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The Sixth Sense is a Superior Film to 12 Angry Men [or other film disagreement]

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Started: 6/26/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Please comment before accepting.
Today I have reviewed my top 20 in my list of movies:
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Raiders
3. Memento
4. Toy Story
5. Mononoke
6. Inside-Out
7. Grave of Fireflies
8. sixth sense
9. 12 Angry men
10. Shaolin soccer
11. Fellowship of the rings
12. Crouching tiger hidden dragon
13. Nemo
14. Aladdin
15. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
16. Lion King
17. How to Train Dragon
18. Kung Fu Hustle
19. Holy Grail [Monty Python]
20. How to Train Dragon 2

Something looked wrong. Something looked terribly wrong.
Was the Sixth Sense really better than 12 Angry Men? Today, fellow debaters, we will discuss which movie is better--the classic courtroom drama that is in only the imdb top 10, located primarily in only one room, yet filled with emotion, development, and tension; versus the incredible horror masterpiece of M. Night, with creepy images that still haunt me after such a long time, along with hints of the two incredible plot twists [although the first, the 6th sense's true nature, is rather expected due to the film title and revealed around the middle].

We will debate about what makes a movie superior to another; and what consitutes a film of "good quality". We know it is subjective, but that is exactly what we will debate.First round you will accept the debate.The burden of proof is shared and each of us has to prove our movie better than the other's. I will try to prove 6th sense> 12 angry men; my opponent will try to prove 12 angry men> 6th sense.

You may also comment if you disagree with anything else on My top 20 list.

Good luck and have fun.


I accept. I just finished watching both films, both were superb.
Debate Round No. 1


Remember, the burden of proof is shared. My opponent not only has to refute my points, he also has to give good reasons for why 12 Angry Men is better than the Sixth Sense. If he can only rebut my points and not support his, or I only refute his and not support mine, then we are only stating that the two films are equal, and thus it would be a tie. Onto the debate then.

There are two big reasons in my opinion why the Sixth Sense is better than 12 Angry Men. Now, first off, we must say that these are two completely different films, so it would be difficult to compare them. However, we can still talk about the movies in terms of ENTERTAINMENT and DEPTH. First off, note that different viewers would like different things; so we couldn't necessarily compare the horror moments of the Sixth Sense versus 12 Angry Men presenting the clues and slowly unfolding the case. But, we CAN compare one thing: predictability.

Argument One: The Sixth Sense's Plot Twist

Now then, whoever has heard of the movie has definitely heard of the plot twist. It is one of the best plot twists of all time. You can see it through my video above to refresh your memory: yes, the phsychologist was dead from the very beginning. Why does this make 6th sense superior to 12 Angry men, you say? Well, it shows that The Sixth Sense is more masterfully executed and therefore a better masterpiece than 12 Angry Men. You see, the whole thing about 12 Angry Men is justice. You KNOW the boy's going to turn out innocent from the end, because just from the start you already see one guy say he's innocent. 12 Angry Men can only play around with the clues and try to be clever. However, the Sixth Sense takes a completely different approach. Not only is the plot twist unexpected and shocking, when you go back, there are scattered clues everywhere--the wife completely ignores the physcologist; the physcologist doesn't interact with anyone except Cole, the boy who can see dead people; and the physcologist doesn't have to move anything [he simply slided into the chair in that beginning scenery]. Not only is the shock factor and the depth of the Sixth Sense add entertainment level to the movie, it also adds the ability to re-watch the movie at least once for seeing and analyzing all the clues within the movie. It's a much better film than 12 Angry Men in this sense. If you know all the clues, there's really no sense in rewatching this jury case, as gripping as it was within the first watch.

Argument two: A more relevant symbolism
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Both films represent a real issue in real life. You see, 12 Angry Men's message is obvious: the jury system at the time was biased and unfair, and the jury should have taken the time to think it through. However, Sixth Sense is more relevant to modern day: children have disabilities and need help, but are misunderstood. From Autism to OCD to ADHD, even in the modern world we still have problems fixing these and trying to help these children. While 12 Angry Men's problem was fixed a long time ago with the civil war and adding upon women's rights, along with balancing out the branches, we can't really relate to the problem as well as we did to the Sixth Sense's symbolism. Thus, since Sixth Sense's message is technically closer to the people, I have to say, its symbolism is better than 12 Angry Men.

As you can see I have solid reasons why the Sixth Sense is a better film than 12 Angry Men. Indeed, 12 Angry Men did the impossible with dramatic tension in only one single room, but the Sixth Sense did better with a nearly unbeatable plot-twist while still showing a great deep message in Cole's struggle against the dead. Thank you for reading and I now will hand over the debate to my opponent.


7Alan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2




Hey J.

Opening case.


Remember, the burden of proof is shared.

Firstly. Allow me to present the reviews of film critics, which I would argue in this field must qualify as “experts”.

Thus my first contention.



Average Rating: 8.9/10

Reviews Counted: 46

Fresh: 46

Rotten: 0

Critics Consensus: Sidney Lumet's feature debut is a superbly written, dramatically effective courtroom thriller that rightfully stands as a modern classic.



