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The Promised One

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Started: 8/22/2015 Category: Religion
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"Islam in its highest mood means the recognition of the Divine Will and the surrender of every will to it in utter peace and resignation. It dissociated the thought of God from any image or symbol and disseminated the ideal of universal brotherhood. Buddhism stresses righteousness and Christianity stresses love. Hinduism emphasizes the divine unity of all things and shows the central unity in all diversity, the prismatic colors heightening the charm of their united glory in the white light of Brahman.
(Biographies, Martha Root, Herald of the Kingdom, p. 261)

I am a Bahai and believe in all religions are the same and from the One and Only God. The only difference is that we believe religion must progress in order to keep it in its purest form. As long as humanity progresses, so must religion. Thefore we believe in science as much as religion. The Bahaifait is an indipendent religion with the founder Baha'ullah in 1844. We believe he is the Promised one.

The promised one:
Just as past scripture tells of a future Messenger"the Torah of a "Prophet like Moses" (Deuteronomy 18:18) and the New Testament of a coming "Spirit of truth" (John 16:13), the Qur"an prophesies a future "meeting" with the Divine. By this, Baha"is believe, we must understand a new manifestation of God.

So the debate will be if he is actually The Promised one. For many christians and Muslims believe that The Messiah has not arrived yet due to wronge interpretations of Holy writings, even tho Baha'ullah has fullfiled all the prophecies.


I would argue that no, not every religion is the same. My position is that religions often come from the same source, but they are most certainly not the same -- only one is correct, others are perversions.

For example, in Christianity, you are not required to do works in order to enter heaven, while in Islam you earn your way to heaven through works.
Debate Round No. 1


Religion coming from the same source is absolutly correct. But one cannot denie that the essence or core aswell as the goal of all religion is the same. The Only difference is how to reach that goal. We Bahais believe that as long as humanity progresses so must religion. So, yes differences are there in all religions, the jurney is different but the goal is thesame.

Today ALL old religions have been curropted and is a product of perversion as you say. But all religion at its time, historicaly was like light in darkness. It was need for the people AT THAT TIME. Islam was actually very radical. Muhammad raisd the station of women. The muslims where one of the first founders of some areas of science (math, agriculture, etc). The sosciety laws today in most of the worlds part are based on the 10 basic comandments. These are historical facts that one can easily check.

nevertheless, in all this the must be a purpose, a product/result. They have been prophets after prophets, progressing through out time. Again, every prophet comes around each 1000 years... give or take 3oo years. This is an observed fact. So now it lives us just one more premis: Islam is thefore NOT the last religion. Bahaullah has come. And a next prophet will come agter him in a 100 years.


There are religions like Christianity that claim the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is the ultimate end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new era of 'paradise', how do you reconcile that with other religions which state otherwise? To me, it's evident that the religions have a common source, but the teaching is not at all the same and they are not working towards a common goal.
Debate Round No. 2


The teaching is not the same but the goal of religion is. The goal is betterment of mankind for its current maturity. Ofc, the religions did it differently because we are indeed different through out time. We think of it this way, with an analogy:
God is like the doctor. Prophets/religion are like the medicin. And the patient is humanity.

The doctor gives the patient the needed medicin for it condition at the current time. But when the patient get a new sickness, the medicin has to change (religion has to progress). But the goal nevertheless is to heal the patient.

We believe the second coming of Christ IS the ultimate end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new Era of Paradis. But this is in no way a litteral meaning. Indeed it is symbolical. Let me explain furthermore:
Just as past scripture tells of a future Messenger"the Torah of a "Prophet like Moses" (Deuteronomy 18:18) and the New Testament of a coming "Spirit of truth" (John 16:13), the Qur"an prophesies a future "meeting" with the Divine. By this, Baha"is believe, we must understand a new manifestation of God.

Islam and Christianity are awaiting the Messiah, Buddhism is awaiting for the 10th Avatar, Judaism The Lord of Hosts. All religions are waiting for one who will Start a New Era of man, a new human way of thinking. So they dont state otherwise in exactly this arena. You probably have noticed the way all the Manifastiations/prophets speak of this Upcoming prophet (The promised one, the messiah), they all say He will fullfill their cause and how they will start a new breed of man. One whom will crush all known norms and change the way of thinking. We believe thats what it means by the end of the world... He (The promised one) will create such a world that is likend unto Paradise on earth. He shall eradicate this old destructive norms, superstithons and believes as we know it (end of the world). But not a literal meaning of the end of thee world. If you understand what am saying?


