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The U.S. should stop the production of pennies.

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Started: 4/29/2016 Category: Politics
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Pennies should be retired because they are practically worthless and cost more to produce than they are actually worth. Over time, pennies have been losing value. Today, there is not much you can buy with a single penny. You may say that you can add them together to get worth, but that takes finding 100 pennies, which is a waste of space and time. A single penny costs 1.7 cents, while only being worth 1 cent, so every penny produced costs the U.S. government 0.7 cents. So about every 143 pennies, the government is losing a dollar. That is just a waste of money and is easily preventable.


I understand your views and where you are coming from but I have to disagree. If we were to simply just stop the production of pennies just think of the changes that would have to be made to our country economically speaking. Taxation would have to be adjusted to a numerical value system based off of our remaining coins which are all multiples of fives, causing potential increases in how much and how we are taxed. Theoretically speaking, what would the cost for a cheap item with a tax of one cent be changed too? Would we just have no tax on it or would we just round up to five? It's a large amount of work to be done when there is another solution. Instead of simply "stopping the production of pennies," I feel that we should change the materials of a penny or the size. Having different cheaper materials put into the penny would lower the costs of the penny and with the cessation of the current penny model we would see a very small increase in the value of the current penny. The copper penny as we know it now will become an older form of currency increasing it's value amongst collectors. Just like much other older forms of currency, after production is stopped and less of the currency is around, the more valuable it becomes. The other solution I stated before is making the penny smaller. By doing this we won't be putting as much material into it, and less material equals less cost.
Debate Round No. 1


I totally agree with your idea of changing the material because of the pollution that is caused by pennies. Pennies are made of copper, which come from zinc ores, which also contain toxic metals like lead. Although this is a good idea, I still stand by my view of cutting the production of pennies. Although it may have an affect on taxes, it saves the government a lot of money. Without producing pennies, the U.S. government will gain back about 91 million dollars because about 13 billion pennies are produced each year. Also, pennies are produced using the taxpayers money, so either way you are losing money.


Maybe instead of simply cutting the production, we greatly reduce the number of pennies manufactured each year, use a much more readily available (non-toxic) resource, and possibly offer to anyone who brings in their copper pennies (to be refined and used where it's more needed) an equivalent in U.S. currency with the new form of penny. It seems like a lot of work but I still believe all the changes to taxes and the effects on economy are much worse. With your stance on how they should be "retired because they are practically worthless" there are some problems as well. You said there is approximately 13 billion pennies produced each year which equals 130 million dollars worth of pennies. If they were retired then that would be 130 million dollars wasted on their production each year that they've been produced. So retiring them is not a very viable solution. With this I back my main two ideas of reducing the number produced and making them out of cheaper material (but still keep the old copper pennies in use).
Debate Round No. 2


If the U.S. greatly reduced the number of pennies manufactured, they might as well just cut production.

In conclusion, I believe penny production should be cut because:
a. They are practically worthless
b. They are losing value
c. Waste of time and space
d. Cost more to produce then they are worth
e. Pollution
f. They cause money loss for citizens too

Thank You


I feel as though you are just repeating your argument over and over instead of debating both of our views and opinions.

Greatly reducing the amount manufactured has quite different outcomes as retiring a form of currency. With the reduction they will still be in use and all of our old pennies (literally billions of dollars worth) and not make them obsolete like they would be if the penny was retired.

In rebuttal to your conclusion:
a. They still do have a use however (keep costs at more of an exact number)
b. Which is why we re-create the penny out of new materials. New materials = new value if done correctly
c. Not necessarily, they are used in almost every single purchase we make.
d. Like I've already stated, make them out of cheaper more abundant materials
e. Another thing you never gave me a response to my response about... Find a less toxic material that can be used in the creation of a new penny
f. Whatever money they are taking from us for pennies they could easily put into something else like the salary for those in government. I guarantee that if they cease production of pennies that they will not take less money from us, they will just find a new place to waste it.

Debate Round No. 3
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