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The UNC basketball program is better than Duke's

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Started: 5/2/2015 Category: Sports
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The men's basketball program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has historically been better than the men's basketball program at Duke University. We are only debating the men's basketball programs at the two universities, and not any other aspects of the two universities. The Burden of Proof is shared, Con must prove Duke's superiority in basketball. This is my first debate, and I hope it will be a good one. Wikipedia counts as a reliable source for this debate. We will start debating round 2.


I accept your challenge, and I will prove that Duke's players and coach are better than that of the University of North Carolina's. I agree to leave out Duke's private status and campus quality, as well as other programs not relating to Men's Basketball.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting, I am looking forward to how this debate will turn out. I will start with my premises.

1) North Carolina has 5 NCAA Championships plus a Helms Championship, Duke has 5 NCAA Championships but no other national championships they claim of any kind.

2) North Carolina has a higher all-time winning percentage.

3) Although Duke has had its basketball program longer, North Carolina has more wins.

4) North Carolina has been to more Final Fours.

5) North Carolina's record against Duke in head-to-head games is 133-107.

6) Therefore, North Carolina is a better men's basketball program than Duke.

Premise 1: The National Championship is the ultimate goal for every basketball program. Since the NCAA Tournament began in 1939, the winner of the tournament has for the most part been known as the National Champions (this is a little disputed by the NIT tournament in the 1940's, but for the most part, this tournament decides the National Champion). As of the 2014-2015 season, both North Carolina and Duke have 5 NCAA National Championships (1). This is fact. Another fact is that the Helms Athletic Foundation awarded North Carolina the 1923-1924 National Championship (2). Duke, however, was never awarded any such award. Now, I do not believe a Helms championship carries as much weight as an NCAA tournament does. However, the Helms Foundation is a reputable organization, and the team that receives the award is generally seen as the best team (National Champions) that year. Sometimes, these championships are disputed, but for the 1923-1924 season, the Tar Heels were clearly the best team. They went undefeated that year with 26 wins and zero losses, and they won the Southern Conference that year (3) (4). So I believe that North Carolina has a little more championship pedigree than Duke, as the Helms championship pushes the Heels a little bit ahead of the Devils.

Premise 2: This is an irrefutable fact that North Carolina has a higher all-time winning percentage than Duke.
North Carolina All-Time Winning Percentage: 73.5%
(I calculated it, you can calculate it too if you want)
Duke All-Time Winning Percentage: 70.4% (5)
Winning percentage is a large part of showing how successful a program has been overall, and North Carolina obviously has the edge in this category.

Premise 3: North Carolina's basketball program played its first game in 1911. Duke, when they were known as Trinity College, played its first game in 1906. Despite this, North Carolina has won more games than Duke has:
North Carolina All-Time Wins: 2,090 (6)
Duke All-Time Wins: 2,001 (7)
This shows that North Carolina's seasons have usually been more successful and filled with more victories than Duke's seasons have, a sign of a better program.

Premise 4: The Final Four is a good measure of success when comparing two elite programs such as North Carolina and Duke. Getting to the National Semifinals is always a huge accomplishment. North Carolina once again has the edge in this category:
North Carolina Final Four Appearances: 18 (8)
Duke Final Four Appearances: 16 (8)
As you can see, North Carolina has had more consistent success in the NCAA Tournament. Also, to add to this, North Carolina has more NCAA Tournament appearances than Duke does:
North Carolina NCAA Tournament appearances: 46 (9)
Duke NCAA Tournament appearances: 39 (10)
As you can see, North Carolina gets to the NCAA Tournament more often than Duke does, which is a sign of a superior basketball program.

Premise 5: The Carolina-Duke rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in any sport. Both sides have had their moments in this rivalry, however, more often than not Carolina has ended up winning. An irrefutable fact is that Carolina has a 133-107 overall record against Duke (11). This premise shows that Carolina typically has had the better team when compared to Duke.

Premise 6: As a result of the previous premises, the only logical conclusion to arrive at is that North Carolina is a better overall men's basketball program. Con must now find sufficient evidence to outweigh my evidence. I rest my case.

Source 3 and source 6 are basically the same source, but source 6 is a shortcut to the contextually relevant information.


voxcaussae forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, my opponent has given me nothing to refute. My arguments are extended. If my opponent can't find sufficient evidence supporting the superiority of Duke in basketball, then be sure to vote Pro.


voxcaussae forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, my opponent has once again given me nothing to refute. Remember to vote Pro.


voxcaussae forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by birdlandmemories 3 years ago
UNC is more historical but Duke has had recent success. Duke also was very good in the early 90s with Laettener
Posted by tjcho3 3 years ago
If anyone is interested in continuing this debate, tell me in the comments. I'll post the exact same round 1 and 2 arguments.
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