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The NBA should ban hack-a-Jordan

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Started: 6/2/2016 Category: Sports
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The NBA allowing players to foul a player that has a bad free throw percentage takes away from the game. This drags the game on making it long and boring. This "strategy" is not real basketball.


I find this topic to be interesting and a big problem for the NBA. I will argue that the NBA should not change any rules for a few poor free throw shooters. Good luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


These rules affect the entire league not just the poor free throw shooters. Other players can not play to their full potential if all these fouls are called. Not to mention that it's a wuss move. Lots of the time this just drags the game on forever and is extremely unentertaining.


I will agree with you that this type of strategy is annoying and bothersome. But let's take a step back and analyze the situations for a second. From a practical sense we can ask ourselves this question:

"why should the whole game change for a few players?".

Shooting free throws is a skill and it's one all top level players should develop. The underlying premise of those who want a rule change is "change rules to make the game better" and i agree with this premise. The issue is unlike other rule changes that happen as a result of the game needing updating, this rule change is to simple accommodate players who lack a skill, in this case free throw shooting. Why are we allowing a few bad players to change rules for others? Also what type of rule could be put in place? How bad a free throw shooter do you have to be to be protected by this rule? There are numerous problems with this idea.

One easy fix? Have these pro athletes who spends hours upon hours in the gym learn to hit free throws. Or when crunch time comes around, sit them on the bench. We shouldn't accommodate bad basketball, we should demand they get better.

My last point is this. In order for a "hack-a-Jordan" or hack a whoever to work in a large sample all the player needs to do is hit 1 out of 2 Fts. This is because a piont every possession is above the league average since no teams shoot over 50% over the course of a year.

According to only 19 players shot wrose then 50% last year out of 461 players. Of those 19 only only 6 attempted more the 100 free throws during the year. So in reality why are we changing a rule for 6 players...

Sources :
Debate Round No. 2


Again I will state that we aren't changing the rule for only 6 players we would change it for everyone. This "strategy" affects everyone. Adam Silver who is the NBA commissioner agrees that something needs to change. There are many suggestions of how we can deal with this.
"Ban it.
"Allow the team fouled to the opting of shoot the free throws or taking the ball out of bounds, which would essentially eliminate the strategy, as suggested by Tom Ziller of SB Nation.
"Allow a team to use the strategy a certain number of times per game so that DeAndre Jordan is not shooting 34 foul shots in a game, as he did against Portland on Nov. 30.
"Include one extra free throw attempt by any player for a set number of intentional fouls off the ball, an idea suggested by"s David Aldridge.

DeAndre Jordan has practiced free throws. He has stayed in the gym until he's made 1000 free throws to him its mental. Dwight Howard makes about 80% of his free throws in practice.

This strategy also ruins the game for younger kids. How are they supposed to learn the sport if this is what they watch and are taught is ok on TV.



Change is for Everyone?

As I said in my argument a player shooting above 50% would be all it takes to eliminate this strategy, only six players shoot a less than 50% while attempting more than 100 free throws. You failed to address this reality and so my argument stands. Weather the players problems are mental or mechanical it still stands that they lack that skill.

I can hit 70% of my free throws in a gym by myself too, in a real game not so much. This is a skill these players must improve to the point where they are not liabilities. This shouldn't be too much to ask.

Potential Rule Change:

While we could in theory change the game but we need to ask ourselves why? Should other rules be changed when players lack certain skills? The answer is no and its remains no for this question.

Next Generation:

The assertion that this strategy will teach kids that this is okay is counter intuitive. I believe the opposite would happen. Coaches would be forced to make sure all players to learn the basics of basketball including being good free throw shooters. This would eliminate the problem as the next generation takes over the league.


Pro did not provide sufficient reason for a rule change. Simply saying it’s a "wuss move" is not enough. You need to provide actual evidence that this is destroying the game.

Thanks for the debate.

Debate Round No. 3
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