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The NSA has gotten out of hand!

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Started: 2/17/2014 Category: Politics
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The NSA I feel has violated the 4th amendment with spying on our calls, emails, internet searches. Ect. In the constitution it is a right for us not to be spied upon. That is what our founding fathers fought against, Britains snooping on us searching our houses without reason.


Aight drummerbich let me tell you this in laymen's terms. You think the NSA is getting in yo bizness cus you think they be spying on all yo shyt. Well let me tell you, they be doing their job aight? They be keeping my family safe. So if yo asss got a prob with it then go tell them. Yo think u got the right to tell them not to look at yo stuff? Guess what yo asss dont. I think the NSA is a great idea and is making the country a safe place bich asss niga.
Debate Round No. 1


I feel I own the right to privacy and I feel everyone does. My name is Ben by the way, second, I challenge you to tell my one benefit that the NSA has gotten out of spying on us. See that the NSA is the Government a d the government is owned by the people of the United States I have a right to tell them not look at my stuff. The NSA I feel is an illegal part of our government right now. Again I challenge you to find a terrorist attack that has been stopped by the NSA since 2001 when the patriot act was enacted. Spying to me is censorship, you shouldn't be prosecuted on what you do on the internet. The internet is a free library available to the most common man for free. It is a world wide library of information. Do you get prosecuted for checking books out of the library , no! Do you accept my challenge?


Ok, let me lay down a listful of dates and facts for you. Ever since the NSA was in place many crimes and evil deeds were stopped.

2003 Layden,Washington. The NSA found out something was up and stopped it.

2005 Jizztown,VA. A building was saved due to investigation of an attack.

2005 Myra County Incident. An attack was stopped before anyone got hurt.

2006 Protocol #237 . A hacked tried to hack into the Pentagon, but was stopped before it could happen.

2008 Polippi, AZ. A man was stopped before he could pick up his sandwich.

SEE ALL THESE ARE PROOF. now before you come up with an argument think please. Yo butt must be jealous from all the shyt that comes out of your mouth
Debate Round No. 2


I couldn't find any of those incidents but I'll go by your word. Okay you did prove me wrong in the fact that the NSA has stopped some incidents but a study was done out of 227 Al-Qaeda only 17 were stopped by the NSA. I just think the NSA does more harm then good. Most of the Al-Qaeda links were found by the CIA and FBI. Representatives in the White have even came out to say The NSA "had no discernible impact" on preventing terrorist acts. Benjamin Franklin said " Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." So I wonder why else would the Government spend so much to keep it running if it's not even that successful. Simple to spy on us there's no threat to them we are the threat. Instead of complaining I will give some solutions to the problem of which we have right now.

People are worried about security, instead of doing things illegally which in the 4th amendment which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. Then which the NSA has already violated. We instead should find ways to improve on what we already have, the FBI, Police force ect. To be more precise and helpful rather than suspect everyone to be a potential terrorist.

Number two we should figure out why other countries hate us so much right now that they would want to attack us. It's not for what we stand for then what is it. All I know is for the past century theres been nonstop war. Vietnam, Korean, the gulf war, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria. How bought spread Peace instead of War. I guarantee if we stayed out of other countries we wouldn't have all these terrorist problems to begin with. Right now we have 900 military bases in 130 countries. We still have a base in Germany from World War II why do we still need to be their? It'd be like if iran decided to build a military base in America. That'd go over well.

I get what your saying but I feel the NSA is just a false sense of security. The NSA might catch 10 crooks but I feel it does more harm then good. I'd rather have a terrorist attack happen and be free then be spied on and chained down and have none. Sorry that's just me. Overall I feel terrorists are pissed off for a reason. We need to pull out of all countries and start building back ours again. It's time for a change I feel back to the way things used to be. Thanks for the argument though not being sarcastic I learn new things from arguing.


LaShawna forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by drummerben03 3 years ago
Wow her account was just closed too.
Posted by drummerben03 3 years ago
Oh My God Just realized none of those places exist :D
Posted by Actionsspeak 3 years ago
I died:
2008 Polippi, AZ. A man was stopped before he could pick up his sandwich.
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