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The Super Mario game series is better than The Legend of Zelda series

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Started: 2/24/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Without a doubt, the Super Mario series and The Legend of Zelda series are two of the most famous video game series ever made. Deciding on which one is better is a matter of preference. I will be arguing for the Mario series.

The rules are fairly simple and are as followed:
1. Round 1 will be an introduction round, where any ambiguous topics would be clarified. Rounds 2-5 will be standard debating rounds.
2. This debate will be focused on the main games of the series. In other words, no spin-offs (for example Mario Sports games and the Mario RPG series).

Seeing as this is mostly opinion based, citations are not necessary, but can be included as my opponent sees fit. Finally, let's keep it a good, clean debate.


I will argue that the Legend of Zelda series is better than Super Mario series.

I understand all the agreements as stated above.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that is is fairly well known that Mario is one of, if not the most easily recognized video game character out there. There is a reason that a fat, Italian plumber is the mascot for their most successful gaming company, Nintendo. The reason is fairly simple; the games that he was featured in built that company from the ground up. They were, and still are revolutionary. Here are a few examples:

1. Super Mario Bros. - All you need to do is play the first stage of Super Mario Bros. to see the impact it had. World 1-1 is the famous Super Mario Brothers theme song that everybody is aware of. On top of that, this game is one of the most famous side scrolling games ever (in a time when the vast majority of games made were side scrolling). This game alone has sold 40 million copies [1]. In addition to that, this game is also home of the most infamous glitch in gaming the "World -1" glitch.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3 - To continue with the theme of famous side scrolling games, this game is just as good as its prequel. Armed with many new power-ups, including the Raccoon leaf that allowed Mario to fly, and a wide assortment of puzzles to solve in the game's eight worlds, this game really needs no introduction.

3. Super Mario Galaxy- Mario's transition into the third generation of gaming could not have gone better, as Super Mario Galaxy is the second-highest rated game of all time on [1]. It's easy to see why, with a glorious display of graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and a wide variety of challenges made possible with the Wii's motion controls, there's no doubt that this is one of the greatest games ever made.

Those are just a few examples, as the list goes on from there. Along with several others, these games helped give the Super Mario series the top rated game franchise by IGN [1]. That, by default, would make it better than the Legend of Zelda series.


Let me start by saying that, yes Link may not have gotten his start by climbing ladders and dodging barrels to fighting a monkey(Ape for those how like Donkey Kong) that obviously has issues with finding a mate. Just so he can save the girl he loves for the dangers of the animal that took her. Link on the other hand is a nobody; a boy that hasn't found his place in the world until one day he finds himself in a situation that makes him a hero of a kingdom.

Now to the nit and grit:

The Legend of Zelda franchise is just as easily recognized as the Super Mario Brothers. The fact of the matter is that The Legend of Zelda is just better. Its gameplay mechanics blend together a perfect balance of puzzle solving, action, and adventure in the action-fantasy world of Hyrule. The franchise it self has sold over 67.93 million copies, may have changed since post, since the first game [1]. Another thing that makes it better is the music. Kijo Kondo* himself wrote the opening title music,"The Legend of Zelda Theme" which on ScrewAttack's "Top Ten Videogame Themes Ever" is ranked as #1 [1]. Also the Symphonic Legends, when focusing on Nintendo music, play the full 35 minute epic tale [1]. We shouldn't stop there with the music aspect, how about the combination of music and puzzles that is very apparent in the games which allow access to hidden areas as well as changing the seasons.

The setting is another ingredient in the equation of the franchise. The new world of Hyrule allowed players to be transported to something new a fascinating. The location you go to give depth to the world. Instead of just running through the levels to get to a castle just to defeat the boss and have the biggest F*** You with "your princess is in another castle". The Legend of Zelda allows you to get to know the people, talk to them if you want to and help them to gain items that ultimately help you in your adventure. This leads to back stories on villagers of the towns you enter. Also the fact that Link doesn't talk allows you to connect to the game even deeper, almost as if you are Link.

*Kijo Kondo is consider "greatest legend in the video game audio industry"[1]

Debate Round No. 2


Indeed, there is no doubt that The Legend of Zelda franchise has its place in history. Its place, however, is lower than that of Mario. It is quite impressive that the Zelda franchise has sold nearly 68 million copies, but what if I told you that the Mario Brothers series has sold that much for the NES alone (those games being Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros 3) [1]. Of course, that is only for one game system, as the series continues to have staggering sales numbers throughout the rest of the other game systems. For example, Super Mario 64 is the best selling game for the Nintendo 64 (yes, even more than Ocarina of Time), and Super Mario Sunshine is the second best selling game for the Nintendo GameCube (second only to Super Smash Brothers Melee) [1].

The Legend of Zelda franchise also limits the player to the world of Hyrule. In the earlier Mario games, there were 8 distinctly different worlds with different challenges that the gamer can submerge themselves in. Even in Super Mario 64, where most of the game takes place int a castle, this idea still takes shape. Through jumping into portraits, the gamer can be taken to a myriad of different worlds, including a desert, an ocean, and volcanic environment. Needless to say, Super Mario Galaxy allowed the imagination of the gamer to practically jump onto the screen, as exploration into the Super Mario universe was introduced.

