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The Secret Order of Police Exposed

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Started: 11/17/2015 Category: People
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*Did you see the Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) movie where his victim was kept alive after being shot up the gut? His victim was being given something similar to the Clockwork Orange treatment. The injury caused enough parasympathetic stimulation to put the victim in perinatal matrix three, where the victim body switched, backward and forward in time, into everyone the victim had seen. A large dose of LSD, and waterboarding do the same thing. The victim also suffered all the sufferings of his victims. Notice, Jesse had a device to keep the victim alive. Cops actually do this when they can get away with it.
The Fraternal Order of Police, are part of the cartel of secret lodges, better known as the "Illuminati". They believe in reincarnation. They believe that such treatments can reform their victims for better behavior in future incarnations. This is actually, and illegally, done here in America. The Illuminati believe in the cosmic scheme presented by "The Secret Doctrine" by Helena Blavatsky, and that scheme simplified in "The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception" by Max Heindel. I actually saw a picture of Max Heindel who was among a group of protesters in Washington D.C., in the Twenties, asking to have immigrants from southern Europe exterminated in death camps. The idea of death camps was becoming the fad in the Twenties. Adolph Hitler had the volumes of Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine" in the book shelves next to his bed. We should at least spread this information to alert the American people.


This is my preliminary argument:

Occam's razor: "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected."

This principle reasons that the best explanation/solution to an event/problem is usually the most simple and logical.

[1]Example: Two trees have fallen down during a windy night. Think about these two possible explanations:

1.The wind has blown them down.
2.Two meteorites have each taken one tree down, and after that hit each other and removed any trace of themselves.

Even though both are possible, several other unlikely things would also need to happen for the meteorites to have knocked the trees down (they would have to hit each other and also not leave any marks). In addition, meteorites are fairly rare. Since this second explanation needs several assumptions to all be true, it is probably the wrong answer. Occam's razor tells us that the wind blew the trees down, because that is the simplest answer and therefore probably the right one.

Therefore, it is most likely that these events happened due to their own, separate, causes, such as a hole in the plot, rather then stream of unlikely coincidences.


I would like to debate this even though I suspect you're trolling.

