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The Titanic did not sink !

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Started: 6/15/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Cancelled by Instigator
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My position is quite straight forward, The sinking of the Titanic never happened,
It did not set sail from Southampton and head in a westerly direction towards New York, it did not hit an iceberg, and nobody perished on her maiden voyage.
This has been set up for a serious debate, and given my stance I expect there to be many that would jump at the chance to oppose me on this one, however,the burden of proof is on you.
I refuse to accept a challenge from an opponent whom has lost more debates than won.
My opponent must from the first round post his/her argument,
In advance, I thank Con for showing enough interest in this debate to forward opposition.
What you'll read below is mostly the true story as to what really happened to the famous cruise ship. The information you'll read below are not conspiracy theory, but rather well-recorded in the books of World History.
The greatest tragedies in the last two hundred years can be traced to the Jesuits. I will now show that the Jesuits planned and carried out the sinking of the ship, and I will show part of the reason why they did it.
Since the early 1830s, America did not have a central bank. The Jesuits desperately wanted another central bank in America so that they would have a bottomless reservoir from which to draw money for their many wars and other hideous schemes around the world.
In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to establish a central bank, which they called the Federal Reserve Bank. These men were Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip, both representing the Rockefeller financial empire; Henry Davison, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong, representing J.P. Morgan; and Paul Warburg, representing the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe. We have already seen that the Rothschild's were the banking agents for the papacy's Jesuits, holding the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Morgans were friendly competitors with the Rothschild's and became socially close to them. Morgans London-based firm was saved from financial ruin in 1857 by the Bank of England over which the Rothschild's held great influence. Thereafter, Morgan appears to have served as a Rothschild financial agent and went to great length to appear totally American....
His [Rockefeller's] entry into the field was not welcomed by Morgan, and they became fierce competitors. Eventually, they decided to minimize their competition by entering into joint ventures. In the end, they worked together to create a national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System. G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, American Opinion Publishing, p. 209.
These three financial families, the Rothschild's, Morgans, and Rockefeller's all do the bidding of the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world domination. As we look back over the 20Th century, we see how successful the Jesuits have been. They have continued to squander the wealth of America and continually attack its great constitution and civil liberties. Daily, the power of the pope in Vatican City increases. One day they will achieve total power again.
The building of the ship began in 1909 at a shipyard in Belfast, the capitol of Northern Ireland. Belfast was a Protestant haven and was hated by the Jesuits. World War One began just a few years later.
The ship was one of a fleet of ships owned by the White Star Line, an international shipping company.
Banking was not the only business in which Morgan had a strong financial interest. Using his control over the nations railroads as financial leverage, he had created an international shipping trust which included Germany's two largest lines plus one of the two in England, the White Star Lines. Ibid, p. 246.
There were a number of very rich and powerful men who made it abundantly clear that they were not in favor of the Federal Reserve System. J.P. Morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the ship. This unsinkable ship would serve as the death ship for those who opposed the Jesuits plan for a Federal Reserve system. These rich and powerful men would have been able to block the establishment of the Federal Reserve, and their power and fortunes had to be taken out of their hands. They had to be destroyed by a means so preposterous that no one would suspect that they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits. The Titanic was the vehicle of their destruction. In order to further shield the papacy and the Jesuits from suspicion, many Irish, French, and Italian Roman Catholics immigrating to the New World were aboard. They were people who were expendable. Protestants from Belfast who wanted to immigrate to the US were also invited on board.
Even the faithful and good Roman Catholic people were betrayed by the Jesuits. Irish, French and Italian Roman Catholics aboard Titanic ship perished in the middle of the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.
All the wealthy and powerful men the Jesuits wanted to get rid of were invited to take the cruise. Three of the richest and most important of these were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, the head of Macy's Department Stores, and John Jacob Astor, probably the wealthiest man in the world. Their total wealth, at that time, using dollar values of their day was more than 500 million dollars. Today that amount of money would be worth nearly eleven billion dollars. These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace. They had to be destroyed because the Jesuits knew they would use their wealth and influence to oppose a Federal Reserve Bank as well as the various wars that were being planned.
John Jacob Astor Benjamin Guggenheim Isador Strauss
The wealthy Jews aboard the Titanic These men opposed the creation of the
Federal Reserve Bank. These men perished in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
Eliminated by the Jesuits after the Titanic sunk
The Federal Reserve Bank will start to roll-out as longtime planned by the Jesuits
John Jacob Astor is the wealthiest man aboard the Titanic. John Jacob Astor was the original owner of the famous Empire State Building in New York City.
Edward Smith was the captain of the ship. He had been traveling the North Atlantic waters for twenty-six years and was the world's most experienced master of the North Atlantic routs. He had worked for Jesuit, J.P. Morgan, for many years.
Edward Smith was a ‘Jesuit temp ore Coadjutor.' This means that he was not a priest, but he was a Jesuit of the short robe. Jesuits are not necessarily priests. Those who are not priests serve the order through their profession. Anyone could be a Jesuit, and their identity would not be known. Edward Smith served the Jesuit Order in his profession as a sea captain.
Many interesting points about the Titanic are discussed in a videotape made by National Geographic in 1986. The videotape is entitled The Secrets of the Titanic. When the Titanic departed from Southern England on April 10, 1912, Francis Browne, the Jesuit master of Edward Smith, boarded the ship. This man was the most powerful Jesuit in all of Ireland and answered directly to the general of the Jesuit Order in Rome.
As I said this story is only partly true.
link proves that at least one passenger opposed the Federal reserve.
Archibald Willingham Butt Major, United States Army ( passenger) fixed the voting machine relating to the presidential campaign: J P Morgan, CANNCELLED !,the day before he was due to sail
September 11, (date ring a bell ?) London wires NY about a ship in the making.
Again, THE TITANIC DID NOT SINK ! Good luck :-)
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Posted by thisoneguy 8 years ago
Debate has been cancelled due to lack of research on perspective cons part, anyone who has researched this subject would have known that there remain many unanswered questions regarding this sinking, not least of all the alleged switch with Titanic's sister ship Olympic. which was practically identical, and deemed uninsurable due to a collision with HMS Hawke a short time before Titanic's maiden voyage was announced. (switching ships was common practice in 1912, and continues to this day)

