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The Nintendo Switch currently is a great Console/Handheld Device.

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Started: 11/11/2017 Category: Games
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(Previous debate was forfeited by my opponent on round 1.)

Alright, this will be more of a casual debate about the thoughts of the Nintendo Switch. I will argue that the Nintendo Switch so far is a fantastic console and a huge step for Nintendo. While the opposition will argue that the Nintendo Switch has a heavy amount of flaws that hinders the Nintendo Switch from being a good console despite its massive success.

There will be a couple of ground rules:

1. No trolling, excessive insulting, etc.

2. No forfeiting of course.

3. First round is for acceptance (Just to make things quick. After accepting this debate just say "I accept this debate" so we can get things moving). Also in the final paragraph of the final round there needs to be of course a simple summary of the argument towards why people would want to vote on our side and no new evidence for the final paragraph.

4. Of course have fun! Don't get TOO worked up about this simple debate.

5. By "Great" or "Good", it is meant that the Switch not only meets its primary goal very well. But its pros still outweighs its cons since the Switch's flaws are also inevitable. But CON will give reasoning towards how the Switch's flaws outweigh its pros.
Debate Round No. 1


(Alright just note that you should have said how you accepted the debate and not how you "Agree" but anyways.)

The Concept (+ Execution):

The Nintendo Switch of course is a Console/Handheld Hybrid which gives the user the ability to take their console-graphic games ANYWHERE they go. The concept is as practical as it sounds despite the general size of the console. The Nintendo Switch is extremely reliable because of its portability which also gives the Nintendo Switch a huge advantage in plenty of ports making a lot of ports the definitive edition or objectively the best port because of the Switch's unique gimmicks (With exceptions of Power-Hungry games like EA Sports or DOOM which in that case is up for preferation).

While the Switch is certainly a big portable machine which may seem not all TOO portable, there are definently techniques to help with the portability. One technique I found useful was to have the joycons be seperate and place into one pocket with the Screen being on the other pocket. With that technique I was able to not have too big of an issue moving or carrying the Nintendo Switch console with Semi-Big Pockets (Though its better to have a pocket that zips just in case). So really portability is a no brainer for what the Switch does right.

The Design and Versatility of the Nintendo Switch:

While as a home console, the Nintendo Switch mostly supports the Joycons (Single Joycon play included) with the Switch Pro Controller and other Third Party Controllers (Was added in a firmware update if I remember correctly). None of this is anything to write home about, but the versatility as a whole from the amount of options you can play on the switch IS!

You can use third party controllers, the Pro Controller, Single Joycons, Handheld Mode with Joycons attached, Joycon Grips, Joycon's unattatched, and more on the go. These options makes the Nintendo Switch great for parties as well as with proper controllers and without joycons there isn't a need to have a crowd of people waiting in line to play Mario Kart with a small Single Joycon. The Third Party controllers can actually be quite cheap and a lot of them are relatively roomy. I actually use the 8bitdo controllers where despite the controller itself being somewhat small, it still feels comfortable and is designed to look great.

The size of the Joycons are actually pretty adequate unless you have hellishly big hands, and I really mean that as a person with 21 cm hands.

As you can see from the comparison, the Joycon's buttons are the same size as that of a 3DS XL along with the Joycons being a bit taller as a whole. This is a pretty overall adequate size for wanting to play with two joycons. What makes it better is the overall curviness of the Joycon which allows for the fingers to be aligned naturally without much problem for long periods of time.

However, the only issue I ever had with the controller sizes were in fact the single joycons which are designed to be two handed which ends up being quite cramped for people with bigger hands.

HOWEVER, you can easily buy other controllers (Some Third Party Controllers aren't too expensive) or use the Joycon Grip to make it a bit bigger along with giving a more curved texture for a little more comfort, and the Single Joycons are mostly only used for multiplayer play anyways so it wont come across as too big of a problem to really hamper the switch down. After all, making the joycons any bigger might hurt the portability more.

The Games:

Overall, the Nintendo Switch at its current state has a strong lineup of games. There are quite a lot of great First Party Support, some suprisingly decent Third Party Support, and a plethora of fantastic Indie Games with a steady trend of many games coming onto the EShop each week along with there being a lot of fantastic looking games being announced. I will go list off some games on the Nintendo Switch that are probably worth mentioning to help convey how strong the Switch is when it comes to games, especially when it comes to games that are PORTABLE!

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild:

Definently a no-brainer when it comes to noteworthy Nintendo Switch games. Every accomplishment I made in this game felt like something I truly did as if it wasn't artificially made or it wasn't purposefully supposed to happen but I discovered it. It's artstyle is gorgeous and it truly captures the feel of exploration. I mean every single thing I see I can go to LITERALLY with no limits. And it is quite flexible towards any kind of pace. You can literally get off the Great Plateau within a few hours and fight Ganon if you want to, I mean its hard but its possible with speedrunners being able to do it. And there are fantastic collectibles and a fantastic combat system that rewards the player for strategy. Simply a must-have.

Super Mario Odyssey:

Again, another undisputable no-brainer. Super Mario Odyssey is bursting with charm with just Mario's plentiful amount of facial expressions ALONE. Each Kingdom feels like its own Mini-World with many things to unlock and discover. Mario feels fantastic to control with the amount of options he has. And finding power moons are addictive as hell, and of course the Ending was just phenomenal and unique and simply something I'll never forget. And capturing enemies helps diversify the gameplay and it was always fun to have Mario in costumes. Also theres a lot of Super Mario 64 fanservice as well.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Not much needs to be said about this title, its simply the definitive version of Mario Kart as a whole. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has FANTASTIC and unique racing tracks with gorgeous visuals and the fact that its portable means that its just fantastic for parties.

