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The U.S. should invade Iran.

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Started: 4/5/2013 Category: Politics
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To put it simply, it seems odd that North Korea has been openly and directly threatening to send a nuclear device our way, and we have been discussing almost NONE at all compared to how much the government is pushing for tensions in Iran. Personally I think this is just a way for the government to try and invade Iran to protect oil interests.

I believe the nuclear program in Iran is really being used as an energy source to become energy independent. If there was actual evidence of Iran trying to weaponize nuclear devices, I would be for more of an offensive stance against Iran. But the evidence just doesn't show that.


Yes we should invade Iran. We should protect oil interests as well as defend against nuclear strike. North Korea may be able to but I believe North Korea is not dumb enough to nuke America because it knows that we will blow them up. Iran is not that smart. Iran would attack us and not care what we do to them. We should invade them to control them.
Then we invade Korea but that is beside the point.
I am not willing to risk being nuked by the idiot in Iran.
Debate Round No. 1


The real "idiot" here is Kim Jon Un. He has OPENLY declared he WILL strike against the U.S.

The military is supposed to protect Americans, not Oil interests. I truly believe that it is wrong and sick for American men to risk their lives for oil when there are plenty of alternative energy sources in the world that for some reason, America refuses to turn to.

Iran is more powerful than you think. I have no doubt we would win that war, but to be honest with you, I'd rather not spend trillions of dollars again fighting a war that doesn't need to be fought just to protect the interests of small interest groups.

That is not what the U.S. Military was supposed to be for. It was supposed to be used to protect America when need be, and to protect lives, not interests. If Iran has openly said they would attack us, then yes I agree we should invade before they can let off a nuclear device. But really? Have we invaded North Korea yet? No. I just don't understand it. I don't want Good American men and women dying to protect a black liquid that powers my car, ESPECIALLY when I don't need it and there are plenty of alternatives. It's madness.

And Kim Jon Un is HELL BENT on proving himself to the world by any means. Do you really think that he cares if he wins or not in the war? No he just wants to cause problems because that's what children like him do.

But Iran? They haven't threatened us one time yet, we have no evidence that they are even planning on weaponizing their nuclear program, so why is it that we should invade them? It will be another Iraq war all over again, except instead of a q, there will be an n. Only difference at all.


First, I would like to agree with you.
1. We should invade North Korea
2. We should find an alternative energy source.

Now, onto my part of the debate
1. First, the US needs money to develop alternative energy programs. Without the oil from the middle east because Iran is blocking it off, America would fall into extreme economic collapse.
2. Iran may not have directly threatened us, but it has threatened our ally, Israel. We have an obligation to protect them. If they start bombing Israel, they might as well be bombing us.
3. We do not know if Iran is weaponizing their nuclear energy. But, I would not put it past them and neither does the US government, and I am not willing to risk waking up to a nuke flying into my backyard, from Iran or Korea.

Invade them and end them both. Do not even put a troop on the ground in Iran, it is desert, just carpet bomb it and kill everyone. Korea should definitely be dealt with more carefully, but still be dealt with.
Debate Round No. 2


LeonTheBrave forfeited this round.


I have nothing in response to his forfeit. Vote Pro
Debate Round No. 3
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