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The New Slavery in America

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Started: 9/4/2013 Category: Politics
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I believe slavery is alive and well in America. The methods have changed, and the faces of the slaves and slavemasters, but it is still in practice. Unless, of course, I have somehow been mistaken in my observance of the paradigm of leadership in our nation. What are your views, if I may present for dialogue this topic?


I hope I am engaging this correctly. Legal slavery in the US is dead. Are there a few cases of forced labor at the threat of violence or blackmail? Yes, but these cases are rare and are typically handled by the justice system.

With that being said the only thing that exists in the US with any significance is ironically the opposite of slavery. In times of old, people were taken from their homes and were threatened with force to produce labor. Today people stand in lines, go to agencies, find websites, and send in applications to find work. If they were offered their freedom, it would be one of the worst fates they could face. The work is voluntary, and people agree to it because it is better than the alternative. Everyone from people at Taco Bell to the workers picking their tomatoes are engaged in voluntary labor.

Now we may be tempted to equate some of this hard work to slavery but to do so is a mistake. The people working in these jobs may not be happy now but with the work experience obtained in these jobs come new skills, and new opportunities to advance. You do not need to look far to find examples of people who have left a job to find a better one.

And even those who do not progress are better off here than they would be anywhere else. The worst job in the US is better than no job or even the same job in Central America.
Debate Round No. 1


That is a very insightful counter to my assertion. I applaud you for being candid in your response.

I suppose I must concede that the work performed in America is to a large extent voluntary. I would say however that the will of survival is without option, and it is on this basis that employees have been manipulated, both by political leadership and by employers.

We serve a supposed free market based upon the effects of competition, yet the voice of the small business owner is left unheeded, and the largest voice heralding the need for a loosening of restraints in the interest of increasing competition is that of monopolies.

What appears to be freedom is a predetermined course for the most part. The largest recipient of the labor of the common man is the Federal Government via the tax system, which has mutated far beyond the borders of it's original constitutional intent to form a lucrative enterprise.

The means by which sound leadership is exercised is the upholding of responsibility. However, our leaders demand accountability and a weight of responsibility they could never dream of being under the sentence of. It is upon this premise that I claim disparity between the leaders, and the led.


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Debate Round No. 2


That people are subjected to serving the vision of the federal government whether or not it be at odds with the welfare of the republic is really the main thrust upon which I hang my argument. When justice and the people are truly served, the vision seres the people. When justice is abused and the leaders demand undue privilege, the people serve the vision without return.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anonymouse 5 years ago
you know america has the most prisoners ever in human history, and guess what? the u.s regime is having prisoners work for 25 cents a day. all that made in usa crap that you see is actually made in prison, mostly by blacks, because they are more likely to be locked up than anyone else
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