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The President is wrongly held to expectations that are the responsibility of Congress.

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Started: 11/10/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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The president of the United States is the overseer of the executive branch of our government. Per the Constitution, that power is limited to enforcing laws passed by Congress with regard to domestic affairs. In today's politically charged environment, presidential candidates campaign issues such as tax reform, health care, and social issues. Citizens should not expect the president resolve issues to the degree they are currently doing so. Each state has 2 senators and a number of representatives elected by the people to represent their voice in the congressional branch. People should first hold their representatives accountable as resolutions will always begin with Congress.


Although the president himself cannot pass laws, he is ostensibly the head of government, so everything is pinned to him. He is also the party leader, and should provide the clout that gets laws passed. This is why Trump held the speech in the rose garden with the house republicans after they passed the AHCA. It was a victory for Trump's agenda.

Conclusion: Though the president cannot pass laws himself, he is ostensibly the face of the party and their agenda, so shoud therefore provide the political clout that gets those laws passed.
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Posted by godofwolves 10 months ago
we all know what checks and balances are right? we have the three branch system to assure no one branch of government is too powerful
Posted by John_C_1812 10 months ago
By change of command both President, Executive officer elect share a burden of United States Constitution. Most times the direction of chain of command is misunderstood as United States Congress has yet to my knowledge ever proved a state of the Union.

In the Understanding no large political party has addressed a state of the Union while holding Executive Office, Congressional, or house seat. It is only the Executive office which moves through the historic motion of State of the Union.

As the State of the Union is between Constitutional principle and Historic written law.
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