In addition, Mario is simply a better protagonist. In most of the Legend of Zelda games, Link is the "child of destiny," meaning that he was destined to save Hyrule from destruction. It is not necessarily because Link is such a hard-worker that he ends up being a hero. In fact, he is usually portrayed as a lazy person at first. It just happens to be luck (or fate if you prefer) that he becomes a legend in the first place. Mario, on the other hand, was not destined to become a hero. He had to work hard to become a hero. He went from being a plumber to being the iconic figure that he is today. And he did not do so because fate deemed it that way. He worked hard at it, even when all the odds were against him. This is what allowed him to save his world (and eventually universe) time and time again. It is also the reason that Mario relates to gamers in the way that he does, and a way which Link does not.


I will not argue that Mario games do take you to different worlds and universes, but the fact is that how long do you spend in them? Now yes, we all get stuck at some point (or even rage quite when to frustrated)
but do really ever get to look around and smell the flowers/piranha plants (though why would you want to). Now I do commend Super Mario 64 and Galaxy 1&2 because in those games you can actually get a handle for the original world/space station you start on; but when is the amount of worlds/universes to much? I believe that because there is only one world; it makes Zelda’s universe better. You can get handle on the culture, people, and even history of a land that you walk on. Though in all fairness there are other locations in the Zelda universe, but I
believe mentioning them would not go along with the main story line and thus against the agreed conditions

Another season why The Legend of Zelda series is better is the items that you have at your fingertips. Though you can run through it, why would you want to(exception being Majora's Mask),doing the side quests only benefit the player. They also bring you deeper into the world. It is items like Iron Boots that help to keep you in place when Gorons roll at you or when you need to walk up a strong current. Shields that are wooden, iron, mirror, etc. tunics or armor that help you breath under water or are fire resistant. Lets not for get the Master sword and all its glory. Sure it looks different in each game but it still hurts like a B***** to enemy's.

All these items, if not most, are used in the carefully crafted puzzles within the game. Now to make myself clear you don't always use every item for just one puzzle. Different items are use to solve certain puzzles. Hence why The Legend of Zelda is the better of the two.
Debate Round No. 3


Indeed, the nature of Zelda games require the gamer to use the items that were given to him to solve various puzzles. That is why the problem solving is very different between the two series. However, the Super Mario series have more variety with their puzzles. Due to the fact that the items do not change from game to game, the puzzles do not change much from game to game. For example, the gimmick of the infamous Water Temple in Ocarina of Time was to change the water level of the temple in order to access some of the rooms. The gimmick of Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask is to change the direction of the water flow. Although there are a few differences as games get newer and newer, the basis of the puzzles do not change. There will always be a switch that can only be hit with a slingshot or an arrow, or to move a block around, or some type of puzzle that involves water.

Mario, on the other hand, has only improved the way that they interact with the gamer. They do not have the same tedious dungeons and puzzles as in The Legend of Zelda. For example, Super Mario World opened the way to access new worlds, unlocking various new challenges, and even some extras if you are able to beat it. Super Mario 64 introduced the idea of going into several worlds from a central point, where every world has its own challenges. And even when those are beat, new challenges in the same world. In fact, most Mario are rarely done when they are beaten. Zelda cannot say the same thing.


Due to personal altercations I forfeit this round. I will make a stronger argument in the next round to compensate for the inconvenience.

The round goes to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 4


I will conclude my argument by reiterating the fact that Mario franchise has sold nearly 129 million copies (not counting the portable games, which are not the topic of this debate) [1]. This is nearly twice as much as the Legend of Zelda franchise has sold, which is almost 68 million copies. This alone speaks volumes about what the general consensus is when talking about the two franchises.

When looking at the overall development of the Mario series, it is easy to see why IGN ranked it as the number one series of all time. The series has only gotten better, as it continues to challenge and interact with the gamer in a myriad of different ways. When looking at this it becomes clear: The Super Mario franchise is superior to the Legend of Zelda Franchise.

I would like to thank the Con for a very entertaining debate.


I will conclude this argument by stating two important things, then summarizing why The Legend of Zelda series is better.

First Ocarina of time was the awarded the best game ever made by critics and gamers alike.

Second the only game to knock it from that pestle was in fact Skyward Sword. The newest Zelda game to come out at the end of in 2011.

Now that shows tells you that The Legend of Zelda games are better. Ocarina has been out since the N64 and until 2011 had not been dethroned.

The Legend of Zelda series is far better because of the gameplay mechanics( action-adventure, puzzle solving), the use of music in puzzles and the music in general. The fact that you get to explore the world of Hyrule as well as get to know the people better by doing quests and talking to them. Last but not least the fact that the items used to solve puzzle much better and you get a Master Sword.

I would like to thank my opponent for and interesting debate. Happy voting everyone!

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mongeese 6 years ago
If either of you would like to debate this again, I'm willing to debate either side.
Posted by kyro90 6 years ago
Lol, Cons pick in round two looks like it could have been in Skyrim or Oblivion. xD This is going to be a hilarious debate to watch. xD
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