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The Paradox Of The Stone Is Invalid

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Started: 1/10/2014 Category: Philosophy
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First round is acceptance. Good luck.


Thank you, Pro!

1) Please provide a definition for God, Paradox of the Stone, etc.

2) I will be arguing the Paradox of the Stone doesn't exist.

3) Best of lucks, Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


A definition of God is not needed; also, God is assumed to exist for the purposes of this debate. It isn't a debate on whether or not God exists (regardless of how you define "God"), but whether or not the Paradox of the Stone proves that omnipotence is an illogical concept for any God to posses.

I noticed that you said in your comments you meant to say you would argue that the Paradox does exist; however, that is not your burden. It is not debatle whether or not the Paradox exists as a concept, because it self-evidently exists or else we wouldn't be discussing it. This doesn't mean it is actually a true "paradox"; it's just the title of the concept. Anyways.

Best of lucks to you too! Here is the Paradox:

Can God create a stone so heavy, he can't even lift it?

This question is often posed to try to show that the concept of an omnipotent God is illogical.

1. Can't defy logic

Let's assume that God posseses omnipotence where he can do anything that doesn't defy logic.

The answer is “no,” because creating a stone so heavy that an all-powerful being cannot lift is a logical absurdity. This doesn't concede that God isn't omnipotent, as the defintion of omnipotence excludes the ability to defy logic.

2. Can defy logic

God can do anything, even defy logic.

Making a rock so heavy he can't lift it is a logical absurdity... but God can defy logic! God can make a rock so heavy he can't lift it, yet remain omnipotent because he can defy logic!

Even under this definition, the Paradox of the Stone fails to prove that omnipotence is illogical.

Remember, because God can defy logic doesn't mean that his ability itself is illogical. I have proven my case. Best of lucks, Con!


A definition of God is needed in order to advance into the actual part of the debate. Since we are arguing whether or not the Paradox of the Stone actually exists, we ACTUALLY need to understand who and what is God exactly. This would be like reading a last chapter of a book without understanding the previous chapters... I've provided a definition of God because my opponent failed to answer my request. God : a spirit or being that has great power, strength, knowledge, etc., and that can affect nature and the lives of people : one of various spirits or beings worshipped in some religions.

1. God's Power is forever growing

Since my opponent has stated in his introduction "...God is assumed to exist for the purposes of this debate." We don't have to waste time. In my opponent's first contention he states "creating a stone so heavy..." First, we have to understand that God has the ability to create a stone with a set weight but cannot "create a stone so heavy.." Because the stone wouldn't have a SET WEIGHT. God is all powerful, but it is entirely IMPOSSIBLE to determine his strength because it is not definite. God's power is forever growing. You cannot measure INFINITY. You cannot put the weight of the rock so heavy on a graph because you add +1 pound to it forever and it wouldn't stop. By saying god can't lift it, is like saying a person has all the knowledge in the world. But you could just teach that person a made up language and another piece of knowledge would be given unto him. God can lift the rock not because he is set at a strength, but because his strength is forever increasing.

2. God can defy logic
Yes, god can defy logic. But my opponent keeps referring to a "rock so heavy." A rock so heavy doesn't exist, there isn't a set weight as I stated in my first contention. But, what he can do is make a rock forever increasing in weight. So can god lift the rock? Yes, God can lift the rock because his strength increasing as well.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Hoyobro 3 years ago
Sorry I meant to say the parodox of stone does exist.
Posted by whatledge 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: ...Maybe I'm missing something here, but it appears to me that all of Con's arguments support the resolution. They are simply other possible explanations for why the Paradox Of The Stone is invalid. All Con did was help prove Pro's case, so I have to vote Pro.