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The San Antonio Spurs will win the 2016 championship

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Started: 7/21/2015 Category: Sports
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The San Antonio Spurs will win the 2016 championship.
People have been saying for years that the Spurs are too old. Year after year these people are proven wrong. While the Spurs lost in the first round last year they shouldn't have lost to the clippers, and they would have beaten the Rockets. With the additions of Lamarcus Aldridge and David West, the Spurs will be able to rest their stars even more.

1. Depth- The Spurs are easily the deepest team in the NBA.
Pg. Tony Parker is still one of the best point guards in the league. On offense he is extremely crafty and quick. He can control an offense like few can. He is still solid on defense.
Backup, Patty Mills is a knock down three point shooter who can come in and knock down 3s and spread the defense. He also is great at running the Spurs system.
Sg. Danny Green is a great shooter who has a well rounded game.
Sixth man, Manu Ginobli is one of if not the best sixth man ever. He brings instant offense off the bench.
Marco Bellenelli is another knock down three point shooter.

Sf. Kawhi Leonard is maybe the best defender in the league. He also has a well rounded offensive game.
Backup, Boris Diaw can give a huge offensive boost off the bench. He has an extremely high basketball IQ and is a great passer who can create shots for other people. He is also an underrated defender, people forget how well he guarded Lebron in the finals.
Big men- Tim Duncan is the greatest Power Forward of all time. Is game hasn't declined a whole lot with age because it is built around fundamentals. Duncan continues to thrive in the Spurs system.
Lamarcus Aldridge is one of the best power forwards and best players in the league. He can score very well and will fit great with the Spurs system. He and David West will bring more depth to the front court which is something they needed.
David West will bring toughness and defense to the Spurs front court.

Role players- Matt Bonner is a great shooter
Jeff Ayres is another big man the Spurs can plug in
Kyle Anderson is versatile player who can play multiple positions .

2. Coaching
Greg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA. There offensive system is tremendous.
He is also great at managing players and their minutes.

As shown below, besides Kawhi Leonard the Spurs don't have very many great individual defenders. The Spurs defense is always great because of Pops system. Everyone plays together on that end of the court.


The Spurs are a good basketball team, yes, but they will not win the 2016 NBA Finals. The NBA West in the hardest league to win in all of sports. The Golden State Warriors are coming off of one of the best seasons in NBA history. The Rockets are a good all around team. The Clippers are bringing DeAndre Jordan back and are primed for a title run. I don't think Portland will be a good team this year but they won't be an easy team to beat. Memphis is a tough win night in and night out. New Orleans will be a good team this year as Anthony Davis is becoming one of the best players of our Era. OKC is going to come back this season and play amazing. Phoenix is also becoming an amazing basketball team. Utah is also a good young team. If you can tell me the Spurs are better than all of these teams you are kidding yourself.

All of these West teams are very good but the Cavaliers will win the 2016 NBA title. I will not only argue against the Spurs, I will argue for the Cavs.
Debate Round No. 1


You are extremely correct when you say how good the western conference will be. I think the Spurs will rest their stars as usual during the regular season. But with Lamarcus Aldridge and David West they wil do just fine. Even if the Spurs end up with the five seed they will be fine. This is how the standings will look.
1. Warriors
2. Clippers
3. Thunder
4. Spurs/Rockets
5. Rockets/Spurs
6. Grizzles
7. Pelicans
8. Mavericks

1Let's start by matching them up with,the Warriors.
Popovich is a game planning genius who knows how to shut the other teams offense down. Remember how great the Warriors looked two years ago against the Spurs, but when Pop made a few adjustments the series was over.
I think if the Warriors go small a lot they will have success offensively, but I don't think the Spurs will need to counter by going small. On defense the Warriors small lineup simply won't be able to guard San Antonio.
Also add in depth. The Warriors top 6 is solid but behind that they have almost nothing.
Comparing 6 solid players to 3 hall of farmers, 6 all stars, best defender in the league, and the best coach. Obviously not all of the Spurs are currently all stars but they are still great players. Don't forget that the Warriors just came off a long season were the stars carried a lot of the weight during the regular season and then had a long playoff run. The Spurs have more depth so they can keep everyone fresh all the time.

2.When it comes to the Clippers a lot of the same things reasons apply. I just don't think the Clippers have the defense to make a really deep run.

3. I honestly think the Thunder will have to take a season for everyone to get used to each other. When Kevin
Durant was out Russell Westbrook had to play a ridiculous style. With Durant back he will have to adjust to playing normal again. Also Durant will need some time to get back to being himself after being out so long. Not only will it be a huge change for Billy Donovan to adapt to the the NBA, but for all the players to get used to him. Popovich is also great at coaching against a team that is built around a couple of players.

4. A lot of the same reasons that apply to the Clippers apply to the Rockets. The Rockets aren't deep enough to compete with the Spurs.

5. The Grizzlies defense is great but they don't have the offense to compete with the Spurs in a 7 game series.

6. All teams below six seed. There are a ton of teams left in the West that are very young and have a lot of talent. I don't think that these teams are quite ready to compete in the playoffs.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Many people are saying that the Cavaliers are going to win the championship because they did well with not having Irving or Love. I think that the Cavaliers would end up playing isolation basketball even with Irving and Love. On offense I don't think Blatt adds anything. And remember how good Pop is at playing against one person who plays isolation basketball. 2007 vs Lebron. Even though I think Blatt is not good on the offensive end of the floor, most people as usual in the NBA, forget about defense. The Cavs did an excellent job against the Warriors on defense. But even though Blatt is a good defensive coach the Cavaliers don't have enough good individual defenders to beat the Spurs.


madduxb10 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has forfeited and I stand by the arguments I used in the previous round of why the San Sntonio Spurs will win the 2016 championship.


madduxb10 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has forfeited and I stand by the arguments I used in the previous round of why the San Antonio Spurs will win the 2016 championship.


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Debate Round No. 4


Basketball126 forfeited this round.


madduxb10 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by atheistliberal 2 years ago
I love the spurs, and i have to agree that they will win.
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