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The Naruto series are a better designed anime series than the Dragonball series

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Started: 12/31/2012 Category: Entertainment
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I believe that the Naruto anime series (Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) are a better anime series than the Dragonball series (Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT). My first point is to site the imdb scores of both the series.
Dragonball has an imdb rating of: 8.6 (
Dragonball Z has an imdb rating of: 8.7(
Dragonball GT has an imbd rating of: 6.9 (
This gives the dragonball series an average of 8.06(3sgf)
Naruto has an imdb rating of 7.9(
Naruto Shippuden has an imdb rating of 8.4(
This gives the Naruto series an average of 8.15.

My second point is that the Naruto series has a greater plot depth than Dragonball Z. Though Dragonball's plot is big, it still doesn't reach the size of Naruto's. Let's look at it this way, the Dragonball series has a lot of foes, especially in Dragonball Z. There's nothing wrong with that but in Naruto, you later realize that many of the villains encountered were all just part of something larger and more immense than the foes first encountered. Son Goku's first villain in the Dragonball Z saga is his older brother Raditz who tells him everything about his past and his race. Then, Goku dies when ensuring that Piccolo kills Raditz by grabbing him from the back. Son Goku dies in this process. But after this, Son Goku is continuously revived whenever the planet seems to be in peril. This hinders the plot development because we never move past Son Goku's death since he is easily revived. This seems like a ploy to keep the Dragonball series interesting but in all fact means that new character's are underdeveloped.

In Naruto, there's a major contrast, the lead character never dies but is further developed into a character that people want to see the best come out of. The plot encourages people to question it to find answers. Character's are interlinked in long chains. The only time people are brought back to life (with the exception of Gaara) is to be used against their friends. This makes the series much more enticing. Lastly, the character development is great. Small character's in the plot are developed to the points of other major character's which is something that the Dragonball series lacked.


responding to my oponnent's argument about the IMDb ratings, such a minute difference in rating should not make such a big difference. Overall, there are so many factors in voting that go into account, such as multiple votes, and hate votes, that the IMDb should be disregarded.

Next, adressing the plot development. Goku has only died twice. Once revived from the dragonballs, which were presented very early in the story. And then revived again, in order to save the world from Buu. However, character gets redeveloped into something larger everytime. Picollo, first an enemy, became one of the greatest friends of Goku. Same with Vegeta. Not to mention the inconvinient reocurrence of Frieza. There is also Trunks who appears from the future, and so many other(android

However, let's focus on the poor plot development of naruto.

1. After the time skip it's pretty apparent that Naruto is strong. Despite the fact that he spent three years in private training with Jariya, it turns out he's only any good when someone makes demon fox. All of the people he graduated to genin rank with are now chuunin or higher, and apparently now ninjas weren't measured by how stealthy or tactically advanced they were but how many mountains they could blow up and rivers they could redirect.

Naruto needed to be powered up. But how? Enter the elemental affinity test.

Basically, when you hold a special piece of paper it will react as if under the influence of one of the elements that apparently all ninjas are naturally aligned. It turns out that Naruto was wind all this time and didn't even know it. And now that he does he can undergo some proper training and get that level up he needed to fight all these ridiculous ninjas around him.

This makes no sense

Think to when Kakashi was training Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. He was so strict about the fundamentals about being a ninja.
So, why didn't he hand Naruto and his team these little pieces of paper in order to discern their elemental affinities right away to help him properly focus their training? The paper is clearly special somehow and maybe it's kinda rare or expensive but this seems pretty important. Why wouldn't teachers get this crucial information as early as possible?

The answer is, of course, that the writers made this up way later in order to give them an excuse to power up their characters even more. If they thought this up on day one there there is zero reason for Naruto to not have known his alignment to wind from the first day of his genin training. It's just lazy writing talking.