Debate Round No. 1


They are also ruining the economy to trigger an elimination of the America
as we know it, so they can round up, and exterminate everyone who knows too
much. They caught me once. In 1959 my buddy and I met a homeless banished
ex-lodge member. He told us all the big secrets. In 1962 I wrote them in a
high school term paper, got a 98% for it, graduated with honors, and joined the
Meanwhile, the instructor of that class sold my term paper in the term paper
black market, the wrong people read it, they hired detectives to hunt me down,
and they zeroed in on me in the Army. They gave me Hell, the Clockwork Orange
treatment, by large doses of LSD, while being forced to watch horrible films of
human torment.
But before doing that, they bragged to me how powerful they were: the modern
"conspiracy theory". Before the modern conspiracy theory, the "conspiracy
theory" was that rich Jews controlled the world's economy. I wrote a twenty page
report and mailed it to the John Birch society, in 1972. Then the John Birch
society published what I sent them which became the modern conspiracy theory.
The Clockwork Orange treatment I was given, by large doses of LSD, went
much further than they expected. Not only did I live the torments of all the
people in the films they showed me, I lived the times, when I saw them, of every
person and animal I had seen, even in the movies and on TV. After that life I
found myself back in time, back in Valley Forge Army Hospital where it happened
again, but, I also body switched into the bodies of all I had seen in that life,
for the periods of time I had seen them. Then the life after that, I was able to
remember some of the mistakes I made the last time around.
On September 17, 1970 I got stung by a bumble bee, while I was deep in the
forest. I am allergic to bees, and soon I passed out, waking up, what seemed
instantly, six hours later. This turned out to be a great blessing, for the next
time around, after another life time, I woke up back where I had passed out from
the allergic reaction. But, I had great mind power there and used it to defend
myself, but later, got so much mind power that my every thought manifested as my
reality, and I couldn't handle it. I ended up body switching again, and found
myself back in Valley Forge Army Hospital, and started again from there.
This series of pairs happened 36 times, giving me an existence as who I
am, for over 5000 years, by going backward and forward in time so many times.
This was done to me for printing in a term paper what a banished lodge ex-member
told me, which can be put in medical terms today in one sentence,
So, even though I was threatened to be put in Hell permanently, each time,
I have done everything in my power to spread these secrets. Here is another
example: We are drawn to the probability timeline resonant to our thought, by the
attractive force of inductive resonance. Vagal stimulation wakes up the brain to
more than the normal 10% brain use. This means 10% brain use at any one time,
like, an MRI shows the most used parts of the brain by patches of colored light,
but, these move around, so that we average 10% brain use, if we are "normal".
But, with 10% brain use or less we must earn what we get; 20% to 29%, an
appropriate ritual will get us what we want; 30% to 39%, writing down what we
want will get it; 40% to 49%, saying what we want will get what we want: "If you
have the faith of a mustard seed and SAY to this mountain move, it shall be
moved", you go to the timeline where the mountain is elsewhere. But, 50% is the
tipping point to every thought manifesting as your reality.
Dr. Hugh Everett found these probability timelines, sideways in time, but,
he failed to call this direction a dimension. Dr. Albert Einstein defined time
to be the fourth dimension, for science. Dr. Hugh Everett could have defined
this direction sideways in time to be the fifth dimension, but, he didn't,
probably pressured not to due to this being the secret of sorcery, probability
Dr. Lisa Randall defined that direction through the variously bent
timespaces to be the fifth dimension, for science, leaving the direction
sideways in time to be the sixth dimension, but, it hasn't been officially
established in formal science.
Waking up the brain to higher percentages of brain use accesses globally
