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The Proper Way to Eat String Cheese

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Started: 11/9/2015 Category: People
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There's a Theory about the proper way to eat string cheese. I'm sure most of you are aware of that and for those who aren't here it is:So basically, your suppose to gently pinch the tip, pulling downwards, thus creating the string effect. The rest is simple, just eat it.
I took the liberty of asking the Students and staff around my school if they thought there was a proper way to eat string cheese. 26 out of the 52 people i asked didn't believe that there was a proper way. Just thought you should know :)
This is where i stand, I believe that there is a proper way to eat string cheese, it doesn't mean you have to eat it that way, but there is a way.
But this is the real question: Do YOU believe that there is a proper way to eat string cheese?


I will begin by citing your opening argument, pro. As you said, "There's a *Theory* about the proper way to eat string cheese." And that is exactly what it is, a theory.

This theory does not mean that this is the "proper" way to eat string cheese. String cheese can be eaten in any way, shape, or form that the eater decides upon. A person can take bites off the edge, bend into a U and eat, shove the entire thing into their mouth, or pull apart in any which way possible. If someone wants to dip their string cheese in buffalo sauce, ketchup, or even Hidden Valley Ranch, that is their decision.

String cheese is up for interpretation, and this comes down to the fundamental principle of freedom. Each person is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with their cheese.
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