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The Power of words and its effects

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Started: 9/13/2014 Category: Philosophy
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Based on foundational teachings and beliefs within the religious mindset and a few secular mind, it is adapted and believed that the power of life and death lies within the tongue. We all know that based on how an argument, statement or just about any vocal/ audible means of communication has an influential or intimidating effect on its audience weather direct or in directly. It has an effect on an individual consciously or subconsciously that will cause that individual to react to that media transmitted or the transmitter relatively. This issue has now being thrown out for the views of others concerning this topic to be expressed openly and justified based on their faith on this issue.


Words themselves are not powerful. Words merely have the "potential" to be powerful.
Power comes from the speaker or the writer, though the "choice" of words.
Context, audience and timing all factor into how impactful or powerful the "use" of a word can be.
Words cannnot organize or utter themselves
Debate Round No. 1


While the cons point is considerable, The fact of words holding powers of their own, I can justify by the illustration of " How the reaction of a person when an utterance is heard. And the point of words instability to be uttered on its own. of course not. Can the wind speak?


Thanks Pro. It seems you have already conceded. The cons I listed are indeed considerable, and far outweigh the sole example you provided in round two to support your own position. You agreed with one of my points in particular, and offered no rebuttal to the others. Unfortunately for you the sole example you chose to support your own position, was in fact further support of the mine(the Cons). In your example you referenced the response of a person "hearing" an "utterance". An utterance is a "Spoken Word", which is a far different thing than the mere existence of a word. If you consider the reaction of a child hearing a classmate yell "stop" compared the reaction of a child hearing a teacher or a parent yelling "stop", I'm sure you'd recognize that the power is not in the word itself, but "who" spoke it.
Debate Round No. 2


CONNYBOY forfeited this round.


My opponent claims that technical issues forced him to forfeit round three. As a courtesy, I will note that he offered an argument in the comments section. He referenced the power a one word sign, "DANGER", that "has the authority of warning an observing individual". However, the sign itself has no "Authority". It can merely warn. It cannot enforce. It cannot physically prevent. Traffic cops and parking tickets exist and are needed because people ignore signs every day, all over the world. Police often hide near one word "STOP" signs because drivers routinely ignore them . The same violating drivers normally comply, however, when they hear the "spoken" words "Pull Over", made powerful by armed police over a loudspeaker

Unfortunately for Pro, he has once again used a bad example. Even the design of most "Stop" signs and "Danger" signs actually refute his position. They are traditionally painted red, because the words alone are commonly thought to be not bold enough or powerful enough to grab one's attention.

In closing, my opponent has been unable to present any examples of a words that, on their own, impose "power".
My opening assertion still stands essentially unchallenged, so I will simply repeat it:

Words themselves are not powerful. Words merely have the "potential" to be powerful.
Power comes from the speaker or the writer, though the "choice" of words.
Context, audience and timing all factor into how impactful or powerful the "use" of a word can be.
Words can not organize or utter themselves.

I thank PRO for an interesting exchange!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CONNYBOY 3 years ago
no i don't. unfortunately while in the middle of my reply, the internet service island wide got jammed. don't know what the hell happened but it took the power company almost 2 days to get it resolved. pathetic....
any way. the point I wanted to make is not that I have conceded but that Kevin is not looking deeper into the stated term power of word. I explain. A man is conducting a construction site. at a particular area, their are hazardous or potentially hazardous elements their. based on his duties, he is unable to be posted their to warn people of the potential dangers. so he makes a one word sign, "DANGER" and left it their. this sign now one word on the sign now has the authority of warning an observing individual. it could also be an audible warning such as a recording. isn't this words given power to warn an approaching individual. this one of the simplest ways of putting it. remember the individual is not present only the word.
Posted by KevinLomaxESQ 3 years ago
It seems my opponent intends to forfeit
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
What people who are not believers in the word of God do not realize is that man is a spirit being.We have souls ( mind,will ,and emotions ), and we live in physical bodies. We were created by faith. From a faith being called God.Faith is released with words. Words carry faith as seeds. We studied the ministry of Jesus. This is how he lived. When he wanted to get results, he would speak to things. Trees, water, dead people, sick people.And he said, if we deposit negative words , negative things will come to pass.And if we deposit positive faith words , those will also come to pass.Jesus said in Mark 11th chapter, " you will have what you say".
Just walk with Jesus in the word and see how he handled himself. You may be pleasantly surprised at the wisdom he commanded.
That is when I started to study people and the words they speak. It was uncanny how their words mirrored their environment.That is when I started to have confidence that Jesus knew what he was talking about. And the funny thing is. Most church goers are not aware of this either.And that puzzled me. I mean Jesus spoke plainly. In fact I have realized that they had to have help to misunderstand the bible.It is so simple.
Posted by CONNYBOY 3 years ago
I got to admit. Some of the comments a few of you posted are very effective pints but I must say others among you have not taken the time to analyze your points very well. Looking around you and just commenting on anything has effects. Some of you may think that this is just psychological but their are words that commands different elements withing the universe that are not visible to the carnal state of being. One way to look at this is in the context of magic thought this is a poor analogy. but when dealing with magic, it requires a certain amount of discipline from its user. Discipline that relies on the faith of that individual. If this was not so, explain the act of declaration.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Life and death are in the power of the tongue. That is what God says. Jesus understood this full well.That is why he walked totally in control of his environment.The centurion approached him and asked him to heal his servant. Jesus said, " I will come and heal him." The centurion said, " no, I am a man of authority. I tell a man to come, and he comes. I tell a man to go and he goes.SPEAK WORDS ONLY , and my servant will be healed. "He knew authgority when he saw it. He had caught sight that the power from Jesus was in his words.Jesus marveled at the guys faith. He said he had not seen such great faith in all of Isreal. Obviously that included his own staff.