bent timespace. It puts a field of globally bent timespace around us and in us,
but fortunately, without the gravitational component. It does this by virtue of
will times imagination being the power of the mind, just as force times velocity
is power in mechanics, voltage times current is power in electricity, and
temperature times entropy production rate is power in thermodynamics.
Psychiatrists will admit to each other that this power of the mind is caused
by entropy production rate, EPR, because more than 10% brain use is called
"psychosis". The psychiatric establishment in the Western world is a secret
society, and have also signed a contract of secrecy for the cartel of secret
It is a mathematical fact that the more links there are between the neurons
of the brain, the higher the percentage of brain use. Real schizophrenia, is
caused by the gene DISC1,
causing the growth of more axons and dendrites between the
neurons of the brain. If every neuron were linked to every other neuron, there
would be 100% brain use. There are some schizophrenics with over 50% brain use,
catatonic, but who's entity is body switching in perinatal matrix three, Hell.
But, anyone can cause the growth of extra axons and dendrites by memorizing
tables of correspondences, like in Crowley's "Book 777", and in Barrett's
"Magus". The first thing that magical secret societies have their neophytes do is
to memorize such tables of correspondences. Later they have them do rigorous
pranayama, without telling them how it works. Finally the supreme secret is
revealed, that can be put in dignified medical terms today: "VAGAL STIMULATION
The entropy of the universe being the proportion of photons to nucleons
(Nucleons of exact opposite polarity cancel out into photons, when brought
together), reveals that entropy production rate, EPR, is polarity cancellation
By promoting the fast cancellation of opposite polarities, like by putting
opposite polarities in a conductive electrolyte, like copper dissolved into
copper acetate in salt and white vinegar, (The iron in the cytochromes of
every cell is magnetically polarized counterclockwise in males, and clockwise in
females), the field of globally bent timespace around it, when entered, will
cause higher percentages of brain use.
Such a device, called a "shekinah", has been known to "freak out" a whole
building of people just by being hid in a closet. This is the alchemical secret, for,
by putting base metals in this solution, when, with a high EPR is called "the
medicine of metals", will change the metal into gold and other metals,
that will be fluid in that solution
so that they can be separated by gravity or inertia while still fluid, yet you
can safely put your hand in this solution, that is, I did, and there is nothing
wrong with me.
Finally, I figured out how to get out of this Hellish cycle. I must have
been in perinatal matrix three when I died to go back to Valley Forge Army
Hospital. I must have been in perinatal matrix two to go back to September 17,
1970. Next time, I must die in perinatal matrix one or in no perinatal matrix
whatsoever. To understand these terms, you may go to
and buy "The Adventure of self Discovery" by Dr. Stanislav Grof. I read on the
internet that Dr. Grof took a little ketamine and thereby relived the torments
of all the prisoners of Auschwitz. You know what happened to him? He had put
people through the Clockwork Orange treatment in communist Czechoslovakia, and
now his evil karma came back to him.
What did I do for such evil to come upon me, when I was a teen ager. The
Bible says, "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons". In the one
substance motion can only be in closed circuitry, that there be something to
move out of the way and fill in behind. That is how karma comes back to us, even
the karma associated with our genetics. The best thing to do is to find a way
out of it. To become nonexistent.
There are two things in the universe: energy; and, information, which is
the conformation of energy. Energy is God. Being only information we can become
nonexistent. Nothing in the Bible says we are immortal, rather, Satan in Eden
did say "You shall never die". The immortality of the soul dogma is Satanic. The
Bible also says,
"The soul that sinneth shall die", "No man can keep his soul alive", and, "Only
He (God) is immortal".



