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The President of the United States should be elected by the direct vote of the people.

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Started: 5/6/2014 Category: Politics
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P1) Voting directly allows everyones vote to be counted. Currently the electoral college system is used as a "compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens" (archives). The winner of the popular vote in a state gets all of the electoral votes for that state (thisnation). It is not fair that the voters who voted for another candidate do not actually get their vote counted.

P2) The people should be able to directly vote for whomever they wish to lead the country without having the government monitoring them. The electoral college was originally created because the Founders did not trust that the public could make a good decision on their own and needed Congress to also take part.

C:The President of the United States should be elected by the direct vote of the people.


P1) Allowing everyone's vote to be counted will enable people who should not vote such as non-citizens, criminals, and minors under 18 the right to vote and play a factor in the presidency race.

P2) Allowing people to whomever they wish to lead this country will possibly lead to people choosing the wrong person to lead the country as they may choose a potential candidate for the wrong reasons such as their popularity, fame, etc.

P3) Direct elections may potentially allow a candidate to become president with only 30% of the vote.

C: The President of the United States should not be elected by the direct vote of the people.
Debate Round No. 1


P1) Everyone will still have to be legally able to vote to have their voice heard. The issue is with the direct voting not with lowering the voting age below 18 or having non citizens place a vote. Besides the right for criminals to vote is democratic because the right to vote is one of the main "building blocks of our democratic republic".

P2) Even without the direct vote people have chosen the wrong president. Harding and Grant had corrupt administrations and they were chosen through the electoral college system.

P3) The proliferation of candidates would not occur because groups that have simple platforms come together with the bigger two parties, according to Duverger's law, and if this happens then the winner of the popular vote will not win with such a low percentage. "Duverger"s law (which is based on worldwide studies of elections) asserts that plurality-vote elections do not result in a proliferation of candidates or candidates being elected with tiny percentages of the vote".


P1) Even if the right for criminals to vote is democratic, allowing people who are untrustworthy and lack good judgement to play a factor in choosing our next president can lead to giving power to the wrong person for that position

P2) Although Harding and Grant were chosen through the electoral college system and had corrupt administrations, they had many positive accomplishments in their terms. Warren G. Harding cut the unemployment rate by half through higher tariffs, lower taxes, and expansion of the tax base while Ulysses S. Grant enforced civil rights law and fought Ku Klux Klan violence

P3) The electoral college enhances the minority interests, maintains a federal system of government, and contributes to political stability of the nation by encouraging a two-party system.
Debate Round No. 2


P1) There are many people who are untrustworthy and lack good intentions that are not in jail, you do not need to be convicted to posses those traits.

P2) Grant and Harding are often regarded as some of the worst presidents overall. Grant, while well intentioned, did not pay attention to what was going on in his office and that let scandals happen. Harding was irresponsible and also did not pay attention to what the people in his office were doing, thus also letting scandals occur.

P3) Your source seems to be describing "tyranny of the majority" in regards to enhancing minority interests. This is when the majority seems to take over the minority point of view, and it is perceived that the direct vote would make this worse. This is incorrect because:
"State winner-take-all statutes enable a mere plurality of voters in each state to control 100% of a state"s electoral vote, thereby extinguishing the voice of all the other voters in a state." and "Suppressing the voice of a state"s minority is, by definition, an example of "tyranny of the majority." The state-by-state winner-take-all rule does not prevent a "tyranny of the
majority" but instead is an example of it."

A direct vote will still maintain a two party system.
"Today, 100% of the states conduct a direct popular vote for Governor. Yet, after over 5,000 direct popular elections for Governor since 1789, the two-party system has yet to collapse." and this is because "The two-party system is, in fact, sustained by the plurality-vote rule"not the state-by-state winner-take-all rule."

Regarding the federal system of government your source says that the Electoral College was made to "represent each State's choice for the presidency".

However: "A state"s political "identity" is based on how all its citizens voted"not just how a plurality voted." A direct vote would "give voice to every voter in every state, as opposed to treating the minority within each state as if it did not exist."


P1) Even if there are many people who are untrustworthy and lack good intentions that are not in jail, the amount of untrustworthy criminals having a factor in the voting of our next leader could be disastrous for the nation.

P2) Just because a president had scandals while in office, does not make them bad presidents. JFK and Bill Clinton were considered one of the best US Presidents of all time and both had scandals while in their time of office.

P3) By allowing the president to be directly voted by the citizens, small states will be affected because national campaigns will focus on large states, state autonomy will be threatened, and it could lead to widespread voter fraud and nationwide recounts
Debate Round No. 3
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