I believe it was literal because it specifically says that He will reign on earth for a thousand years with Christians who were beheaded for his sake, throw the Devil into hell forever, make lions lie with lambs and do other quite unbelieveable things -- that is what the Bible seems to say, which would certainly change the world forever and turn it into a paradise.

So, I somehow agree that the common goal of all religions is the good of mankind, but the approach is different and that makes the difference, if you do not take the right approach, you may never enter the paradise which is about to come, for example, the Quran says that if you're a Jew you're not going to paradise.
Debate Round No. 3


We Baha'is believe that this cannot be a literal meaning. Bahais believe in science aswell as religion. We believe that religion MUST be reasonable (which it is) Now, we also believe that there is no such thing as the "devil", we interpreet the devil as selfishness, ego, selfdesires... Service to ones own self. Now, when He shall do all these unbelieveable things (which I believe He is doing/will do) it will cause the utmost peace, love, detatchment of the people.

Every time the disciples asked Jesus what these signs of The Promised One shall be, To this testifies the four Gospels-
First Gospel according to Mathew, it is recorded: And when they asked Jesus concerning the signs of his coming, He said unto them: Immidatly after the oppresions (Thlipsis, has to meanings in greek, pressure and oppression) the sun shall be darkend, the moon shall not shed her light, and stars shall fall from the heaven. The powers of the earth shall be shakend: Then shall appear the signs of the Son of man in heaven: then shall all the tribes on earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming down in the clouds of heaven with great glory".. And similar statements are given by the three other gospels, Luke, Mark and John.
Matthew 24:29-31

Because the Christians took this as a literal meaning they are actually expecting these things to happen..... Now The Promised One HAS come and they are ignoring it. Therfore we beilieve tthese things are all symbolical. And the symbols can be eaasily explaind furthermore.


The signs you gave are not at all the only signs. We have a whole bunch of other signs that are one hundred percent literal. For example, the seven year treaty, the rebuilding of the Temple destroyed in 70 A.D. and more. This disagrees with other religions and not only that, the Bible talks of Satan as a person not your ego. The greatest trick Satan ever did was make people believe he does not exist, which is what you believe.
Debate Round No. 4


Exactly! They are not the only signs! And more will be fullfield! NO OTHER BEING IN THIS UNIVERS HAS FULFILLED SO MUCH AS HE AS! It is not a couincidence, it is not by chance or luck. Yes, more will be fullfiled. It has only been bealry over 100 years.... thats NOTHING!

I would love if you came with quotes and proof of this, because I am not denieng that. Am just stating that is it not a literal meaning. The Bible talks as satan as a person because it is easier to understand. Our way of thinking today compared to that time are like to different human races. So satan (ego) had to be displayed in a way people can understand. Just like the snake in the story in Adam and Eve! It symbolises temptation. If anyone believes that the story is real and the is such a thing as a talking snake, a forbidden fruit, to first human beings.... they are deceveing themselves. it is all symbolic for the purpose of understanding.


For these reasons I believe Satan is a person and not a symbolic representation of ego.

(1) God punished Adam, Eve and the Serpent. How can the Serpent be punished if the Serpent is non existent? Genesis 3:14-15

(2) "The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever." How can ego be tormented? And don't say that the 'devil' represents people that were corrupt, since it says that the devil was cast in the lake of fire and brimstone WITH the beast and false prophet.

(3) Satan is told that 'he was perfect from the day he was created until iniquity was found in him' this clearly looks like it's adressing a person, not a non existent representative of bad things such as temptation, evil, deception... how can this representation be told that it was 'perfect' until iniquity was found in it? That is contradictory, because Satan by your very definition is a representation of that, while this verse talks of Satan as a perfect creature prior to his corruption.

So, how do you solve these in your worldview? And how do you know that Satan is not a person, what is stopping you from accepting a literal reading? Why don't you read it literally?
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheWORDisLIFE 2 years ago
Islam and Christianity have nothing at all to do with the Bible.
Posted by robertacollier 2 years ago
Towelheads suck.
Posted by Richardsonalj 3 years ago
I think the pro is trying to debate that all religions are the same, and there should only be one. He has a point I guess. The Con is against this, meaning the religions aren't the same, and there should be none or separate religons.
Posted by UNOWN301 3 years ago
I'm confused. What are we debating?
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