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The Qur'an is not the word of G-d:

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Started: 6/1/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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LOL a surprise debate yay! anyways... first im not speaking for Islam or muslims in anyway, this is one of my reasons why i think its divinity inspired, if u convince me Islam is false i will give up my belief and i only want truth, do it by refuting my reasons, if u do so i will admit im wrong and announce my disbelief right away... and good luck.....

in Islam as we believe that the Quran is correcting whats in the previous scriptures (like the Torah or the Gospel) what ppl changed/corrupted... so the Quran claims...

its correcting previous scriptures (in this example i will use the bible...)

if u read the bible u will notice that when the bible talks about the kings of ancient Egypt during the time of the prophets Abraham (in Genesis) , Joseph (in Genesis) and Moses (in book of Exodus) it uses the title "Pharaoh"... in the Quran when it speaks about the time of Joseph the title of the ruler of ancient Egypt addressed as "King" (chapter 12), but when the Quran speaks about the time of Moses the title for the king who ruled during that time mentioned as "Pharaoh".

why is that important? well they look alike but are like chalk and cheese (xD).

lets look at the times of each prophet...

Dates BCE
2700 - 2200 /// Old Kingdom
2200 - 2040///First Intermediate - Abraham (c. 2000 BCE)?
2040 - 1674/// Middle Kingdom - Abraham (c. 2000 - 1800 BCE)?
Jacob, Joseph (c .1800 BCE)?
1674 - 1553/// Second Intermediate - Jacob, Joseph
1552 - 1069/// New Kingdom - "Pharaoh" first applied to the king around middle of the 14th century BCE, c. 1352-1348 BCE.
Moses born around the beginning of the 13th century BCE.

so in the time of Moses they call their leader as "Pharaoh", but not in the time of Abraham/Joseph... how the Quran knows when to use the right title to each ruler for each time? old Egyptian hieroglyphs was dead until they were finally deciphered in the 19th century CE.

if Prophet Mohammed copied the stories from the Bible which was the only source for him to copy from... u would see the same mistake in the Bible but this isnt the case.

now explain how he corrected it when he was "coping" from jews and christians. and how did he know about the difference.

refute this next reason will come one hit at a time :D
Debate Round No. 1


wow this is one of the most absurd replies i got for a while now... before getting into his rebuttal, i can see my friend here is a hardcore jew, which believes the "Torah" of today is got only 1 author (Moses), and has been preserved from the prophet Moses to this very day. ofcourse these assumptions are false in academic point of view, and his replies are stands upon it. he takes many many verses out of Quran/Hadith out of context, talking about irrelevant things.

my reply...
harrytruman tried to refute my only 1 reason i gave here and fail as i knew it. he didnt really answer it. when i mentioned that when the bible is wrong calling rulers in the time of Abraham/Joseph as Pharaoh is absolutely false historically. they didnt exist at the time. they appeared later in the time of Moses. its like calling americans today "indians" because in the past indians were living there. illogical. the example u gave about the "white house" is totally different thing because its the same building call it whatever you want. so you prove the Quran is right about this and you have a mistake in the Bible which is "inspired" by God but made a mistake. in the end you claimed that they call the rulers of the time of Abraham as "Pharaoh" whch is false examining old Egyptian hieroglyphs.

1) "Errors in the Qur’an"

Pro compared things in the "Torah" and the Quran and from that came to the conclusion that Quran got "Errors". my friend here taking here the Bible as the guide anchor to know what is true or not. who said in the first place the Bible is a icollections of Facts some kind of word of God? if you want to debate if the Torah is the word of Gos it will be another debate.

2) "
Contradictions between the Torah and the Qur’an"

actually the same thing of point 1.

3)"Qur’an and the oppression of women","Anti-Semitism in the Qur’an","Violence in the Qur’an"

many many verses out of context taken from the Quran and AGAIN compares it to the Bible. let say for the sake of argument all the lies you brought attention to is true, what it has to do with God's word? such pile of words of irrelevants things. please open new debate on each subject and we can compare it Bible vs Quran and let the ppl here decide which side to pick.

so far no rebuttals at all. huge pile of words of his cant refute simple reason for my belief in Islam.

try again.