I was surprised to see you did not forfeit the round that was common behavior in previous debates.


[But before doing that, they bragged to me how powerful they were: the modern
"conspiracy theory". Before the modern conspiracy theory, the "conspiracy
theory" was that rich Jews controlled the world's economy. I wrote a twenty page
report and mailed it to the John Birch society, in 1972. Then the John Birch
society published what I sent them which became the modern conspiracy theory.
The Clockwork Orange treatment I was given, by large doses of LSD, went
much further than they expected. Not only did I live the torments of all the
people in the films they showed me, I lived the times, when I saw them, of every
person and animal I had seen, even in the movies and on TV. After that life I
found myself back in time, back in Valley Forge Army Hospital where it happened
again, but, I also body switched into the bodies of all I had seen in that life,
for the periods of time I had seen them. Then the life after that, I was able to
remember some of the mistakes I made the last time around.]

Since there were many examples of ridiculous narration, I decided that this one would be best. Not only because we know that those current technologies don't exist, those multiple lives, and how that's not explained, and how that evidence doesn't pertain to the argument, nor the beginning of the paragraph, and how the grammar and sentence structure was incorrect, we can tell that your argument is non existent. More facts should be considered in this process.


Even though you are trolling, people like you are the reason why the majority, if not all, "conspiracy theories" are disregarded as myths, hoaxes, and attempts for attention or whatnot. Many people who want to have decent and intelligent debates and discussions on a website with others have their experience ruined because the the instigator thinks their really clever and/or annoying and are happy when they achieve it. Thanks to Cobalt and others for pointing this out in earlier debates...
Debate Round No. 2


