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The Pistburg Steelers are a better well prepared team than the Kanas city Cheifs

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Started: 10/27/2011 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe they are so much better of a team than the cheifs are because of this reason the steelers QB is much more better as a person and as a athlete and can acually be a better leader than the cheifs QB could ever be. Also, with troy PALMALU on our side we can never loose......


1) You misspelled "Pittsburgh", one cannot be a "more better" person than someone else,lose only has one 'o', and his last name is Polamalu

2) Ben Roethlisberger may be a better athlete than Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, but I do not see how Ben Roethlisberger being accused of rape on two different occasions and then being suspended for 6 weeks by Roger Goodell for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy qualifies Ben as a "much more better person" then Matt Cassel

3) "With Polamalu we can never loose", the Steelers have a 5-2 record where they have already lost twice, their first loss was to the Ravens where the score was a whopping 35 - 7 where Polamalu wasnt much help and neither was Ben..... Their second loss was a 10 - 17 loss to the Texans, a team which as of right now has a 4-3 record that is worse then the Steelers. The Ravens currently have a record of 4-2

How can you claim the Steelers can never lose with Polamalu when they have already lost twice to teams that have worse records than the Steelers do?

4) "a better leader than the cheifs QB could ever be" Ben has already proved that he is not a better person then Matt Cassel right now, so how can you automatically assume that in the future Matt Cassel could not EVER be a great leader for his team? Matt Cassel could be a very good leader one day but claiming he never could be a better person then a twice-accused-of-rape-and-violator-of-NFL-official-code-of-conduct-where-he-was-suspended-for-6-weeks-QB Ben Roethlisberger seems pretty ignorant....
Debate Round No. 1


Thats just your opinion at the end when you say that Ben is ignorant! In this debate I want you to show me proof that states this:
1. That hes actually raped someone because I believe that its a load of crap sir! And also if you state evidence on that then i might agree with you.
2. That he is not better than Matt as a athlete! And not based off of total bull.
Then that will satify me, untill then i will agrue my heart out untill you quit basing your case off of crap that might or might not be true. this debate isnt about how good of a guy they are... Let talk football!


Im Not saying Ben is ignorant..... Im saying that you are ignorant for automatically assuming that Matt Cassel could NEVER become a good leader for his team....

As for the multiple rape charges,
1) 2009 in Lake Tahoe Andrea McNulty worked in a hotel where Ben was staying when after being called to examine a tv Ben allegedly started to rape her and gave her wounds that required hospitalization. No charges were ever filed and no investigation was given though

2) In Milledgeville Geirgia in 2010 (less than a year later) a 20 year old student at GSCU where she later was hospitalized with many wounds to the private area after being seen with Ben by many people that night. Ben was once again not charged and no investigation was carried out

Ben is a better athlete than Matt Cassel but the argument here is that the Steelers are a better well prepared team than the chiefs, that Ben is a better person and leader, and that the Steelers cannot lose with Polamalu....

As for talking football I already have talked about football im waiting for you to do the same! The steelers have already lost twice to teams that are worse then them. One was to the ravens where they lost by 4 touchdowns where Ben also threw 3 interceptions, the other was to the Texans where they only scored one touchdown. Both teams the Steelers have lost to have worse records then them which implies that the steelers are not as dominant as you think they are.

As for the Chiefs they are currently 3-3, but all 3 of their losses are from teams that are actually better than them (Bills, Lions, and the Chargers, combined record of 13-6)

Total the teams the chiefs have played have a record of 18-22
Steelers opponents have a combined record of 16-29

Chiefs have had a far tougher schedule than the Steelers and the chiefs have beaten every team they are better than. The Steelers on the other hand have blown games against teams that they are better than.

As for well preparedness, Chiefs have won 3 games straight and are facing the Chargers at home. Chargers are 1 game better than the Chiefs,
The Steelers have also won three games straight but are facing the Patriots at home. Patriots are 1 game better than the Steelers as well.

Both teams have 3 game winning streaks, both are facing opponents better than them at home, so how would the Steelers be any more well-prepared than the chiefs? They both appear to be facing an uphill battle this week....
Debate Round No. 2


QB Rating: for 2010 NFL quarterbacks for QB Rating, it's a must!
Qb rating is often rated as most important for 2010 NFL quarterbacks for QB Rating, in addition to 2010 NFL quarterbacks with over 65% completion percentage and 2010 NFL quarterbacks with over 67.50% completion percentage. While most people find that QB rating is a significant consideration, the difference between Matt Cassel at 92.95 rating and Ben Roethlisberger at 97 rating is 4.05 rating.

This is a quote from a website i found ^
So Ben has a high percentile than Matt Cassel!


Hey guys check it out the Pro fond an anonymous quote from a random internet source that she didnt list :D

First of all the ratings themselves suggest that both QB's are A+ QB's since thy both rank in the low to mid 90's

As for statistics, the Chiefs this season in rushing yards is 129.3 per game
Now on the other hand the Steelers total rushing yards is 117.9 per game

The Chiefs turnover ratio this season is -1 (thats a negative one)
The Steelers turnover this season is -9 (thats a negative nine)

Matt Cassel's passing completion rating (63.5) is greater than Ben R. (62.8)

Ben R. has been sacked twice as much as Matt Cassel has been (20 compared to 10)

The Chiefs defense has forced and recovered more fumbles than the Steelers have (Chiefs = 4, Steelers = 3)
The Chiefs defense has had more interceptions than the Steelers defense have (Chiefs = 11, Steelers = 2)

4 players on the chiefs have the same number of interceptions this season then the entire Steelers defense has COMBINED... In fact one of them actually has twice as many interceptions as the entire Steelers defense COMBINED,
Brandon Flowers = 4
Kendrick Lewis = 2
Brandon Carr = 2
John McGraw = 2

Troy Polamalu has not had one forced fumble recovery or one interception this season.....

I rest my case that Ben Roethlisberger is not an all around better person than Matt Cassel,
I rest my case that Troy Polamalu does not make the Steelers unbeatable,
I rest my case that Ben Roethlisberger is just as good as Matt Cassel as a QB for the reasons stated above,
And I rest my case that the Steelers are just as prepared as the Chiefs for the arguments stated above!!!

Vote Con :D
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro never stuck with her original resolution that the Steelers are 'better well prepared'. Con was able to refute most of Pro's points while also focusing the debate away from the initial resolution. Cons final round essentially negated the resolution entirely.