Debate Round No. 2


You seem to be having a hard time rebuttaling my arguments, and you skipped over violence in the Qur'an, and those verses which advocate for killing Jews and beatng your wife are not out of context, please show how they are.


Pro claiming that i "having a hard time rebuttaling his arguments". what violence or anti smetic stuff got to do with our debate which is if the Quran is God's word? again he cant refute my 1 reason. i will wait till the end.
Debate Round No. 3


No, you are wrong in your rebuttal, it's not like calling Americans Indians because pharaohs never replaced kings, the name only changed, just like the Whitehouse.

Also, it has a lot of things to do with the Quran, if the Quran is antisemitic it cannot come from G-d, not the G-d of Israel at least,which the Quran says it did.


Pro: "No, you are wrong in your rebuttal, it's not like calling Americans Indians because pharaohs never replaced kings, the name only changed, just like the Whitehouse."

look dude if u say its a coincidence it would do a better job. imagine in the time of Abraham some dude calls his king "pharaoh" like in the bible, its so stupid and hard for u to understand the logic behind it. they never adreesed their kings as "pharaohs" in old times, thats a fact and when the bible says that its wrong. admit it. "only the name changed" so they replaced the expression they used for their kings.

Pro: "Also, it has a lot of things to do with the Quran, if the Quran is antisemitic it cannot come from G-d, not the G-d of Israel at least,which the Quran says it did."

my debater here having a laugh. if u say "Quran is antisemitic" u shuold first look into your bible its a rasict book such a fascist religion. only jews r chosed ppl which only comes through blood line (same thing the nazis said back then) , others 99.99% of humans r gentiles or as u like to say "Goyem". such a racist God. amazing.

oh what about violence? read the bible u will find a racist God, unjust, killing babies, allowing rape and genonice without reason, iilogical God. do u need more? slavery? apostacy? rape? cursing ones parents? what a shame...
Debate Round No. 4


Your response shows that you are completely uneducated in Judaism, Jews were the chosen people, but any gentile can become a Jew, and G-d has a covenant with gentiles too. Infact we are judged 2 times as harshley as gentiles so.... Also see Ezekiel 18:4.


yeah so my friend failed to refute my only 1 reason. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by POPOO5560 2 years ago
academia says it*
Posted by Bennett91 2 years ago
"i can see my friend here is a hardcore jew, which believes the "Torah" of today is got only 1 author (Moses), and has been preserved from the prophet Moses to this very day." Isn't this what Muslims say about the Quran and Mohammad's translation??
Posted by TheWORDisLIFE 2 years ago

Quran/Koran: from Arabic qur'ān "recitation," from qara'a "read, recite."

The Quran is the Word of God, yet the Quran says the children of Israel are his chosen people. You have a god that doesn't love your kind and a book that states it. Where in the world did your Quran get that information from? Well let's see, Quran means to read and recite, what does the Quran recite??? The Holy Bible. Why does the Quran talk about the Israelites being God's chosen people? Because it recites The Holy Bible.

2 Sura 122 O CHILDREN of Israel! Remember those blessings of Mine with which I graced you, and how I favoured you above all other people; dumb Muslims with your unholy Quran. Would you like to see more?

How was Muhammad labeled a "prophet" and your Quran has no prophecies??? What prophecies did "prophet" Muhammad prophecy?

Allah is a moon god you dummy! Why is the symbol of Islam a crescent moon? Because the moon is your Allah, lol. Silly muslims.

By the way, when I say Israelites, I'm not referring to those "white" people claiming to be the Jews; they're Edomites from Germany. I'm referring to the true child of Israel, the so called "blacks," not the Africans, the Latinos and Native Americans today. We know who we are now and we are waking up to our true heritage.
Posted by POPOO5560 2 years ago
forgot my source!!
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