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The Pope lifting sancions on the Itlalian priest who sexually abused 5 children.

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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I read recently where the Pope Francis lifted sanctions on an Italian priest (Mauro Inzoli) who was in trial because of sex crimes against 5 children. Given the fact that this has happened before in the Vatican and Catholic religion, I'm curious as to if the Pope was right on justifying the heinous crime of Mauro Inzoli. You can agree or disagree, it doesn't matter, I just want to hear other opinions. SOURCE :


First of all, f@ck the Pope for lifting sanctions on a Italian child sex offender priest. And second of all, that child sex offender Mauro Inzoli should be vertically impaled on a pole after having his djck and balls cut off.
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I find it highly disturbing and very baffling that people can continue on about this with such a nonchalant attitude. You see, the thing of holding a caliber of high power in a brainwashed and ignorant society is that people justify and are okay with the ill-actions of someone; based on their political and religious hierarchy.

If we held people responsible for their actions and prosecuted correctly, hopefully, we would see less of these atrocities.
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Posted by What50 1 year ago
5 children wow.
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