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The Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy .

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Started: 1/26/2013 Category: Politics
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The Sandy Hook shooting was not a conspiracy as there are no decent arguments made for it, yet people seem to believe it it is.

The claims that the parents were actually actors is horribly offensive, as people react to losing a child in different ways. Whether it is crying because you are devastated or smiling because you believe they are in a better place or you are reminiscing, or a mixture of both.

Thank you to whoever takes up this debate, but I do think you are a despicable human being if you think it is a conspiracy.


Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

The group of cells that made up the body and mind of Adam Lanza conspired to do this shooting especially the nerve cells.

To think such an event was not a conspiracy is to deny the human ability to perceive what he is about to do and to act in a manner that he hadn't thought of at least for a split second before doing it.

Adam Lanza had planned to do it and since he is a group of cells, it is a conspiracy.

If however you prefer the alternative definition of a conspiracy; A government led event that is reported falsely for the sake of deception in order to achieve an ulterior motive.

Then you will find it extremely hard to ever refuse the 100% possibility that it all was planned by Obama and his men for the sake of encouraging gun control, which he has been an advocate of since the beginning of his term.

Thus all evidence supports the theory that it was a conspiracy. I do not deny it could have been a random event but using probability based on evidence one would conclude otherwise.
Debate Round No. 1


I am of course talking about a government conspiracy.

You are referring to "evidence" yet you don't provide any examples, which makes me believe there isn't any, or you've just been told there is evidence and blindly accepted it.

I know this reply is short but everything you brought up was irrelevant.


Number of rebuttals my opponent has: zero
Number of contentions my opponent has: zero
Number I have: one

My contention, written as clearly as possible shall now be stated below.

The democratic party, especially from the beginning of Obama's first term (and definitely second) have been mainly obstacles to his incessant urge for gun control. Need evidence? Okay:


Need more evidence? I have much more.

Sandy Hook would be reported as a mad-man who, if gun control were there, wouldn't have been able to have killed so many people bringing back harsh memories of the 2012 Aurora shooting and Columbine High School massacre.

So then Obama is all like...

And the people are all like:

And the gun rights activists get all depressed like:

Then the children break out in song and dance making false remarks such as:

Then Obama says "Hey, I'm only half black you know..."

Then we realise that ultimately it's more likely a conspiracy than not.
Debate Round No. 2


JamieKerr forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dilara 4 years ago
Sandy hook appears to have been an elaborate hoax played out to push gun control. Read Veterans Today's article "top ten reasons why sandy hook was an elaborate hoax". Some examples of reasons proving it to be a hoax are...
1 foreknowledge of the event. A R.I.P Victoria Soto Facebook page was added on December 10 and tweets went out about the shooting as early as the 12th. Keep in mind the shooting occurred on the 14th. The sandy hook united way fund was set up on the 11th and the Emilie Parker fund was set up durring the shooting.
2 actors appear to have been used to play "family members of the victims". "David Wheeler" the "father of Ben Wheeler acted in a 2001 film called faithful. Robbie Parker laughed as he gave a statement about his dead daughter. These are just some examples.
3 photoshopping was used. In a picture of the Parker family where Emilie is wearing a red dress and her two younger sisters Madeline and Samantha are on Robbie's lap it's obvious that Madeline and Samantha don't have legs.
These are just SOME of the facts that make many people believe sandy hook was a hoax.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con was instigator, and alleged Sandy Hook wasn't a conspiracy. He thus has the burden to provide arguments in support of his assertion. He did not! In fact, Pro presented two arguments that it was a conspiracy. One was based on semantics, and the other was based on silliness. Still, as Con did not rebut his arguments nor prove his case and actually forfeited, Pro wins arguments and conduct. Pro also provided several sources.