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The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Protests will cause a significant change in society

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Started: 11/23/2011 Category: Society
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The OWS protests will cause no great change in society. They are a hodgepodge group with too many different, unfocused causes, no leadership, and a anarchistic fringe element the "mainstream" OWS cannot control. No politicians will openly embrace the OWS movement because of the huge downside that is possible, too many unknowns within the movement, and because the public has yet to whole heartedly embrace them.


The OWS protests will make a difference because a large number of people are taking part, and large movements tend to stick with people. Politicians may not support the movement, but politicians aren't always right and may fall in and out of favor. Also, even though there are unknowns, nothing can be kept away from the media forever. More people will join because:
1. Since the protests are unfocused, it is easier to relate to the movement. It isn't strictly about one thing but about a variety of things, which means a variety of opinions, and a variety of of opinions means a variety of people.
2. Since the movement doesn't have any leadership or structure, it is easier to join, so more people will join.
Therefore, the protests will make a difference.
Debate Round No. 1


More won't join because, one, they know there's NO chance of finding a job sitting in a park and two, when it gets into the 20's and starts snowing, people will start going home. It might be easier to join without leadership, but it'll also be easier to fracture and drift in different directions without leadership. Even the Tea Party found some politicians to rally around. With no one to rally them, OWS will become a "stagnant" movement.

They are anything but unified. From the New York Observer: "The organizers behind started raising a separate fund for their own expenses, for $6,000, causing a kerfuffle with the finance committee. Meanwhile, people at the camp are "always trying to steal the buckets," Ms. Sobel said, and well-meaning protesters as well as opportunists have been seen walking around with their own buckets."

Their General Assembly is getting a rough introduction into working with the masses. The great thing about Democracy is that everyone has a voice. But OWS seems to forget that the problem with democracy is that everyone has a voice. Read the whole article here:

And here's another article that talks about the growing rift between OWS's 99% and OWS 1% that controls the money:

One ironic aspect to this is the group protesting big banks is keeping all the money they raise, in BANKS. And the one "friendly" bank they chose, union-owned Amalgamated Bank at 52 Broadway, is about to be sent into receivership by the FDIC!

They're living in an idealistic, fantasy world. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to want eradicate poverty and give everyone their foreclosed homes back but we live in a capitalistic, nationalistic world. Here's an example: "The sanitation working group recently brought a simple proposal: the purchase of storage bins in order to tidy up the park. It passed, but only after a member of the assembly attached a friendly amendment stipulating that the bins should be certified Fair Trade. When attempting to purchase Fair Trade storage bins, the sanitation committee discovered they do not exist."

But the most ironic aspect to all of this is that OWS, protesting the "one percent," already has its own one percent!

Finally, many of the OWS protesters say we need to replace capitalism because it doesn't work. But what none seem to be able to answer is, replace it what? Communism? Socialism? A Theocracy? Where are they currently still being used successfully. If you want to tear down the system, you need have one to replace it with.


Protesters could work online if they have a laptop, or they could start their own business from where they are camping out. The weather is getting colder, but a few of the more hardcore protesters might decide to stay through the winter with a portable heater or two. If not, they could protest via Internet or at one of the warmer locations. People might also join or go back to protesting or in the spring if they quit for the winter. If that happens, new people coming in might stop the movement from becoming stagnant.
The protesters might develop a new way of running things that could make the movement more efficient and eliminate their 1%. They could replace Capitalism with their new, better system and change both America and the world.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm all for a "new system," but what is it? They have to tell us if they want out support. Why would people support OWS if they have no plan than simply tearing the house down?

And with regards to starting their own business, that's a great idea. And the fact that they live in a capitalistic society makes it an even greater idea. Of course, they don't want to be too successful. If the business took off and they did really well, they could find themselves in the one percent!

Then again, if that happened they could go home because protesting against yourself doesn't make any sense.


Even if the movement fails, it will change the way of protesting by using social media:
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lannan13 6 years ago
it will cause a change in society. it leeds to the down fall of capitolism and upturn of socialism
Posted by brian_eggleston 6 years ago
Good debate topic. I'm tempted...
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