Out of all comments posted, not once was this highlighted, which lead me to believe the afore mentioned is indeed fact.

As touched on in a previous comment, this debate was set up to avoid people with big eyes and no brain, that may well be a tad harch, but this is why I avoided including the switch in my opening statement, but rather concentrated on a less known but equally valid reason for the deliberate sinking.

My theory would have included Olympic being built to the Titanic's spec, and vice versa, without the knowledge of the main workforce, this would have accounted for Titanic's (Olympics) ID being verified through part numbers ( 401-400, T&O) in wreck dives from 1985.

Not saying I would have won the debate, but I would have had a good time trying.

The Federal reserve act was passed the following year (1913) with little opposition, giving the Rothschild family enough wealth to feed cloth and shelter the worlds population, and still have enough left over to continue being the worlds puppeteer.

What a beast we as a people have allowed to form, GOD HELP US !
Posted by ccstate4peat 8 years ago
Reinstate it with no restriction!!!!
Posted by s0m31john 8 years ago
"You cannot accept this challenge because you do not match the Instigator's age and/or rank criteria."

Boo hiss
Posted by EmyG 8 years ago
What's the restriction?
Posted by alto2osu 8 years ago
No one who isn't restricted should accept because this, pretty much 100% sure, won't be a good debate...I'm sorry, but the affirmative advocacy is a conspiracy theory. When do those work out?
Posted by ccstate4peat 8 years ago
No one will accept unless this restriction gets lifted.
Posted by mongeese 8 years ago
This restriction is lame.
Posted by EmyG 8 years ago
If it'd let me accept, I would.
It's pretty obvious that it sank.
Posted by ccstate4peat 8 years ago
Thank you EmyG. It is so blindingly obvious that he is wrong, yet he needs a master debater to show him.
Posted by EmyG 8 years ago
Dude, they found the titanic. It sunk.
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