle East. The government of those are still not that much liberal regarding woman rights. My argument was about these women of the Mid East. The mainstream feminist movement should have worked to make the government of this countries more liberal. But as they didn't, the women of this countries(most of them are Muslim) should form a movement of their own.
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Posted by Sonofcharl 1 year ago
"Higher Class Working Ladies"

I'm not sure if phrase is quite de rigueur with feminists.
Posted by Zbojnik 1 year ago
Agreed, feminisms nowadays has been reduced to group of women who feel like the society owes them something just because they have ovaries. It is no longer about giving women EQUAL rights as men have (because in the west this has been achieved decades ago), but about trying to cherry pick all the rights without actually having any responsibilities. At least that is how I view 'mainstream' feminism. So if women who actually need to achieve original goals of feminist movement think their case would be undermined by being compared to this they should probably do what you suggest.
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