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The U.S. should focus more on technological advancements than war

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Started: 1/19/2015 Category: Education
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This debate is part to help me get used to this website, but I am still very passionate about the topic, I feel that the amount of praise the scientific community has received is horrible compared to the military. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the military, but I think we need more science.


I accept your debate, and will argue that the United States' current focus on the two topics mentioned above is at a satisfactory level, and that the balance need not be shifted. Since you offered no in-depth arguments in R1 I'll just use it for acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that technology could be so much farther along if we were to focus more on technological advancements instead of war. Think of all the money that goes towards guns bullets medical devices and other things for the army that could be used for trying to find out the answers to some of the hardest questions Scientists face today. I remember back when there were many commercials about trying to get people into the scientific field or community now all I really see is sending your support for wounded soldiers they got their arms blown off. I would much rather see commercials trying to convince people to be common engineer or a chemist or physicist then trying to go to the military. Also focusing more on scientific and technological advances instead of war would be better for the United States as a whole.

The United States is already so far behind compared to other countries when it comes to science if we focus more on trying to get better technology and other scientific thingscould put the United States at a more comfortable place. Also compare scientific advancements to war the great thing about science is that you can just think of some of the most random crazy things and to make a real reality, for example I heard a couple months ago that scientistswe're trying to make a Web shooter like from the Spiderman comic book and movie series. Yes I know this sounds very useless in crazy but that's the great thing about signs you can just take seemingly useless things and make them and it turns out that they're actually really useful. Now let's look at war yes war does have its advantages you end up helping people you can make a new alliances with the different countries and places but it also does have very large disadvantages. You can put countries in dept turn country is against each other and make new enemies, it can destroy the land from constant bombings and if used nukes, and it will cause the death of many people.

Another great thing that technological advancements can have is he can really help the environment with eliminating greenhouse gases in other hazardous materials from the environment.


Thanks, Pro.

I will offer one point.

War spurs technological advancement.

War often creates a need for previously unneeded products. World War I was the first war to extensively utilize aircraft. This yielded the need to create a system of navigating these aircraft to and from airfields. When a need arose, air traffic control was created. Battlefield wounds brought about the invention of portable X-ray machines. Sanitary napkins were created when French nurses realized the usefulness of bandage materials. [1] World War II produced similar results. Advanced aircraft spurred the invention of radio navigation, RADAR, and the jet engine. Rubber scarcity forced companies to improvise, and synthetic rubber was born. Even the disastrous attack on Japan with the atomic bombs helped scientists fully grasp nuclear fission and fusion and implement them in nuclear power plants. [2] All these technological advancements are advantageous to society today, and we would not have them if war had not spurred their invention.

Now for rebuttals of my opponent's arguments.
First, America isn't far behind in scientific research. We are one of the leaders in global cancer research, for example, and recently the Director of the US National Cancer Institute was named chair of an international coalition working against cancer. [3]
Pro's point about Spiderman technology isn't a strong one. If there are pressing issues facing the world such as cancer and other diseases, or environmental collapse, there's no reason scientists should be wasting their time playing superhero. Now for the last remark about the environment, if technological advancements can help the environment, then why are scientists playing around and shooting webs from their hands instead?

Debate Round No. 2


I'm not going to lie my opponent made some very good points in his rebuttal. What my opponent said about how previous wars have pushed along the advancement of technology is very true and interesting but the new fire starter for ideas is entertainment. Take for example Star Wars, this media master piece created many cool futuristic ideas. People got the idea for holograms, force fields, and more from Star Wars ( War is just a burden

I have to admit I'm running out of reasonable points to use. So I will end my argument here.


My opponent's argument about Star Wars is overblown. Looking at his source, these technologies weren't created because of Star Wars. Besides that, it was essentially a concession of my arguments, so please extend and vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by UndeniableReality 3 years ago
These are not mutually exclusive commitments.
Posted by jethro_purazo 3 years ago
You know. For me, if we abuse the use of Science, unexpected things could happen such as zombie apocalypse and viruses that can harmfully infect humans that can lead to negative effects in the world.

Curiosity of every human being is growing and we are having a wider imagination of things that can lead to another bunch of inventions including weapons.

In terms of "war" and "technological advancements,"the solution is just easy. We should balance the use of the two. Or in other words, we use Science to upgrade weapons that will be used if needed.
Posted by Esiar 3 years ago
America will die anyway.
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