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The Thumb Is A Finger Like A Stupid Fatso Is Still A Human Being

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Started: 8/19/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The thumb is not considered a finger, when its kin, the anorexic finger, the ring finger, the middle finger and the finger of blame resemble this finger, it bends like a finger and when you finger a girl you don't say "thumbing", therefore it's a misunderstood finger.


Ok, thanks for this debate! I assume round 1 is just to start the argument. As your argument was just all jumbled in one paragraph, I'm going to lay out your points and disprove each one. Before I do that, I must address certain points that you didn't mention.

A thumb isn't doesn't have the correct bones to be a true finger.

A thumb doesn't have an intermidiate phalange. The part of your finger that technically is your actual finger is the proximal through distal phalanges, and in order for it to be a true finger it must have all three ( Calling a thumb a finger is like calling an ape a human. Just because an ape has many similar characteristics to a human doesn't mean they are classified as the same thing. In the same way, just because thumbs have some of the necessary parts to be classified as a finger doesn't mean it is. It is missing the necessary intermidiate phalange. A thumb is considered a digit, however. That's just like how a human and an ape are both considered primates.

The thumb is the odd one out of the digits.

So we have declared that the thumb has a different bone structure than the other fingers, but the way it moves and it's role is also far different. It's commonly refered to as the odd one out as well (, as usually when talking about the hand scientists say "the four fingers and the thumb" or "the fingers and the thumb". That is an obvious sign for the thumb being the odd one out.

Now I will take your points and reference them.

"It bends like a finger"

Nope. This is not true. There is even specific facts to back this one up. A thumb has what's called a saddle joint, as a finger has what's called an ellipsoid joint. These joints are different, and they move in different ways. Therefore, the way a thumb bends is different than all the fingers(

"Fingering a girl"

Technically, thumbing a girl is a phrase. The word thumb can be used as several different meanings. Both of these definitions are from this link:

as a noun:
The short, thick first digit of the human hand, set lower and apart from the other four and opposable to them.

as a verb:

Press, move, or touch (something) with one’s thumb.

Now let's look at the definition of finger. This is from this link: The word finger has more uses than the word thumb, but the only two that are important here is the most common noun version and the most important verb version.

as a noun:
Any of the terminal members of the hand, especially one other thanthe thumb.

as a verb:
To touch with the fingers; toy or meddle with; handle.

The verb definition of finger and thumb are pretty similar, and I think we can use the word thumb in the context you're using it with woman with no problems.

So there you go, and since I placed my links throughout, I don't have a big list at the end, but I want to see what you think.
Debate Round No. 1


Bees and electrons behave very similarly, but they slightly differ.

The sun and stars behave very similarly, but they slightly differ.

The penis and the vagina behave similarly, but they slightly differ.

The thumb (misunderstood finger) and the fingers behave similarly, but they slightly differ.

Most importantly, they all have different names, but people are colloquially illiterate therefore they make it hard to understand that appearances are hiding deeper truths behind similarities. A good example I created would be the "ion" and the "atom" whether it's negatively and positively charged. An "ion" is basically an atom that is positively or negatively charged. Instead of calling it "atom+" and "atom-" (they already had symbols for positive/negative), they called it an "ion" because they are colloquially illiterate and make language that much more complicated.

Having a different bone structure does not remove the fact that it looks like a finger, it behaves like a finger, so it must be a finger.

"like a finger" is the key words here. The Universe is based on a self-similarity design, so keep in mind that you're arguing with a genius that's had enough with human stupidity.

You argued the joke I made for the thumb, as if this part of my argument was at all serious. Congratulations.


You just furthered proved my point. A bee and an electron are similar, but they aren't the same, as an electron is an electron and a bee is a bee. It's the same way for the rest of your examples. A finger is a finger and a thumb is a thumb just as a bee is a bee and an electron is an electron. Thanks for giving me so many examples!

Pro said this, and there is so many flaws with this: "Having a different bone structure does not remove the fact that it looks like a finger, it behaves like a finger, so it must be a finger."

Let me give some examples. Let's say you met someone who likes gardening, cooking, and soap operas. Let's say that person also wears dresses and makeup. You'd think that they are a girl, but what if their gender is really male? With your logic, you'd say, "They are female because the act like a female usually acts, and they dress like a female usually dresses."

Also, pro said this:

"you're arguing with a genius that's had enough with human stupidity."

Why don't you check out the "tips" section ( I'm gonna quote from it straight from there:

"However tempting it may be, always refrain from using personal or general insults. It is not only rude, but against the terms of service as well."

I'm just gonna leave that as it is, as it's self explanitory.

Pro said this as well:

"You argued the joke I made for the thumb, as if this part of my argument was at all serious. Congratulations."

Ok, let me remind you what you said in round one:

"when you finger a girl you don't say 'thumbing'"

I'm calmly proved that you can say thumbing. Even if you make jokes in your debate, you should keep truth throughout the debate. This is, and it isn't "let-me-make-jokes-so-i-can-get-the-voter'". I have the right to take what you say seriously, and I can disprove you if you say something incorrect.

I don't really have anything else to say in this round. Everything I said in round one is proof enough to this point.
Debate Round No. 2


Did you forget the part where I explained that you are wrong - the people are wrong - because calling something different names has no relevance to the significance of similarities... The entire atom argument explains that calling it a thumb is stupid just like calling an atom that's charged an ion instead of atom+ or atom-.

You're talking to a genius. I never, ever, ever, have trouble telling gender. On top of that, wearing something has no relevance to who you are.

I'm not insulting you. It's the result of your actions. Learn the difference between insults and reflecting on what you really ard according to words in the bloody dictionary.

