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The Sweden Democrats are xenophobic, racist. and-immigration

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Started: 6/7/2016 Category: Politics
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This will be a debate on whether the Sweden Democrats are a xenophobic, racist, and anti-immigration group as claimed by the mainstream Swedish media.


No semantics
No trolling
No kritiks

Debate Structure
Round 1: Pro's arguments
Round 2: Con's arguments and Pro's rebuttals
Round 3: More arguments and rebuttals
Round 4: Rebuttals and briefely describing why you did better than the opponent, and deserve the vote.


Sweden Democrats: A right-wing political party in Sweden lead by Jimmie Åkesson

Racism: "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races."

Anti-immigration: Opposition to immigration as believing immigration is inheretly bad

Xenophobia: Fear of people from other countries


In this debate, I, the Pro, shall contend that the Sweden Democrats are a xenophobia & anti-immigrant party. As xenophobia encompasses racism, I shall merge these two arguments into one.

Some sources used in this debate will be in Swedish &information was obtained via google translate. Due to character restrictions, all sources will be posted in comments.


The Sweden Democrats are a nationalist & social conservative party in Sweden. It was founded in 1988 as part of the White Supremacy movement and had close ties with the British National Front, which is why the party used the same logo as the NF until 2006. In the 21st Century, the party has reformed its image and moderated its tone, to the point of expelling Neo-Nazis from the party. They are now the third largest party in the Swedish Parliament.

Contention 1: Xenophobia

Despite the attempts to moderate the party's tone, the Sweden Democrats remain a nationalist party. This is not to say that all nationalists are xenophobes, as Civic nationalists embrace all peoples within a nation regardless of race, culture religion or national origin. The Sweden Democrats, however, are not a civic nationalist party, but an exclusionary nationalist party.

The Sweden Democrats have long used the slogan "keep Sweden Swedish". This slogan is a prime example of xenophobia, as it is clearly expressing opposition to foreign immigrants and cultures. This is used as a major justification for why the party is opposed to integrating immigrants into Sweden, as it would “threaten Swedish tradition”.

The party also believes that all immigrants must adopt Swedish culture, & they must meet a certain level of “Swedishness”. Such an arbitrary requirement is clearly meant to discriminate against foreigners.

This xenophobia does not only apply to foreign immigrants, but also to Swedish Citizens. Party secretary Björn Söder, speaking on behalf of the party, has stated that while Jews & Sámis can be citizens of Sweden, they cannot be considered Swedes, because a person cannot be a Swede and something else.

A more specific form of this xenophobia is the party’s Islamophobia. The party platform & rhetoric casts Muslims as invaders, and party officials regularly invoke Islamophobic conspiracy theories. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson has even gone as far as to call Muslims “our greatest foreign threat since World War II.”

Contention 2: Anti-Immigrant

The Sweden Democrats make no secret about the opposition to immigration, making this a focal point of their campaigns. The Party calls for strict controls on immigration & state funding for repatriation of immigrants. Åkesson, the Party leader, has said he wants to ban asylum immigration, a major draw of immigration to Sweden & has even called on immigrants not to come to Sweden, stating “Stay away...Sweden is full.”

The party claims that immigrants bring crime &harm the economy, despite that there is no evidence to support these claims & a great deal of evidence to the contrary.

Sources:;(Swedish document);(Swedish website);(Swedish website);

Debate Round No. 1


1. Moderation

While the Sweden Democrats have questionable roots and have stemmed from fascism, they have changed to be very different over the past several years.

Since 1995, Mikael Jansson (former member of the Centre Party) had joined the Sweden Democrats and had helped to make the party more "moderate" and respectable. After a few members had wore Nazi uniforms, the party officially banned wearing any sort of uniform in 1996. The party had also gained influence from other nationalist parties and had begun its path of moderation.

An extreme faction consisting of racists/xenophobes had been expelled from the party in 2001, leading to the formation of the National Democrats (disbanded in 2014). Later on, Jimmie Akesson (with help from Björn Söder, Mattias Karlsson, and Richard Jomshof) had helped to make the party more moderate. Part of the policies to moderate the party have involved banning many far-right or xenophobic members. In 2005, Akesson took control of the Sweden Democrats and continued Jansson's efforts to make the Sweden Democrats more respectable and moderate.

In addition to this, Sten Christer Andersson (former member of the Moderate Party) had defected to the Sweden Democrats in the 2002 Swedish elections. He had claimed that the Sweden Democrats had worked to expel it's far-right elements.

Furthermore, the party had declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be part of its policies in 2003.

2. Multiculturalism has lead to increased ethnic tensions

Multicultralism in Sweden has not done anything positive, and has only led to increased racial tensions. There have been an estimated 55 no go zones in Sweden, where police fail to enforce Swedish law. Instead, these areas are unofficially governed by Shariah law. Such no go zones are only possible when a majority of the population there refuses to comply with the nation's official laws. It is quite evident from journalist attacks that many Muslim migrants have not assimilated into Swedish society. As a result, ethnic tensions between Muslim migrants and Christian/irreligious Swedes have been on the rise. [1, 2, 3, 4]

Furthermore, there have been cases of violent crime of migrants attacking Swedes. Last year, there were over 30 gernade explosions in the city of Malmo, which is infamous for its high foreign population. There were also 75,000 sex crimes reported yearly, which is staggering for a country with such a low population. [5]

Furthermore, there has been a violent backlash of extremists attacking people with a muslim/migrant background. Many schools were attacked, and some buildings were set on fire. [6]

Overall, violent crime and sexual attacks have been on the rise in Sweden, as statistical data has shown. [7]

Much of this rise in crime and ethnic neighborhoods have led to an increase in ethnic tensions. Since the Sweden Democrats aim to tackle this problem, they would likely bring down racial/ethnic tensions in Sweden. It is not necessarily racist or xenophobic to acknowledge the problem that Sweden has been having with mass migration.