An associated free, fast, easy weight loss technique works, but is little known, due to this suppression.
There is a free, easy, fast way to lose weight: Thyroxin facilitates weight loss. The thyroid gland produces and stores thyroxin. When the supply of thyroxin, in the thyroid, is sensed by its internal transducer to be getting low, it automatically produces more thyroxin. If thyroxin is squeezed from the thyroid gland, it goes into the blood stream and causes weight loss. It then produces more thyroxin in response to its emptiness, soon ready to be squeezed again.
> > > Care should be taken not to hurt the thyroid gland. Simple pressure will squeeze the thyroxin into the blood stream. It is said that if it is done over and over too much, this can cause a "thyroid storm", like a person with an over active thyroid. Performed carelessly, or abused, it can be unhealthy.
> > > But this is not the only reason this knowledge is suppressed. That area, known as the "vishudha chakra" in yoga, is heavily wired with muscarinic parasympathetic neurons, whose stimulation, called "kundalini" in yoga, will wake up the brain more than the usual 10% brain use, even like LSD, which works by blocking the inhibitory neurons, whereas, muscarinic nervous system stimulation works by overriding the inhibitory neurons.
> > > The psychedelic drug muscarine doesn"t even pass the blood brain barrier. It also works by exciting the muscarinic nervous system; but, it excites the whole parasympathetic nervous system, causing undesirably over active bowels, etc., so it isn"t popular in very civilized cultures.
> > > Now, we can see another reason why this very effective, and easy, weight loss secret is suppressed. For example, a very politically powerful mystical organization kept, suggestive to them, blue candy from the market to protect their supreme secret, vagal stimulation.
> > > Most of the twenty-five million Americans who were committed in the Twentieth century were committed for knowing too much about their own bodies, the power of vagal stimulation. To prevent this human rights abuse from cracking down again, this secret must be spread.
> This needed further explanation in other groups, and, this was the further explanation:
> The vagus nerve runs from the brain, out and down through the naso-pharynx, and down the throat, down into the body. It has branches around the lungs, heart, digestive system, and then "down there". It is called the muscainic nervous system, for, if it is stimulated enough it wakes up the brain beyond the normal 10% use, like the hallucinogenic drug muscarine. Here is more information about it:
> > "Waterboarding has replaced LSD for the Clockwork Orange treatment. The public must be informed that waterboarding causes much more than some physical discomfort from drowning and smothering. It stimulates the vagus nerve so much that it puts its victims into what Dr. Stanislav Grof calls "perinatal matrix three". In perinatal matrix three, one body switches backward and forward in time into every person that has been seen. The victims are first forced to see films of people in torment. Then, from enough vagal stimulation the victim body switches into each and every victim, one by one, backward and forward in time, to experience them all, and suffers their suffering as real as life. The scientific discovery of quantum physicist Dr. Hugh Everett, of a probability timeline for every possibility, does show that one does actually body switch in real victims by the Clockwork Orange treatment, caused by LSD, or waterboarding. The TV"s in the cells of victims are not a luxury. These TV"s are used to show horrible torments which the prisoner will soon suffer by the Clockwork Orange treatment. Crucifixion does the same thing.
> > > > In ancient times initiation into the Sacred Mysteries was caused by vagal stimulation like this. In the "Aenied" the Witch of Averness said, "You cannot enter the Underworld (better known as Hell) without the Golden Bough (the vagus nerve). Vivasection in those days revealed that the vagus nerve looked like a "golden bough". Dr. Stanislav Grof revealed that Baptism was originally waterboarding. The Baptism of waterboarding was used for vagal stimulation by many repositories of the Sacred Mysteries, like the Knights of Bath. The name Baphomet means the Baptism of Wisdom, and, the devil Baphomet gives the gesture "as below so above", referring to human physiology. Yet, this is the most suppressed secret in the world.
> > > > That"s THEIR Grand Secret. Vagal stimulation overrides the inhibitory neurons in the brain, waking up the brain beyond it"s normal 10% brain use. LSD does the same thing by blocking seratonin, the neurotransmitter of those inhibitory neurons. When the Soviet Union found out that the "lodge" WAS violating human rights to suppress this knowledge of the human body, Dr. Stanislav Grof came from Prague, Czechoslovakia, and established Grof Transpersonal, where sufficient vagal stimulation is accomplished by "holotropic breathing". The "lodge" didn"t dare touch them. And, the "hive" theory of network engineering was declared, that, knowledge is sequestered in groups and goes nowhere.
> > > > Then, the Iron Curtain fell. They had violated the noninterference treaty. Back in the old Iron Curtain countries shamans" disease was public knowledge. The people were allowed to know that scar tissue in the parasympathetic (muscarinic) nervous system woke up the brain, beyond the normal 10% brain use. But, here, behind the "Plastic Curtain", people with shamans" disease were condemned to the mental hospital gulags, invented by Benjamin Franklin for his "lodge", and tagged schizophrenic.
> > > > Schizophrenia itself is caused by the growth of too many axons and dendrites between the brain neurons, caused by a gene called DISC1, which also wakes up the brain beyond the normal 10% brain use. But also, anyone caught knowing this Grand Secret was tagged schizophrenic, locked up in the mental hospital gulags, and tortured with dopamine blockers and shock treatments. The "lodge" was so paranoid about its Grand Secret that no one could get blue candy until the Twenty-First Century. The availability of blue candy was probably made possible by the writings of Mike O"Dan the Snakeman, from 1971 through to the Twenty-First Century, by pointing out this gap, conspicuous by set theory, and the reason for it.
> > > > The "lodge" is the greatest threat to the American way today, and have been since 1995 when they attempted to remove our human rights by a constitutional convention. Recently, they have even been trying to put America under an Islamic government. They are sneaking Sharia Law into our court systems now. They are also trying to force changes that would eliminate our Bill of Rights by destroying the economy. If you want to continue enjoying your American liberties, I suggest that you spread this secret material, for you, too, now know too much."
> > Pressing on the thyroid gland squeezes thyroxin into the body causing weight loss. The thyroid gland soon fills with thyroxin again to be pressed again, causing more weight loss, on and on. It just looks like strangulation, blue candy stains the lips blue, and there can be much vagal stimulation done there with the "vishudha chakra", thus the "lodge" even used their un-Constitutional influence to keep blue candy off the market.
> > The chakras of yoga are plexuses of the muscarinic nervous system, not "spiritual wheels of light along the spine". People who want to take more advanced yoga must sign a contract of secrecy before they are told the truth about the chakras. And, the yoga instructors are also bound by contracts of secrecy. I never signed any contract of secrecy. A homeless banished "lodge" member told my buddy and I all the secrets in 1959. I put them all in a term paper in 1962, got a 98% for it, graduated with honors, and joined the Army.
> > The instructor of that class had sold that term paper on the term paper black market. The wrong people read it. They sent detectives out to hunt me down. They zeroed in on me in the Army and gave me the Clockwork Orange Treatment. They threatened that they would put me in Hell permanently is I ever revealed the secrets again.
> > They didn"t offer me membership. I also swore an oath to defend the Constitution, and I have been spreading the secret ever since, as a very angry fugitive.