#2. Sage Mode

After the time skip Jiraiya is sent on an information-gathering mission to find out what's up with this Pain dude everyone is worried about. He infiltrates Pain's stronghold, sneaks around in some ducts and stuff for awhile, but is eventually discovered and has to defend himself from an enemy he knows basically nothing about and later turns out to be Jesus Christ himself. What's an old guy to do?He reacts by initiating what we now know is called sage mode, where the users takes on the physical characteristics of a frog and they become super powered through the power of loving trees and grass and stuff. At this point Jiraiya is already well-known to be one of the most powerful dudes in the world, and he just somehow got more powerful by becoming more ugly.

Why This Makes No Sense

Before this sage mode was never even hinted at in the series. Not ever.

Previously, we were lead to believe that Jiraiya was as powerful as he was because he was skilled in an obscure discipline and had decades of experience under his belt, which is pretty impressive in a world where you could die at any moment without the slightest hint that something is amiss. Sage mode basically makes these assumptions completely false: he wasn't considered powerful because he was a better fighter or because he's been around the block, he's powerful because he has a super secret shape shift ability that makes him stronger.

This could very well have been possible if Jiraiya hadn't been caught in no less than two conflicts where going into sage mode would have ended the series for good.

The first time was when he encountered Itachi in a hotel. He didn't go sage made and made two reidcioulously powerful ninjas flee, because if he did he would have completely ruined their plan and Sasuke's goal of beating his brother would be taken care right then and there. And since this manga is now basically about Sasuke the thing would be over.

The second time was when he and Tsunade fought Orochimaru in a crazy fight where enormous summoned creatures were stomping and slithering around the battlefield. At one point Jiraiya gets hand-to-hand with Orochimaru but fails . if he had access to sage mode at this point then why didn't he use it? By all accounts he could have very easily beatf Orochimaru, and basically ended the major conflict of the story right there. If he failed in a big way that day Tsunade and Naruto would have been killed. Was that not good enough reason to use sage mode?

Actually, we all know why he didn't use sage mode on these two occasions: the writers simply hadn't though of it yet.

#3.- Itachi is a bad guy? Good guy? What?

We all know the story of Itachi, and how he killed his family etc.

Fast forward to when Sasuke finally confronts Itachi. ! But when it came down to it things got complicated, and the writers try to throw a weird curve ball at us: that Itachi was actually a hero who loved his little brother more than anything in the whole wide world!

It turns out that Itachi was a double agent caught in the middle of a coup de tat attempt by his family, the Uchiha clan. To his family, he was spying on the upper echelon of the Hidden Leaf Village, gaining precious information to better their attack. But i he revealed his family's plans to Hidden Leaf officials in hopes of avoiding conflict. Through Itachi, the Hidden Leaf attempted to quell all thoughts of a violent uprising before it ever got started. after a long while of receiving no positive results the hokage ordered Itachi to wipe out the clan in order to avoid war. A perfectly reasonable thing to do when things aren't going your way, just murder everyone who opposes you and call it a day.

While you're at it, send the guy who is directly related to them to do the job. That seems fair.

On top of that, Itachi discovered the existence of Madara, who was trying to initiate another ninja war and get the Hidden Leaf Village destroyed. Itachi managed to get Madara to not do this by promising to wipe out his entire family. Somehow this made sense to Madara so he not only agreed he actually kept his word (for awhile).

So, Itachi is actually a misunderstood hero who did everything he could to avoid senseless death. Yay!

Why This Makes No Sense

First, Itachi murdered dozens of people. That fact alone really weakens the whole "hero" angle that the writers were going for.
Also, the manga/anime implies that every single member of the Uchiha clan was in on the coup and wanted nothing more than to rule the universe . At no point is the possibility of detractors within the family acknowledged other than Itachi himself, despite the fact that folks like Sasuke existed who had no idea that a coup was even being planned.


The very existence of Itachi and Sasuke prove that the Uchiha clan allowed clan members to bang each other in order to create more precious offspring. The very specific bloodline to the uchiha clan definetly caused inbreeding

Also, there were definetly babies in the Uchiha clan, when Itachi massacred, so
That's right, Itachi more than likely killed children. Heroically killed children, though.
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Sammi3 forfeited this round.


extend all my arguments from the first round. My opponent has forfeited, therefore conceding all my arguments, and failing to defend his. Vote for me because he conceded all his arguments
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