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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is superior to the iPhone 5

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Started: 10/22/2012 Category: Technology
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RESOLUTION (Expanded):
Samsung's flagship model the Galaxy SIII (GT-19305[T] to be precise) is superior to Apples latest iPhone, the iPhone 5. I will be arguing in the affirmative.

Round one: Acceptance and definitions
Round two: Opening arguments (Con may NOT respond to Pro's arguments)
Round three: Counter-arguments, rebuttals, introduction of new arguments (Con MAY respond to new arguments made by Pro at this point)
Round four: Final rebuttals and closing summary

This structure makes for the fairest contest in my humble opinion. If you oppose or do not understand this, please do not accept. By accepting this debate, you agree to debate on these terms. Semantics are to be avoided where possible. I have restricted this debate to people who are ranked higher than me to ensure a quality debate. If you feel you are up to the challenge, please post in the comments and assuming you're an acceptable opponent, I will directly challenge you.

Good luck to my opponent.


This is one of my first debates and I am eager to debate this topic with you. Best of luck!
Debate Round No. 1



The iPhone3G was my first smartphone, a gift from my partner for Christmas to replace the ancient, half-functioning Nokia I’d been rocking when we started dating.

Since then, we’ve had 3 new models come out; the iPhone 4, the iPhone4S and the iPhone5. Significant hardware improvements but the operating system, namely iOS is still the same.

Around two months ago my work phone was upgraded to an older HTC (Some kind of Sensation) running Android. It took about 2 weeks of using that before I realised that I infinitely preferred Android to iOS. So I did my research, looked at the variety of hardware options and decided to buy what most considered the best Android phone on the market; the Samsung Galaxy S3. Since then, the iPhone 5 has been released.

I have seen and used the iPhone 5 and I’m intimately familiar with iOS (except for Siri and the latest update, iOS6 I believe (fact check?) but I kept my iPhone software up to date, so I’m in a good position to compare them.

Which is what I’m going to do; my opening argument will consist of two parts; software comparison and hardware comparison.

Let’s go!


Hardware comparison: Ways in which the S3 is superior to the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 measure 4.0’ with a resolution of 1136x640 and sporting a LCD display.

The S3 measures 4.8’, with a resolution of 1280x720 and sporting a Super AMOLED display.

The iPhone 5’s retina display might be impressive but they already passed the point where the human eye can distinguish the difference with previous models. The human eye simply cannot perceive the difference. So, with a bigger display and a higher resolution, the S3 is the clear winner.


The iPhone5 measures 4.87” tall by 2.31” wide and is 0.31” thick. It weighs 112g.

The S3 measures 5.37” tall by 2.77” wide and is 0.33” thick. It weighs 133g.

So clearly the S3 is the bigger phone. This is a matter of preference I suppose. I like the bigger phone for the advantage of a bigger screen. The iPhone is lighter and thinner though, so I would call this a tie.

CPU, memory and other things

The iPhone 5 runs with a Dual core A6 CPU and 1GB of ram

The S3 runs a with 1.4 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 and 2GB of ram.

In terms of pure specification comparison, the S3 is the obvious winner. Having said that bench mark tests show the iPhone 5 as performing better, but I will extrapolate more on that in the software section. I mention the internal memory since both come with a range of options but the S3 includes NFC, micro SD expansion and a higher resolution front-facing camera. S3 takes the win here.

Battery Life

Simple: the S3 offers 11 hours of ‘talk time’ to the iPhone 5’s 8. Add the fact the S3 has a removable battery and this is a slam dunk.


These are the important factors in which the S3 is superior. I’m sure my opponent will want to talk about some of the ways the iPhone 5 is superior, hardware wise, and I’ll comment on them as he does. I haven’t provided any sources on the above as it seems unnecessary for such widely available uniform information.

Software Comparison: Why Android 4.1 with TouchWiz "Nature UX" is superior to Apple iOS6

This could probably just take the form of a monologue about the pitfalls of Apples restrictive nature towards customisation but I’ll try very hard to prevent that. I’m sure my opponent will want to mention the sleeky, user friendly nature of iOS coupled with the powerful iPhone 5, so I’ll leave that to him.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of having an Android operating system:


The iOS system is very simple. If you keep scrolling left, you get to the search page. To the right of that, are (unlimited?) numerous screens made up of 5 by 4 spaces. Whether these spaces have apps, folders or blank space is at the desecration of the user.

