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The Troll debate

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Started: 11/13/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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~The TRoll Debate~

as this decade has developed, the World Troll has become a prominent term used on the Internet. This Deabte is not a verses scenario. Instead, I wish only to discuss in a logical, mild manner way, the meaning of this term, and how it has been used.

Please do not use resources. Simply,

troll along with me, and discuss the fine details of a world which as flooded the waters under the bridge of the internet.

Assuredly there is much growth to be made for a world that implies such obnoxious volumes presence.


Trolling, in my opinion is a method used to express a person's immaturity by venting all of their frustrations into a game. They do this by antagonizing those poor saps who just want to play their game. The modern trolls ultimate goal is the rage quit, which is when someone exits their game because of frustration, this unintentionally leads to the victim into becoming a troll.
Debate Round No. 1


MTC you bring up a very interesting topic.

and welcome. *clink*

That is a peculiar behavior. I do not understand why an individual would demonstrate such a unsocial trait. ... hmph.

What I was specifically thinking of as I gallivanted about on the web was the large amount of Trolls you find under all the bridges. You go about on the Road a la Web, and under every bridge you find those who hear this or hear that from people passing over top the bridge, and when You say something to them, they shout in your face, stating all this here-say was factual.
No matter how hard you try and how much you struggle the here-say which they hear above their heads is factual, and there is no discussing the potentially untrue characteristics of the matter, or the plausibly fallible manner by which the information was produced or received.

It is interesting.

I wrote myself a song once upon a time. It goes something as such,
"trollin' trollin' trollin', get em on their toes,
trollin' trollin' trollin', by their howlers we will knows,
trollin' trollin' trollin', under forum bridges they go,
and while trollin' trollin' trollin'
as they do is raise their noise,
and howllar TROLLS!"

It was quite a delight. I wrote it on a bridge wall once in a distant city away from my home.

Truly though. I wasn't thinking about Video game trolls. Those ignorant brutes are unaware of the potential friend base they can form by adding people to friends lists. always swearing and quitting. Truly I can bank every one is an atheist, with only pennies per head I'd be rich on that bet.

yes.. trolls. where were we. Oh yes... TRooollZZZzzz D: uggh

You only find them where people hide from reality. Unda la Bridge de reality. The Web, were gossip and here say are fact,
because the Internet and it's host of corrupt and gossiping resources suggest it is so.

Well MTC, would you like to contribute a thought?


HILARIOUS!!! this is too much!
Debate Round No. 2


trollin' trollin' trollin'
Oh I misspeleld something,

"All they do is raise their noise,
and howwllar TROLLS"

yes yes. indeed that is how it goes.

well, if you can't handle the anecdotal remarks of the obnoxious life forms living under the bridges of the web, which I have encountered in my experiences of the Web.
Well then, a due. To you and to all, on this

For the complaints and behavior of those who do not even contribute thought before making remarks, and do not acknowledge I have taken all science into consideration, and they have not made the connection between science in creation,
yet insist correlations are fact Only when regarding atheism.

I tire of these trolls. They think they are smart yet learn and listen to nothing but that which a government uses to brainwash them into justifying their corrupt agendas. Because indeed, atheism justifies political agendas as much as rape and neglectful relationships...

the pity

Truly MTC, it was a pleasure and an honor to share this laugh with you before my parting.

*hats off/ and cheers* to those who look and know

truly the truth has always been known, and available for man where he was looking the hardest for it.


Modern_Teenage_Christian forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Yeah I wrote that little diddy in honor of all the people whom called me a troll for trying to inform them that they can prove the third day of Creation.
They were all hiding, not using their brains, believing nonsense, and I tried to help them, and this whole host of trolls starts swarming me, crawling out of the wood works saying, "TRoll TROLL!"
so I wrote fro them a song, and I would sing it on my way to enlighten the poor befuddled fools in their dark corners of the web, where they were living off the rank water that was filled with the city folks crap.
because that is were city folk crap: Water. :D
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
LITERALLY 3 time sin one post. wtf. I didn't want to say World Troll, The fine details of a World, or talk about a world that implies things.

I blame my keyboard.

and so..
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
I do not know how the letter 'L' seems to find it's way into the word "word" so often in my typing.
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