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The Red Skins have nothing to do with Aboriginals, but everything between the Brits and the Other...

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Started: 10/15/2013 Category: Economics
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It's simple... the gov got me between the eyes...

so can we wake up...?


they even have us believing it's a good thing...

so the question to debate is:

can we survive without taxes?

that is not the answer too much?


The question we are debating is Can we survive without taxes?

Your statement, 'they even have us believing it's a good thing...' makes me assume you are against taxes, so I will argue that taxes benefit the country and we can survive on taxes.

Source 1:

In Source 1 is a list of countries by tax rates in alphabetical order. I am assuming you are debating the topic on America, so I am basing this debate off it.

Source 2:

In Source 2 is a list of the 5 highest income taxes, comparing it to the United States, being in the top 55's.

To answer the debating question, defining the key words is the most important.

Survive: To get along or remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of some occurrence

Of course you can survive without taxes in any country!
Debate Round No. 1


Can we survive without taxes...yes...unless we are dependants.

We all like roads and we all like to use the services of the Government. you think we need taxes...


Taxes help the economy, and run the services the Government provides for us, including the roads, healthcare, aged care, mental health support, schools and hospitals. I do understand what you portend, that independents will have a tough time with taxes, but it is still possible, it contributes to the community.

Evidence #1:

This is an American website that portrays where your tax dollars go to. For example, For your income of $50,000, most of your tax payments go to National Defense at 17%, Medicare at 16%, Income Security at 16% and Social Security at 16%. As you can see in the website, the government is contributing to you and the people around you.

As shown in the first round, taxes are inexpensive, especially in America. I conclude that as an individual, you can still survive still paying taxes and it also supports the community.
Debate Round No. 2


All good points, but think about what you might want...

I`m a Canadian and I pay Lots of taxes...and I look and ride the roads...

We have paid hospitalization and we have allot of great stuff, but for some damn reason my taxes don`t go up, because we have less money for taxes, because of taxes and such, including fines and penalties and what ever else they send your way to rob you...

Taxes can be fair in all justification and they can be a community effort supplied by the community...managed by the community...and be directly responsible too community...

And just maybe someone who argues for taxes must...most certainly gain for taxes...unfortunately I don`t and under our present you...


No, I don't gain from taxes. I do understand your feelings, as an individual, taxes are high and if unemployed, hard to pay for taxes, but as I said in Round 1, taxes are inexpensive and are still able to pay off. As an example, in Round 2, I said that 16% of all tax dollars go to Public Medicare. For example, if Person A doesn't pay taxes in his/her country and just received accidental work injury, Public Medicare won't be supplied, as a result person A wouldn't be able to claim his/her accidental injury payment, unless subjected to a Private Medicare, which is more expensive.

Overall, taxes are expensive and help contribute to the community with Social Security, Medicare and Income Security.
Debate Round No. 3
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