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The Riddle Debate # 1

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Started: 12/4/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey guys, I came up with a new type of debate. The Mystery
Debates. Here are the rules:

Round One is acceptance.

Round two is where I post a mystery. These mysteries are
original, so any critique to better the mystery is greatly encouraged. In the
second round, Con can ask me any questions that will help them solve the
mysteries (up to three- use wisely). *Note* You can’t ask me who committed the

Round three is where I answer the questions and Con will try
to solve the mystery.

In round four, I will post the end of the mystery and tell
Con if he/she got it right.


If Con guesses right, Con gets all 7 points.

If Con gets stumped, then I will get all seven points.

If Con asks 4 or more questions, then I get the more
convincing point.

If Con asks me who committed the crime, that is an automatic
forfeit and I get all seven points.

Let the mystery begin and don’t get stumped by The_Master_Riddler!



Ok I accept. Hit me with your best shot! :D
Debate Round No. 1


All right. Let's make this quick so please stay on.
Mystery One: Average

Detective Finn and the Murder at the

Detective Finn got out of his car in
awe as he stared at the large mansion. Without all of the police cars,
ambulances, and media vans, this would have been a very nice place to live in.
But he knew he was not here to visit. He was here to solve a mystery.

“Hey, over here,” Officer Jenkins
called, “I’ll take you to the living room.” Detective Finn nodded his head as
Officer Jenkins started to escort him into the building.

“Hey, what happened here?” Detective Finn

“Kevin Lee Harper. Age 25. Died of
blunt trauma. Multiple wounds to the chest. No signs of struggle.” Officer
Jenkins said.

“Can you show me the suspects?”
Detective Finn asked.

Officer Jenkins nodded his head as he
brought Finn into a large library. Sitting on the couch, were the three
suspects. One suspect was a man name Jerry Barnes. He was 5’ 3” and had jerry
curls. He was a famous baseball player. The suspect in the middle was named
Baldwin Lewis. He was bald, 6’ 3”, and played basketball. The last suspect was
named Lockhart J Humphrey. He had dread locks, was 5’ 11”, and played football.
They were all rather nervous. In fact, Jerry was biting his nails, Baldwin was
scratching his head, and Lockhart was, surprisingly, sucking his thumb.

“Man, I need to go.” Baldwin said, scratching
his head ferociously.

“Yeah, me too.” Jerry said.

“I got to go.” Lockhart mumbled with his thumb
in his mouth.

“Can you take me to where the body
is?” Finn asked.

Jenkins nodded as he walked him to the back of
the back of the library. He started to examine the body.

“It looks like he was beaten by a cylindrical
object. Possibly a baseball bat.” Finn said. He turns his head and sees a
baseball bat splattered with blood in the corner.

“Well, that could mean Jerry killed
Kevin.” Officer Jenkins said.

“Not necessarily.” Finn replied. As
he looked closer, he saw a large tuft of hair. It looked like Jerry’s jerry

“Do you think Jerry did it?” Jenkins asked.

“Nope,” Finn replied, “In fact, I think he is
innocent. This hair is synthetic.”

“So, that means the dude wears
weave.” Jenkins replied.

“I don’t think so.” Finn said as he
peered on the hair a lot longer. It emitted a white powder. He decided to put
down the hair. Suddenly, his fingertips started to itch. Then it dawned on him.

“I know who murdered Kevin.” Detective Finn

Who killed Kevin?


Ok so this round I get to ask 3 questions right? Ok I gotta few of those...

Question #1: The victum died of blunt force truma (I think.) So what part of the body was it that "broke" and really killed him. On the head? Busted up ribs that prieced his heart or something? (Little more detail please)

Question #2: What is the white powder?

Question #3: What does synthetic mean? XD

That is all... Next round I try to solve right?
Debate Round No. 2


1.) He was beaten in the chest.

2.) The white powder is itching powder.

3.) Synthetic means fake.

What is your guess? Who do you think killed Kevin?


I think it was Baldwin. (He was scratching his head; itching powder; seems kinda obvious hah?) He probably also tried to frame Jerry (the wig with hair like him and the victum was beaten to death with a baseball bat; Jerry was a baseball player). Lockhart I'm not sure where he plays into all this but anyways; Was I right? :D
Debate Round No. 3


Good job! You were right!

“I know who murdered Kevin.”
Detective Finn said. He turned around and looked at Jerry and Lockhart still
sitting on the couch. “Where is Baldwin?” Finn asked.

“He just left. He had an allergic
reaction with sores on his head.” Jerry said.

“No, wait, we must catch him. He is
the murderer. Look, here is what happened. He tried to frame the murder on
Jerry by using his bat and using a wig with jerry curls. But then, he put
itching powder in the wig so it can look like he had an allergic reaction to
something he ate. He would then try to get away claiming he is sick, but he is
well. We must catch him.” Finn said, frantically.

“That’s okay. I’ll go get him.”
Jenkins replied and he ran off. A few minutes later, he comes back with Baldwin
in handcuffs. Finn smiled. All in a day’s work.

I lost this time, but I'll stump somebody next time.


Yes awesome! I won! :D Cool "riddle debate." I'll do another anytime! Thanks for the fun and speedy responses.
I'd love to debate more with you! Anyways, thanks! VOTE CON!!! XD
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kshi 5 years ago
White powder, makes you itchy, and possible wig.
One person is sucking hhis thumb, and could be because it is itchy.
One person is scratching his head and could be because it is itchy.
Wig, itchy, murderer.
Posted by The_Master_Riddler 5 years ago
This is the first mystery I wrote.
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Reasons for voting decision: He solved it and The_Master_Riddler said if he gets it right, he gets all 7 points
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