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The New England Patriots are better than the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Started: 12/13/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I would like the voting of this topic to be completely unbiased, and that the voters take each side"s argument into consideration.
First, the Patriots have won their Super Bowls at a higher rate than the Steelers. Since the Steelers first Super Bowl in 1975, they have won 6 Lombardi Trophies. At this rate (calculating their SB wins up to 2017) they are winning 1 Super Bowl for every 7 years. Meanwhile, the Patriots have won their first ring in 2002. They currently have 5 rings, and are winning at a rate of 1 Super Bowl every 3 years. So for every ring the Steelers get, the Patriots get two.
Second, the Steelers are yet to beat Tom Brady"s Patriots in the postseason. Under three games (2001, 2004, 2016), Brady has won by a touchdown or more, and went on to win the Super Bowl all three of those times.
Third, head to head stats with two elite QBs, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. First with Tom Brady, Brady has played 250 games. His overall record is 193-55-0. His completion percentage is 64.0%, and has thrown for 65,447 yards. He"s thrown 483 touchdowns, and 158 interceptions. Overall, not bad stats. Nearing 200 wins, getting close to 2/3 of all his passes complete, and he"s got 5 rings. Next is Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben has played in 198 games holding a record of 134-62-0. His completion percentage is 64.1% and threw for 50,558 yards. He"s got 325 touchdowns with 173 interceptions under his belt. He has 2 rings and has been in the playoffs on several accounts. The overal comparison is close, yet the stats lean towards Brady. The completion percentages are very close to each other, but where Brady strays away is with his passing yards. Yes, Brady has played nearly 50 more games (about 3 seasons), but stat is suprising is the interceptions. Brady has thrown 15 less interceptions, even though he"s played 3 seasons more than Ben.
Although I"ve mentioned it again, I think it"s worth making this a separate paragraph, the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl 7 times, achieving a 5-2 record (71% chance of win). Tom Brady has more rings than any NFL player, however both his loses were to the Giants. Big Ben has been to the Super Bowl 3 times, and won twice (67% chance of win).
Overal, with both between the teams, and their QBs, the Patriots are the underlying victors.
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Posted by Jay1980 2 years ago
Hell no. They are cheaters. They have a crybaby for a qb. My STEELERS have six rings. We are going to hand them there 2nd lose Sunday.
Posted by Nd2400 2 years ago
So you wanna debate this subject? That's fine. Unfortunately im not the one.... Im bias i hate the Steelers. Im a raven so can't imagine going on the Steelers side....
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