This debate does not deserve 5 rounds, so I will reserve my argument to the final round.
Feel free to continue the story, it's rather entertaining...

Sources to understand and/or dismiss conspiracy theories-
Debate Round No. 3


Gheorghe Rakoczy, better known as
St. Germain, used a Cartesian coordinate system to illustrate what is
"in", and what is "formless".
The X axis represents polarities separated. The Y axis represents
polarities united and cancelled out.
At the arch defined by the diameter from the origin, 0, X to Y =
3.14159265" you have flat timespace. Within this arch going in toward
the origin you have timespaces with values less than 3.14159265"
By leaving the rigid (ting) orthogonality (chen) of flat timespace
matter gets more more tenuous, a tenuousity indistinguishable from that
which is called spirit.
Also, along that vector, the mind gets more and more powerful to
materialize its visualizations.
In flat timespace you have to earn what you get.
In, toward the origin a little, a ritual will get you what you want. In
further, a symbol will get you what you want. In still further, just
writing what you want will get it. In further than that, saying what you
want will get it. "If you have the faith of a mustard seed and say to
this mountain move, it shall be moved". You go to the timeline where the
mountain is elsewhere.
So, you can see that going in along the fifth dimension, defined by Dr.
Lisa Randall, professor of quantum physics at Harvard University,
defined for the gravitational analogue, you get your power by having it
easier to move to the resonant timeline of your ideation, along the
sixth dimension, defined by the quantum physicist, Dr. Hugh Everett.
In a little more and your visualizations will all manifest. And, in
still more, and every thought will manifest as your reality. I don"t
know about you, but, I cannot control all my thoughts. And I can be
pessimistic. I don"t like to use the word "negative". Many scientific
negatives are very good, and visa versa, many scientific positives are
very bad.
The power of the mind is will times imagination, just as sure as, power
in mechanics is force times velocity, power in electricity is voltage
times current, and power in thermodynamics is temperature times entropy
production rate, EPR.
We get "in" the easiest by EPR. In Dr. Stanislav Grof"s holotropic
breathing sessions (see; ) assistants are
absolutely required to have experienced and safely handled holotropic
breathing themselves.
Why? When a client goes "in" by holotropic breathing, or any other
method of vagal stimulation, he brings all those near him in with him.
This is the secret of sacrifice.
Originally, sacrifice wasn"t giving up something you like. It was more
like "Eight Millimeter", but, watch your Karma, it"s unethical.
Soviet anthropologists defined this vagal stimulation to be the real
witchcraft. Wiccans doing rituals isn"t real witchcraft.
Soviet anthropologists defined sorcery to be probability manipulations.
Rituals can be sorcery.
If we create our own fast EPR situation it will create the same field as
the person deep into holotropic breathing. EPR is identical with
polarity cancellation rate.
Take a good conductive electrolyte, to allow opposite polarities to
cancel out fast. Salt & vinegar in which copper has been dissolved to
produce a highly conductive copper acetate solution is easiest. A
lantern battery, used as like electroplating set up, will dissolve the
copper fast.
Sex magick. Mix your opposite polarities in the solution. And, it is
absolutely antiseptic. Authoritarians complained that the sex magick as
describes in Frater Achad"s (Stanfield Jone"s) "The Secrets of the
G.".B.".G."." was a public health hazard.
I haven"t even been able to find anything about the book on the
internet. I bought the book from Llewellyn in 1969. Even that Llewellyn
is gone. Chester-Kent took it over, and Isaac Bonawitz was fired for
publishing my material.
Such a brew is alchemy. It is harmful if taken internally. Bottle it,
and it will work for you, even if you are a thousand miles away from it.
Don"t worry, the polarities wont be used up. The polarities are
continually teleported to the bottle by probability transduction
Once you pass within the pi value of two, all quantumly entangled is
transduced into probability, which ranges from lightspeed to instant at
the origin, the core, the heart. Notice, the 61st Kang Xi radical is
heart, the Cantonese for heart is "sin".
The 160th radical, which is crime, and criminal, is "sin" in Cantonese.
The name Cain in Hebrew is Qop Yod Nun = 160. The Kang Xi radicals and
the Hebrew kaballah dove tail.
The participants of this mixture (called a "shekina") are quantumly
entangled with the shekina and with each other. It is said there is a
birth here, the Magickal Child. It is a group spirit, demon in Greek,
whose nature is determined by the thoughts at its conception. Make a
But, it tends to get more and more powerful as its "polarities", come
together, and also, its conductivity increases. I have seen the thing
rotate inside by itself, like in the movie "Prince of Darkness", were
the phenomena was implemented by a big shekina in the basement of a
church. That guy who played the part of Eg Chen in "Big Trouble in
Little China" starred in the movie.
It was also the bluish green liquid that levitated out of the bottle in
"Bram Stoker"s Dracula". It was also levitating out of that big jar,
dripping up to the ceiling, in "Prince of Darkness" also.
When it reaches that degree you will find it easy to manifest your mind.
The subconscious mind gets the greatest power first. When my shekina
reached that degree, every enemy I ever had was dead in a week. I didn"t
even think of them. My subconscious mind did it.
Monsters from the subconscious mind, called the "id" in "The Forbidden
Planet". I used to teach my students with videos. I used to fashion my
spirit guides after movie characters. Watch out, they incarnate fallen
angels. When I became a Christian I had them all spiritually washed out
by "deliverence" sessions.
Certainly, the legends of magick lamps with geniis in them were
references to these shekinas. Fire is a fast polarity cancellation rate.
Fire is love. There is no light without polarity cancellation.
The polarities that cancel in light bulbs and candles have been
conspicuously ignored by the "system", just like there was no blueberry
candy commonly sold before this century.
To discover secrets, take universal sets, compare them, and see what"s
missing. There are so many ways to get in trouble beyond written laws.
Gomory is not written in the Bible. It must be alright.
In the Goetia there are 72 demons. They are real group spirits. Raum is
the group spirit of Nazi Germany. Notice I said is. Watch out he"s still
around. Vassago is the group spirit of the Mafia.
But, Gomory is the only "female" spirit in the Goetia. Stimulating the
vishuddha chakra tends to produce estrogen production. But, a Double Y
is a Double Y.
All Cro Magnon males were found to be Double Y"s. They were called
Anakim by their proclivity to profane the sacred mysteries.
Initiation is Hannaka in Hebrew, related to Qanak, Enoch, and the Anak
in Anakim. Homo Sapien orders of knighthood were able to identify Cro
Magnon men by their proclivities. Now the DNA can be easily read, and
female Cro Magnons are now found.
It has been complained that these writings are too complicated. Just
Google what you don"t understand. There are somethings that are even
censored from Google. And, the technicalities are to prove the facts.