Splatoon 2:

Splatoon 2 has addictive multiplayer battles with its unique 3rd Person Shooter Gameplay that allows for mixing up plenty of strategies with Turf Wars and other competitive modes. Salmon Run is a blast to play and the Single Player content is great. And there are many things to customize. Just wish that the Voice Chat system was better tho...


As a fighting game fan myself. I find ARMS to have such a unique emphasis on defensive movement-based playstyles with many combination of arms to mix up gameplay. There are many arms to unlock along with a badge system recently implemented with some free DLC. ARMS is definently worth a try and it was consistently enjoyable to play.

Pokken Tournament DX:

Pokken Tournament DX is a more combo-oriented Fighting game unlike arms with two different phases for both 3D fighting and 2D fighting. Of course its more of a tranditional fighting game compared to ARMS but again it does have the unique phases system. The gameplay feels fastpaced yet fun with quite a bit of pokemon being added. Again, definently worth the money.


Probably a game not a lot of people talked about. Snipperclips is a stellar puzzle game with an emphasis on cutting shapes to solve puzzles or to be cut a specific shape together. Snipperclips has a gorgeous and adorable artstyle and I remember back when I brought my switch to a party, 80% of the time me and some friends were laughing our asses off from the awkwardly sexual facial expressions of the two characters. Definently a game worthy of more recognition, also Snipperclips got a recent expansion pack as well.

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

As someone who hated the Minions, the Rabbids weren't really my cup of tea initially. However for some reason, the crossover between them and Mario actually worked quite well. The artstyle meshed well with the more down to earth Mario characters and each battle has a rather cinematic feel with its bombastic soundtrack. I actually didn't mind the Rabbids too much along with them being occasionally amusing. The emphasis on being stealthy in a more Fire-Emblem like gameplay allows for the game to be quite strategic and occasionally very difficult.

Disgaea 5 Complete: Speaking of Fire Emblem-like games. Disgaea 5 Complete is basically Fire Emblem, but like on steroids. I mean there are literally demonic penguins that explode who are required to say "Dood" after every single line they say. Its as weird as it sounds. There is an overwhelming amount of content Disgaea 5 Complete has. From a great subclass system, to going up to level 9999 and reincarnating to reset the levels to gain extra stat bonuses, to the abundance of postgame content. There are hundreds of hours to spend in Disgaea 5 Complete which makes it even better since its portable. And the attacking animations, my god... it's so stupidly over the top that its just amazing.

I haven't even scratched the surface with the amount of games the Switch has that are good. I only handpicked some of the 70ish games that I personally found noteworthy because of the limited characters remaining. Hell, I probably downplayed more than half of these games in how good they are by giving a brief overview of them because of Characters Remaining.

Battery Life:

Initially a lot of people thought that the Nintendo Switch's battery life is problematic, after all its only 3 hours for very high end games like Mario Kart or Zelda. However turning brightness down quite a bit can help a lot with battery and a good chunk of games can have quite a bit of battery. Games like Sonic Mania last up to around 6 hours with full brightness which is great as a whole. And you'd probably bring an extra charger anyways for a trip long enough to drain the Nintendo Switch's Battery Life completely. So the battery life is not as bad as it seems.


The Nintendo Switch is EXTREMELY Versatile as a Tablet with many ways to play. Its very powerful as far as tablets go and its only a bit underpowered as a console in compensation. The Portability Convenience and the plentiful of fantastic games really do help the Nintendo Switch A LOT. The Nintendo Switch achieves what it wants to do very well. Therefore, the Switch is a "Great" Gaming System.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by moneymade27 9 months ago
ok i go again and thanks fanboy
Posted by Plebidise 9 months ago
Seeing his previous arguments on I doubt that. Please stop trolling.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 9 months ago
What are you saying, that moneymade27 sucks at debating???

Give him another chance and we will see when he schools you at debating!!
Posted by Plebidise 9 months ago
*sigh*. I highly doubt he will win. But he can comment on this debate if he wants to redebate me. Actually you should debate me Mr. Troll
Posted by FanboyMctroll 9 months ago
my vote is on moneymade27!!
Posted by FanboyMctroll 9 months ago
moneymade27 you deserve another chance to debate this topic, that is of course if Plebidise is not too scared to debate
Posted by moneymade27 9 months ago
Ok I understand but I was researching on it when I checked the time I ran out ok
Posted by Plebidise 9 months ago
To be honest, the person debating in that debate did a pretty poor job. He could of done significantly better. Really neither of you guys really won the debate as both you and the opponent did a bad job for convincing me on either side if I didn't know what a Switch was.

1. The person had much more notable games to talk about outside of De mambo, NeoGeo Games, and Namco Musuem. I mean they are good but they aren't good enough for talking about the Switch's Game Library. He could have mentioned ARMS/Splatoon 2/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe/I Am Setsuna, etc. Those games are much more notable and good as a whole. And his ending argument was pretty weak.

2. Your arguments aren't really much better, the only thing you did better was that you actually used an article but really outside of that you made some disappointingly poor arguments. You also put out claims like how the Switch will fail in a year without evidence and you put a lot of "feelings" in your arguments rather than actual facts half of the time like you did in this comment section.

3. Trust me, the debate with me will be MUCH more interesting and it will be more challenging.

4. Actually let me make a deal with you, if I lose the debate and the reasoning is relatively valid and there is a good elaboration on the overall debate from the judges. I will stop debating with you and I'll take the big L. However if you lose, you will have to take the L and accept defeat. Does that sound reasonable?
Posted by FanboyMctroll 9 months ago
Already did that, yawn!!!
Posted by Kagasquid 9 months ago
Debate us so we can argue in a sactioned environment
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