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The Truth about terraria - Is it better than minecraft?

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Started: 6/26/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Terraria - a 2D RPG/Platforming/Sandbox game, developed by Re-Logic and 505Games.
Minecraft - a 3D Sandbox game, developed by Mojang, now owned by Microsoft.

Many people like Minecraft, many people like Terraria. Both are very popular and notable games, each having key aspects that make them great games. But today (more like this month :P) I am going to prove, that in 4 general aspects, Terraria is better than Minecraft.

These are the main aspects I'll be covering today:
and Price/Avalibility

Starting with the first thing:


Terraria offers a very nice community. With over 12.8 million copies sold, it has a wide range of players. There is a main forum:, and a page on steam:
The average age for terraria players is 14 - 24, meaning that there truly aren't as many butthurt fanboy noobs playing Terraria. It is avaliable on IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, Xbox360, Ps3, Ps4, Wii U, PSVita, and the 3DS.

Minecraft also has a massive playerbase, with well over 35 million copies sold. It also has a forum: It isn't avaliable on steam, or any other platform. The average age of players is similar to terraria, althought there are many younger players in general. 11 - 23 is the medeocre age in this game. Minecraft is avaliable on all the same platforms as terraria, except the 3DS.

Now, we should get unto more interesting things..:


Terraria has hundreds and hundreds of weapons, tiles(blocks), and around 24 main biomes. 32 bosses and minibosses, and over 300 enemies. There are NPC's that can move into houses you make, each having different sayings, an ability to fight hostile enemies to defend themselves, and the ability to sell you items for coins.
You can join massive servers in terraria, or just host your own to play on with LAN, or just with friends.
There is also a massive wiring system, having wires, logich gates, switches, and many more. Terraria has many modes of weapons, such as: Spears, Flails, Guns, Magic Staffs, Magic Weapons, Flasks, Throwing Weapons, Bows, Daggers, Swords, Bombs, and some more. With over 3700 total items in terraria, there's never a shortage of items or weapons to have fun with. Or, if you feel like flying around, get a mount. You can ride a unicorn, or drive a flying fish. There is 3 main modes:

softcore - on death you drop coins

mediumcore - on death you drop items

hardcore - you drop everything and permanetely die, and the character is deleted.

A big thing Minecraft players think is that in Terraria, is that you cant "unleash your creativity, and express yourself or feel the full effect!" that's not true at all. There are more than twice as many options for building in Terraria than minecraft, and 6 layers.

Minecraft, sadly has a lack of content. With only 7 weapons and 2 splash potions to fight enemies, there's not many options to battle. 2 bosses to fight, 4 variations of Villagers, and less than 1000 items in total, it's a game that ends fast - unless you want to build. Being 3d, Minecraft DOES have an advantage over Terraria in the way of building. You can build more complex creations, which is something you can do in Terraria, just not as much.
You can join countless big servers, or host your own server, to play with friends, or just open to lan. In minecraft, there are 4 main gamemodes:

Survival - try and survive and get items, mine for ores and defeat the 2 bosses.
Creative - you have everything, and can fly and build
Adventure - you can't break blocks, just open chests and move and jump, as well as interact with some things
Spectator - you have noclip, but can't do anything except float around

Minecraft is more a sandboxy game than RPG - There isn't as much to do, beating the game takes a lot less time, is easier, and more simple.

Ok, time for the next segment:


Terraria has hundreds of mods, like Minecraft. Right now, with 2 of the biggest terraria mods - The Thorium mod, and Tremor Remastered, there will be over 5200 items. Insane, hey? But with minecraft, it would be just over 2000. But you may be thinking - wth? Games aren't all about items and how much stuff there is!!
That's true. Mods in each games have different things, aspects that make the games more fun and more.



Terraria, on average (without any sales) costs 10$ on steam. With the christmas sale, it goes as low as 2$. Pretty Cheap. 1 time purchase, free updates

Minecraft, however, I think is overpriced. For the amount of things it has to offer, it costs too much. 27$ from Mojang, 1 time purchase, free updates aswell.

Anways, thanks for reading. Post your votes and opinions :)



I play both of these games and I enjoy both of them very much. But I just think that Minecraft is better. I will also cover the 4 topics.

Community - 23,736,341 copies sold just on PC alone. Many more on different consoles. you can play it on PC, Mac, android, IOS, ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. So I disagree with you on that community part, if there are many more copies sold of minecraft than terraria when they have almost identical places to play it.

Content - minecraft has 127 biomes (including mixed biomes), terraria has only 36. you can also join even bigger servers on minecraft then terraria, and same with just friends. I believe the wiring in minecraft is 100x times better than in terraria, someone has built a working phone for crying out loud!
there is 6 main modes in minecraft though, 2x as much as terraria. but I do agree there is alot more items and mobs in terraria. but the reason it is easier to beat is so you can create cooler stuff, you can do more than just fight in minecraft, you can build, farm, etc.

Mods - Both games have hundreds, maybe thousands of mods, so I think both games are even and it depends on the mod, one minecraft mod could have 1600 new items, while the terraria mod adds 4 new items, but it could also be the other way around.

Price/avalibility - you can play minecraft on PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one, IOS, and android. so I think that it's very avalible, and price wise, it is $26.95 on PC and mac, but on IOS and Android it's only $7, when you can have servers too. and on consoles it's even cheaper! $5 for minecraft on ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one, even when there's the new battle minigame (when it's $20 for terraria on console)

Thanks, Vote and give opinions! :D
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