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The UK School System does not work

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Started: 12/31/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The system focuses on 'passing exams' as an indicator of success; there is evidence that students who cram for an exam will hold sufficient information for the next day, but they will forget it quicker, therefore the exam cannot be a true indicator of one's knowledge.
Even if students don't cram, they're not being tested for that information after the final exam so they will have no reason to remember it, so they will forget it anyway.

It's not just that; I could go on. But I don't want to make it too long as, as much as I love, I also would love to sleep.
So I am addressing all aspects of the education system, not just exams. Over to you.


it does work and also i live in usa and uk at the same time also you are idot
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, well. You could have given me just a little bit more to work with. So explain your point; why do you believe that the education system works? Why am I an idiot?

The education system focuses on teaching useless facts, like 'mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell', or 'Curly's wife has a red dress and red represent danger so Curly's wife is danger', that you're probably going to make use of in something like a pub quiz. Aside from the obvious basics, like a small amount of maths, reading and writing, school teaches you nothing to do with the key skills required to progress with a career; that is, unless you go into the specific field which a subject teaches. But even then, out of everything you learn, only a small amount will be applicable to your career.
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Posted by emsiblook 2 years ago
Hi TheUnexaminedLife,

I can see your point, a general knowledge of the world, such as history and science, is established through school.

But, you talk about the social elements. Another problem I have with the system is the method of learning. School diminishes the value of socialisation; granted they are given breaks and lunches to talk and form friendships, which is very important.
However, once they get into lesson, they are told to just be quiet, sit down, open the textbook to page so-and-so, complete the questions. Which makes sense, as the school system was designed in the Victorian era, to produce factory workers in the Industrial Revolution.
The system doesn't encourage soft skills like communication, and thinking outside the box, you're just told to get on with it, and learn what your teachers tell you to learn. For me, the ability to communicate with others is the most important skill you can have in any career. If students can work together and help each other, they will feel more responsible.
Also, you may revise information, practice it, and gain that knowledge, but when the final exam comes and you're done with revising, you no longer need that information. And because you no longer rehearse it, you naturally forget it over time. You might remember small sections of it, but most of it will be forgotten.
Compare this with being able to think for yourself. Studies show that if we choose what to learn and how to learn it, we will be more invested in the subject, because we feel personally responsible for our education, and therefore more likely to remember it.
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 2 years ago
You already seem to assume that the purpose of the education system is to create workers. Learning trivia can also instil a common social identity in people, a unity where everyone has read Of Mice & Men and can relate to one another through it, and can inspire in some students a love learning integral to their development as human beings over walking careers. The social elements of school also seems to hold function.
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