Average Rating: 7.6/10

Reviews Counted: 148

Fresh: 126

Rotten: 22

Critics Consensus: M Night Shayamalan's The Sixth Sense is a twisty ghost story with all the style of a classical Hollywood picture, but all the chills of a modern horror flick.

Clearly there is a winner. According to film critics “TWELVE ANGRY MEN” is superior to “The Sixth Sense”

With 8.9 for TWELVE ANGRY MEN to 7.6 for The Sixth Sense.

Second. Let us review the Audience Score as I’m sure everyone would agree that is of some value aswell.

Thus my second contention.



liked it

Average Rating: 4.2/5

User Ratings: 101,108



liked it

Average Rating: 3.8/5

User Ratings: 1,032,862

Yet again we see Twelve Angry Men coming out on top with 97% compared to 89%.

Both of these statistics combined are worth taking into consideration.

Especially that of the Film Critics as surely they have more experience in judging films than us.

Further and perhaps more importantly.

Twelve Angry Men is incredibly thought provoking and offers a real life view into psychology, ethics, and philosophy.

Within this seemingly simple 60s courtroom drama lies an exploration into deep philosophical and real life issues worthy of contemplation such as.

Courage to rise above peer pressure in defense of truth and virtue

How everyone sees things through different lenses according to their past experience, personal prejudice, and biases, and we must transcend and rise above such things in perusal of truth and virtue.Demonstrated by Juror #7 who has an ingrained mistrust of foreigners; so, to a lesser extent, does Juror #6

Having the courage and strength to be honest with oneself, and deal with troubling issues head on rather than fabricating false physiological cushions in order to cope. As exemplified by Juror #3 a bullying self-made man, who has estranged himself from his own son.

Resisting peer pressure in order to do what is right and noble.

As shown by #9 (Joseph Sweeney), who is anxious not to make waves, "go with the flow."

This movie clearly, is far more deep and meaningful than the sixth sense which is merely a ghost story with a plot twist.

Debate Round No. 3


My opponent's main argument is that on Rotten Tomatoes, because 12 Angry Men has a higher rating and audience score than the Sixth Sense, it is superior. However, movie ratings could be inaccurate representations of the movie. The Tomatometer could be very inaccurate depending on different movies. For example, look at the amount of reviews. 12 Angry Men has merely 46 reviews while the Sixth Sense is forced to suffer through 148 reviews. What if 12 Angry Men had 100 more reviewers? Would there--could there-- be enough rotten reviews to lower it down even lower than The Sixth Sense? Maybe. We never know. On the other hand if only 46 out of those 126 fresh critics ranked the Sixth Sense, its totameter would match its adversary, and its average rating could surpass even 12 Angry Men's. The audience score is even MORE unfair. Sure, most of the 101,108 reviewers liked 12 angry men-- but look at the Sixth Sense. TEN TIMES MORE of audience (about one million people) reviewed it, and the rating was at a not-too-shabby 89%. We don't know if the 12 angry men would be able to stand up to 9 more trials. As we can see the "analysis" of my opponent is quite unfair.

Now, as for my opponent's analysis of the thought-provoking, my opponent does point out 12 Angry Men's core message: defending truth and virtue. My opponent does touch on seeing things through different lenses, courage and strength, and resisting peer pressure. However, as I mentioned before, some of these are also touched by the Sixth Sense. My opponent has also failed to argue against my statement that the sixth sense's message is more relevant. Why, it is a different kind of courage and strength that makes it work. It's seeing the world through the eyes of a boy who can see dead people. The courage works even better in the Sixth Sense because it's a horror movie; the effects allow the courage to truly stand out, and have the boy transform from a terrified victim to a heroic (in comparison) helper of the dead. The fact that the physcologist was dead from the very beginning only strengthens the ending of the sixth sense, highlighting the message of courage, of seeing the world through a different person's eye.

In conclusion, my opponent has failed to argue why 12 Angry Men is more entertaing. It doesn't have the Sixth Sense's plot twist, and its ending wanders towards nowhere in particular. Its message may be strong, but the Sixth Sense displayed it in a way that let us care more. The ratings are not a valid argument: The Sixth Sense is superior to 12 Angry Men. Thank you for reading and vote me.


7Alan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
aw mannnn
Posted by 7Alan 2 years ago
Sorry, I thought i had a little more time.
Posted by 7Alan 2 years ago
Sorry, I thought i had a little more time.
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
also, in case you live under a rock and you do not know:
-The Sixth Sense has a plot twist. :3
Posted by 7Alan 2 years ago
Good. I enjoy challenges lol
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
lol you're gonna have a tough times
Posted by 7Alan 2 years ago
Look forward to some interesting discussion/debate...going to watch the movies first as i've watched neither haha
Posted by 7Alan 2 years ago
Crap. Well im commenting AFTER i accepted... I hope that's alright lol
Posted by salam.morcos 2 years ago
That was your sixth sense
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
what da hay... I can swear somebody accepted this and I posted my argument... *scratches my head in confusion
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