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The Penal code/Islam where men rule the world, and the penal code of justice in America.

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Started: 1/18/2015 Category: Philosophy
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Hey smart philosopher, think about that.

If you deny it then you are a penis.

Stick out your dinky tyrant.

Same thing, different faces in different places, all of they be tyrants.


I accept. But I'm fairly certain I'm not a penis.
The justice systems of Islamic nations and the justice system of the United States are radically different.
I look forward to your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


The "justice system of Islam", and the "Justice system of America", both kill ignorant humans every day. Which system should rule the world? You should decry it or disavow both. It is what it is. Git er done! Blah, phooey on your denial of factoids.

Humanity is at war against tyranny, of kings, religions, races, sexes, and nations of.......Islam and freedom.



Yes, both justice systems kill those deemed worthy of execution. The difference lies in the reasoning behind the executions. To earn a death sentence in the U.S, one must commit heinous crimes such as murder. Under Sharia law, one can be killed for adultery, being homosexual, sex out of wedlock, and many other "crimes." Justice in the U.S. is controlled by a (mostly) democratically elected government, while Sharia law is based on a holy book. Women are tremendously oppressed by Sharia law; they are not allowed to drive or show their hair, and are treated as lesser beings. In the U.S, women aren't discriminated by the nation's laws.
Neither system should rule the world. Morals vary between different societies, because every culture is unique. However, some forms of justice violate logic and basic human rights more than others. You're right, I am denying your "factoids."

Humanity is not at war against tyranny, humanity breeds it.
Debate Round No. 2


I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
Just is? Or Just isn't? Justice, or Justicn't? Just is, or Just isn't?

It is what it is, but it ain't the truth.

Seeker' get off your pot smokin' buttocks!
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Reasons for voting decision: What is Pro's purpose? He clearly thinks something. Yet he seems completely unable to explain it. I'm not sure he even knows. Con has it correct, tyranny, governments, religion are the products of men. Pro seems angry at an abstract, government. Yet seems to miss it is people who make governments, or religion, or whatever Pro is angry at.