And that’s about the extent of it.

The thing is, it works really, really well if you don’t want to tinker with things and for a lot of people, that’s fine. It’s all part of Apples secret company motto “Let’s lock people into doing only what we want them to do.”

If, on the other hand, you want to tinker with things, ladies and gentleman let me present… ANDROID!

And I have one word for you: Widgets.

Widgets are without a doubt the coolest, most significant difference between iOS and Android in this humble users opinions. What is a widget? Well, like the iOS system, Android has a bunch of squares on its ‘pages’ but unlike iOS you can put things other than apps and folders into them. You can put a calendar, a clock, a weather report, a report showing you how much credit you have left on your prepaid account, a music player, a torch button (this is what I have on my phone). They can take up one square, or they can take up 8x4 squares. It really makes getting the most out of your phone and its various applications easier.


You can actually *shock horror* access the files on your phone. That’s right, you can actually use your phone as a media device, and put files directly onto it (like PDFs, mp3s, avis for example). No stinking iTunes harshing your buzz all the time. Then, you can open a file explorer, find your file and hey presto, use it.


The iPhone map debacle is extremely widely publicised. Google Maps just keeps going from strength to strength while Apples attempt to create their own map software is mediocre at best.


Yes, the iPhone has been touted for a long time as superior to Android in terms of fluidity of use. But those days are increasingly becoming the past. With the Jelly Bean update Project Butter came into realisation and we see the fruits of that work here. Where once Android was clunky, it is now fluid to use. It may not be superior (yet) but the big advantage iOS had a year ago is no longer true.


Take from the above what you will.


The iPhone 5 is a very nice phone, don’t get me wrong. But Apple are falling behind due to what appears to be more interest in suing their competitors for doing smartphones better than they are in innovation. The S3 is just a beautiful thing to use.

I have more to add, but I need to submit something or I risk forgetting and running out of time. Tally ho! Over to you, sir.



... This is one of my first debates and have not faced an opponent of your stature, but I will attempt to give a solid argument on your level.

My opening arguments will consist of several key factors that consumers focus on when deciding on what phone to chose to use for the next 2 or more years.

A) Design/Aesthetic Appeal

The Iphone 5 is one of the best built and best looking phones currently on the market. It's glass screen has been improved on by increasing it's shatter-proof and scratch-resistant qualities. It's frame also is constructed from durable, high-quality aluminum which is not only stronger than the GS3's polycarbonate plastic frame, it feels noticeably less "cheap". The Iphone 5 is thinner and lighter than the GS3 but this is based solely on user preference. With this in mind, the Iphone 5 is clearly the winner.

B) Screen Quality

The Iphone 5's retina display is impressive to say the least. Not many other smart phones are able to boast 326 pixels-per-inch. To attempt to counter this the GS3 tried to abandon the standard LCD display and implement the AMOLED screen. While the AMOLED may be the future of smart-phone screens, it is not at it's peak while LCD is better-calibrated and is brighter. The Iphone 5's good-old fashioned LCD takes the crown.

C) User Interface

It is hard to argue against the Iphone 5's interface. It is fun, simple, and easy to learn. The GS3's can be confusing at times. On my mom's I struggle to navigate it and find Angry Birds. On any Iphone 5 you can find everything simply with a few swipes and touches. The Iphone 5's classic and simple interface takes the clear victory.

D) Cameras

The GS3 has a decent reliable camera. It is great compared to most smart phones, but saying it's better than the Iphone 5's is a flat out lie. The Iphone 5's camera has a simple and effective interface that always takes a better picture than it's competitors. The Iphone 5's panorama mode is also fun to play with and takes great pictures. The Iphone 5 clearly has a better camera.

E) Future Updates

Apple is famous for the fact that they release a yearly update on all of there platforms. The original Iphone 3g can be running the latest apps on IOS 6. The GS3 is still waiting for the Jelly Bean update which is expected "to come in the following months". Months after initial release. Every Apple device received the IOS 6 update simultaneously. If you want to know you will always be running the latest OS on your phone, you can only rely on Apple and the Iphone 5.

I hope my arguments lived up to your expectations for this debate. I turn the debate back over to you.
Debate Round No. 2


tvellalott forfeited this round.


I will turn it back over to my opponent as we have agreed to skip this round and go to rebuttals/conclusions in the final round.
Debate Round No. 3


I once again apologise to my opponent for the forfeit last round and urge voters to give him conduct points. Time just got away from me.