Jesus controlled the wind and the sea with words. He understood that it was faith-filled words that created all matter. So, if faith created it then it would still respond to faith.
Posted by 2Sukh2 3 years ago
I don't really understand the debate to much, please explain more in depth what you mean by power of words.
Posted by Mike_10-4 3 years ago
The power of "life and death lies within" the Laws of Nature, not the tongue. The tongue is only a transmitter of information which means nothing without a receiver. The receiver is the active agent who decides whether the tongue is a fool or not.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
I said man could speak from the beginning. The Hebrew correct translation in Geneses is ," and man became a speaking spirit."And yes, parents are responsible for their children. They do speak negative things all the time. Or haven't you been listening. Jesus said this. " Out of the good deposit of a good man's heart, good things come to pass. And out of the evil ( negative ) deposits of an evil man's heart , evil comes to pass. For out of the abundance of the heart , the mouth speaks."

We live in a word system. You have no choice than to live in that system. The only choice you have is what words you speak. There are basically only three types of words. Words of faith and love. Words of fear and hate. And idle , empty words. And Jesus said these will cause evil.

James said this. A man that can control his tongue will control his whole body.For the course of nature is set in motion by the tongue. Words are kindling he taught. They start fires. And when the fire is raging, there is no evidence the kindling even existed. Some calamity will fall on a person and the words that brought that are long forgotten. But they had been released and are active. I knew someone very close that would say, jokingly, " when I die I will die with my boots on on my motorcycle." a couple months later she ran headon into a pickup. When she had sadi those things I never thought anything of it. Not until I studied God's word did it come to me what happened. And she was a Christian also. That is why God says that his people perish for a lack of knowledge. I am sure if she had been taught these things she would have been a lot more cautious about the words she speaks.

. That does not exempt you or anyone else from the consequences of negative words. Just pay very close attention to the words people say.I have heard people say things like, " that is just killing me" I say." really, it is killing you. " I didn't mean it." Then do not say it then. Say what u mean
Posted by InnovativeEphemera 3 years ago
Oh my god....haha ok I'll take the bait.

1. You said man could speak from the start but babies can't speak which is why you say their parents have to do their faith stuff for them. So where did language come from then?

2. Retardation is no longer a clinical diagnosis so I'm sceptical about what you've said. It now means a vast range of things. Does she have an intellectual disability or psychomotor retardation? Neither of these things preclude anybody from having a normal life and getting married etc, I don't know what this has to do with anything? If the doctor was right then everything you said would still have happened.

3. Yes, because a doctor knows what they're talking about. And you don't.

4. Does that mean you will never die because you well never say things about death? Are ou going to live forever? If I do that will I never die?

5. How come you can't say "all the poverty in Africa is now gone" and it goes away?

6. You're getting your casual directions mixed up. People who are angry say mean things because they're angry. They don't say mean things, then become angry. In the same way a person doesn't complain that they are sick if they aren't sick and become sick because the we're complaining about it. That's absurd. First you become sick, then you complain about it.

7. Are you serious? Or trolling?
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
And have you ever noticed that the more words that an angry man speaks, the madder he gets.Until he loses control. Because those words affected his heart.
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