3. Immigrant/non-white Sweden Democrats

According to the Aftonbladet newspaper, 14% of members in the Sweden Democrats are from an immigrant background. This is almost on par with the immigrant/foreign-born population in Sweden. [1] Furthermore, the Sweden Democrats were the only party in the 2010 elections to have a majority of immigrants on the electoral list.

If there are several members of the Sweden Democrats whom are immigrants, or come from a background of immigrants, it is quite evident that the Sweden Democrats are not opposed to all immigration.


4. The Sweden Democrats are not fully opposed to immigration

The Sweden Democrats have not expressed absolute opposition to immigration, rather they have supported limitation of immigration due to it becoming extreme. Jimmie Akesson has stated that "immigration is extreme" in an interview, and has stated that the immigraiton problem in Sweden is that the amount of immigration is too much. He has not implied that all immigrants are bad, but that immigration is out of control.

Due to a lack of time, I will end my arguments here. s



1. Moderation
The Con notes that the Sweden Democrats have become more moderate in recent years. I have not challenged this, and in fact, I also noted this in the background I provided on the Sweden Democrats. However despite this moderation, the Sweden Democrats are still a Xenophobic and anti-immigrant party.

2. Multiculturalism
The Pro claims that multiculturalism has increased ethnic tensions in Sweden. He cites so called "No go Zones" as evidence of this, however this claim is faulty at best, and outright false at worst. The articles he uses to support this claim at all however. The first article comes from SPEISA, however according to EditIndia, an Indian media watchdog, Speisa publishes fake reports, and a MyWOT review found them to be untrustworthy. Because of this, the article should be disregarded. The second article makes no mention "no go zones", attacks on journalists or even crime. The third article from the Daily Caller cites two other web reports. The first, from Swedish police, states Page not found, and the second, actually addresses the claims of the Con directly. According to the article, from which the Con's source derives its information,

"To clarify, the term “no-go zones” is how the Swedish media referred to the report when it was released. It is also what the police officers call it (direct quote in English found here) However, the report itself does not use that wording; it talks about “…the regular justice system being disabled,” “…police being unable to perform it’s duties” and “…local residents considering the criminals to be the ones running the area,” with police being subjected to violence and harassment when entering. The net effect is the same, but in light of the Fox News controversy it seems prudent to point this out. It should also be made clear that this report refers to criminal gangs seizing control; the kind of shariah-ruled, muslim-only enclaves Steve Emerson was talking about in Britain and France do not exist in Sweden"
The final article discusses a 60 Minutes film crew which was attacked in a city with a large migrant population, however no where in that article was the attack blamed on immigrants and was never related to immigrants and thus does not support the claim by the pro.
The con also cites grenade explosions in Malmo, however he cite the website jihad watch, which publishes anti-Islamic propaganda and should not be considered a reliable source, and the citations that Jihad watch links to never say that the grenade attacks were the fault of migrants.
The Con cites crime and sexual assault in Sweden and claims they are on the rise. However both Sexual assault and crime overall are down in Sweden, according to the articles cited by the pro, crime in down 1% and sexual assault is down 5%.
The Con also cites attacks on migrants as evidence to support this claim, however the article he cites from the spectator actually lays blame on the Sweden Democrats for the rise in attacks on migrants.
The claims by the pro do not hold the weight of scrutiny and does not support his contention. Furthermore it does not in anyway contradict my claim that the Sweden Democrats are a xenophobic and anti-immigrant party

3. Immigrant Sweden Democrats
The pro claims that because there are members of the Sweden Democrats who are immigrants the party cannot be anti-immigrant. This claim is as logical as "I can't be racist, I have black friends". Even if you have black friends, this does not change the fact that you hold racist views. The same applies to the Sweden Democrats. Even if they have members who are immigrants, this does not change their anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.
Furthermore, the 2010 elections that the Con refers to were not the national elections, but rather one single local election in a city with a large migrant population.

4. The Sweden Democrats are not "fully opposed to immigration"
No where in my argument did I claim that the Sweden Democrats are opposed to all immigration. My argument is that "The Party calls for strict controls on immigration & state funding for repatriation of immigrants." This policy is clearly meant to reduce immigration, and is thus Anti-immigration. The claim by the con does not refute my argument at all.


Contention 1: Xenophobia
Seeing as the Con has not addressed this issue at all, I can only assume he concedes this argument, and thus I shall extend this contention to the next round.

Contention 2: Anti-Immigration
As I have already addressed the response by the con to this argument, I shall extend all my points from round 1.


Debate Round No. 2


Due to me facing a ban, me and BrendanD19 have agreed to tie and have a rematch. Please do note vote on this debate.


Given the circumstances, rather than an argument, I would like to appeal to Airmax to reconsider the ban on triangle.128k.
triangle.128k is a good debater, an active member and a credit to the DDO community. This ban should be considered a loss to all those who enjoy DDO.
Debate Round No. 3


triangle.128k forfeited this round.


I would like to remind people NOT TO VOTE IN THIS DEBATE

I would also like to express to Triangle that once he returns I would like to have this debate again, and I was enjoying throughly.
Debate Round No. 4
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