Design/Aesthetic Appeal

There is little doubt that the iPhone is a beautiful looking phone. The Galaxy S3 is not cheap looking by any means but for aesthetic value, I will concede this argument. I must remind voters that the S3 has a plastic removable back allowing additional storage and exchangeable battery, so Samsung have opted for functionality over aesthetics to some degree.

Screen Quality

In terms of blacker blacks, the iPhone indeed is superior. The G3 has it's own advantages in terms of screen though (as I previously mentioned). The slightly superior screen quality is balanced by the larger display and higher resolution of the S3. I assert that on balance, the screens are equally good with the iPhone 5's slightly superior quality balanced out by a larger resolution screen.


I contest this point heavily. My opponent suggests with a personal anecdote that there is some significant difference between how one uses either phone that makes Android difficult to use. I can tell you; there isn't. The main pages of Android display only the shortcuts you want. If Angry Birds, for example, was not a shortcut on one of the main pages (which you navigate through exactly like the iPhone, by swiping your finger across the screen), you simply navigate to 'all apps' which is a single button press and search through the alphabetically organised list of all installed apps. It would be extremely easy to emulate an iPhone like setup on Android by simply removing all widgets and making shortcuts to every app on the main pages. The opposite (mimicking the Android on iOS) is impossible.

I concede only that iOS is simpler to use and counter this point by asserting that Android allows for far, far greater customisation.


I concede that the camera software is superior on iOS (not that the S3 has bad camera software, only that my research indicates industry experts all agree on this point; I don't see the difference), though the cameras are both 8 megapixals. I also remind voters that the front facing camera on the S3 has higher megapixals than the iPhone 5.

Future Updates

Ah, darn it. I hoped my opponent wouldn't bring this point up as it is one major mark against Android. Because multiple manufacturers all use Android with their own twist (like Samsung's TouchWiz and HTC's Sense) it takes much longer for the newest release of Android to reach phones. I thought this would be a priority, but it isn't. I am personally waiting with bated breath for the Jelly Bean update on my S3 (which isn't the model I'm arguing in favour of in this debate) and am still running the last release of Ice Cream Sandwich. At the polar opposite, iOS is able to be released globally simultaneously because iOS is purely Apple.

I can only counter that because Android is used on so many different pieces of hardware, globally releasing it is unrealistic, but yes, I concede this point too. (Note that the model of S3 I'm arguing for has the latest version of Android out of the box)


There is no way I can argue that the iPhone is a bad phone. It isn't. Nor that iOS is a bad phone operating system. It isn't. However, I believe that I have more than shown the Samsung is superior. Hardware-wise, we have two cutting edge pieces of equipment, with the Samsung simply having more bells and whistles and room for future improvement, software permitting. Software-wise though, Android is superior to iOS. Jelly Bean is a pleasure to use, with those opting for simplicity catered for but with the option to go wild. iOS users are locked into Apples little box of usability.



Like_a_Boss forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tvellalott 5 years ago
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit bro.
Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
It's ok. I don't know what to say without you rebuttal so I will just turn it back over to you for our rebuttals/conclusions.
Posted by tvellalott 5 years ago
Sorry dude. I just didn't have time to write round 2. Conduct to you.
Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate it.
Posted by tvellalott 5 years ago
Nice. I'll respond when I can.
Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
Posted by Like_a_Boss 5 years ago
I to even know hoe to respond to this. I will attempt my best at his tommorow.
Posted by tvellalott 5 years ago
It stuffed up my formatting a bit.
Posted by tvellalott 5 years ago
Opening up the challenge to all. Accept it you dare. Muahaha.
Posted by ockcatdaddy 5 years ago
i would accept your challenge but i do not meet your criteria
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: I have the Galaxy S3 and I love it. This was a very hard debate to judge. I almost gave arguments to Con because Pro seemed to concede most of his points. What cinched it for me was Pro's very last line: "iOS users are locked into Apples little box of usability."
Vote Placed by RyuuKyuzo 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro conceded the "Aesthetic Appeal", but followed up with an argument I think was much stronger -- bringing up that Samsung made a trade off of aesthetics for function. I don't see much of an aesthetic difference between the two phones, so the potential for extra storage space + battery space is nothing but a plus as far as I'm concerned. It's too bad con didn't stick around till the end. I would have liked to see his counter, but since that didn't happen I have to give Pro the win.