And here you start acting self-righteous - it's funny is all I can say. You're such a fool, I cannot even choose my gut over you. You're just that explosively stupid (again, read the dictionary; I won't have to call you what you are otherwise).


This is a completely different situation then the atom/ion thing you were talking about. Let me re-clarify what I have said twice already, thumb and a finger are both digits, but a thumb is a thumb, and a finger is a finger. You haven't said anything to change my mind otherwise.

Pro said: "You're talking to a genius." and "You're such a fool, I cannot even choose my gut over you."

Your only true argument is that I'm a fool, and you're a genius. Even if this is a true, a fool with good evidence should win a debate over a genius with no evidence.
Debate Round No. 3


You are a thumb arse.

No, a thumb is a finger but it's called a thumb because of very small differences. That's the same between an atom and an ion, you flarbally goobly dunce.

Your entire argument is based on human definitions, rather than asking yourself if these definitions are fair to the similarities of this Universe which contains self-design systems. Hence everything seems to be a mix between symmetry and chaos. Things seem to be inspired by old designs and everything that we do, think and say is based on old designs from all the things of the Universe, which is why we have an inner animal; inner machine; inner man and inner monster based entirely on distortion and stuff that make us do crazy things because the human mind is a conflict between so many designs of the Universe, it's absolutely magnificent considering that no man is one man - but many.

Oh, and the thumb is a finger whether you want to wank off distinctions or not. You're the one that's colloquially illiterate. I am the one that can admire the beauty of self-similarity. Just look at the designs of the Universe - it's repeating its design in different shapes and scales you ejit. You are ignoring the Universe by wanking off something that is entirely man-made based on the mass opinion of monkeys wearing monocles.


First off, pro said this: "You are a thumb arse." If I take that as an insult, then you should refer to the tips section ( It specifically says this: "However tempting it may be, always refrain from using personal or general insults. It is not only rude, but against the terms of service as well." If I take that as a literal point in your argument, then it is very illogical. Thumbs don't have butts, and I'm using English and debating with you. A human butt can't even do that, and a thumb's non-existing butt certainly can't.

Pro also called me a "flarbally goobly dunce" (without commas I might as well add), and it compelled me to find what those words actually mean. When I googled "flarbally", I got exactly one page where it was used ( From the context of the usage, it was a typo, so flarbally isn't not a word. Next is the word "goobly", and it's not a real word either. Dunce is a real word, and it means a stupid person ( That is also considered an insulted.

Pro said this: "Your entire argument is based on human definitions". My argument is based on partly human definitions, but your argument is as well. Remember that we are debating this: "The Thumb Is A Finger Like A Stupid Fatso Is Still A Human Being". I don't even have to prove that a thumb shouldn't be called a finger, as I just have to disprove this simile. A simile is when you compare two things using like or as, by the way ( I have proved in earlier arguments that a better simile or metaphor for this situation is that calling a thumb a finger is like calling human an ape.

Pro also said: "Oh, and the thumb is a finger whether you want to wank off distinctions or not." That is kind of gross, actually. Do you even know what wank means? It means masturbate. How do you know if I'm wanking off distinctions? That sounds like a gross thing to do, first off, and it is very uncalled for to bring that up. Please actually debate with me instead of insulting me and arguing about whether I use human definitions and stuff.
Debate Round No. 4


Most people today are inspired by their farts over the facts, so I stand by my word play.

Look at you being distracted like a cat. Just proving my point that you're a monkey that chases shiny objects.

The thumb is a finger, whether you like it or not. Words are man-made. The similarities with small differences should not mean they are different things, just functionally different. IS that so hard to comprehend? Nah, it is. You're a thumb arse.

Queen Elizabeth the Wanketh would like a word with you!


This is the final round, and I'd like to thank you for a fun debate! I only wish that you would have used sources and facts to make it more interesting. With this final round, I shall give my final argument that disproves that "The Thumb Is A Finger Like A Stupid Fatso Is Still A Human Being."

First off, pro said this: "Most people today are inspired by their farts over the facts, so I stand by my word play." Where do I begin here? This is It's a website where actually using facts helps you. Here's something straight from the tips section again ( "When citing facts, always remember to check their legitimacy and NEVER use false or made up facts." You aren't using facts, and you aren't citing anything. I think that people on should be inspired in their debates by facts more than farts, and I think that speaks for most people here.

Pro also said this: "The similarities with small differences should not mean they are different things, just functionally different." Here is an example for you that will be sure to impress you. Humans, genetically, are 96% similar to Chimps after duplication ( Humans are not called chimps, but that is the most similar thing to humans. The most similar thing to a thumb is a finger, and the bone structure of a thumb only about 67% similar to a finger, as it has two out of the three phalanges needed to be a finger. If a human is 96% similar to a chimp and not a chimp, then a thumb shouldn't be a finger because it is merely 67% a finger. A human is about closer to a mouse than a thumb is to a finger, actually ( Therefore, these "small" differences mean a lot, and they should be taken for what they are. They are the defining things that separate a thumb from a finger.

Thanks for the debate! Voters please vote fair!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
"Oh yes, you like that thumbing don't you!"

"Yes!!! Thumb me harder - so fat and stubby!"

Then it'll become a new sex thing. Then people will start wearing thimbles to "maximize the pleasure". Like this.

"My thumb is a soldier want to see?" *puts on thimble* "Ah, now hold on love, tell me how this feels."

"Oooh, it feels like he's quite the warrior! Is he a robot warrior babe?"

"According to his thumbodynamics, yes."

*all happening while Buckethead is playing in the background*
Posted by NiamC 3 years ago
"gurl! imma thumb you" no...
Posted by NiamC 3 years ago
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