For the next round you may post your final argument...
Debate Round No. 4


Hell is divided against itself. There is the White Right Hand Path who scheme
and strive to force immortality on everybody; and, there is the Black Left Hand
Path, who only seek eternal nonexistence. The "whitelighter's lodge has a bitter
enemy, the Clerics of Azagthoth, who engraved the forbidden secret in zinc disks
and scaled them out of their car windows all over eastern America. Some disks
still lay in neglected gardens, in shrubs along the corners of playgrounds, and
in road side wooded ares, still waiting for future readers.

Are these future readers going to be picked up and imprisoned in the new
concentration camps that have been built all over Ameirca. Bull? Check it out
in . Check out to read
about who your lodge works for. When the Soviets first learned for sure that
forbidden knowledge of one's own body was actually being ruthlessly suppressed
in America, "land of the free", Dr. Stanislav Grof came from Prague,
Czechoslovakia and, like a "chip on a shoulder" established Grof Transpersonal, and the "pigs" didn't dare touch it.

Then the "hive theory" was declared by network engineering, that information is
sequestered in groups, called "hives", and went nowhere. Apparently Grof
Transpersonal is considered to be a "hive", for it probably wont be touched
until the formal declaration of the permanent suspension of all human rights,
and then you people will lock up Dr. Grof and his employees in your
concentration camps. But remember, those disks still lurk in road side litter
indellibly engraved in very plain English, that I wouldn't dare publish. I use

Your fuss is just another way to divert attention from the real issue. "We are
not a nation of personalities; we are a nation of laws". In the same way, by
making an issue of personalities, like me, and personal matters, is a diversion
from the real issue: the Peoples' absolute right to know anything, "positive' or
"negative", about their own bodies. What a disgrace your lodge has left behind,
with a botched up English language to boot. Ben Franklin established the "modern
mental health" system to punish "profaners of the sacred mysteries", those who
accidently stumbled upon forbidden facts about their own bodies.

Ben Franklin deliberately lied about the polarities calling "posited" solid
electrons "negative" so the "negated" holes are called "positive". And Jachin &
Boaz, calling "good" "positive, and "bad" "negative, was even more retarded than
"Occam's Razor". They didn't know about electrons and "holes" in those days?
Gheorghe Rakoczy, better known as St. Germain, wrote about them, and much more,
in his laboratory notes. And, he got them from old books of skin, preserved by
copper acetate, carbon dated to be 10,000 years old, that contained what is
called today Einstein's relativity coherently united with quantum physics,
string theory, the closed circuit theorem, and beyond. And, he had one of the
titanium disks, found in the caverns under Mt. Negoi, that have been electron
spin dated to be 70,000 years old.

There was a new show on TV in 2003 called "Veritas". It was about a team of
archaeologists who found extraterrestrial alien artifacts, and there was a
secret society trying to suppress them. The show was very popular, but it was
taken off the air in a few weeks. Why? It is true! So, we are not going to let
you bury the facts in my personal medical history, we are going to continue
presenting the facts, legal or illegal!


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