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The US Ought to Drop the Embargo on Cuba

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Started: 3/3/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The US ought to drop the embargo on Cuba. This will help primarily to release invaluable Cuba reserves.

Contention One is HARMS Scenario One: Environmental Destruction

The status quo commitment to corn-based ethanol is destroying the environment.

1.U.S. policies favoring corn-based ethanol over sugar-based ethanol

force farmers to plant only corn which massively increases fertilizer use. This is 300 times worse for global warming than carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Grasslands where corn is planted are carbon sinks, storing dangerous

gases underground. Plowing them to plant more corn releases

emissions into the atmosphere causing global warming.

3. Global warming is nearing a tipping point, where stopping the

problem is impossible because momentum keeps warming the planet

even after emissions stop.

4.Global warming makes every war scenario inevitable by creating

migratory stresses and resource shortages.

Contention Two is the second HARMS Scenario: Economic Collapse.

The United States’ trade embargo with Cuba makes it impossible to access Cuban-grown sugarcane ethanol. Oil- and corn-based fuels are causing fuel price spikes that collapse the U.S. economy.

1.The U.S. economy depends on cheap and efficient liquid fuels for automobile transportation, but petroleum gasoline is becoming more expensive and unstable.

2.Oil price changes cause spillover effects in every industry that uses oil, leading to economic collapse.

3.Livestock and farm operations depend on lower feed prices, especially corn, to maintain profitability. Importing sugarcane ethanol will keep feed prices low and increase trade opportunities.

4.Agriculture is America’s strongest export, and stability is key to economic recovery because of the sector’s job-creating potential across multiple industries.

5.Economic collapse causes cutbacks in necessary defense spending and

global nuclear war.

Thus, we present the following PLAN:

The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba by fully legalizing the importation of sugar-based ethanol from Cuba into the United States.

Contention Three is SOLVENCY:

Ending the embargo on Cuban sugarcane ethanol will establish a market that allows the industry to sustain itself.

1.U.S. support for Cuban sugarcane ethanol is the most effective way to combat global warming because it creates a biofuel market that solves global oil dependence.

2.Cuba’s ethanol industry is dying because of regulations put in place by Castro, but there are enough natural resources to quickly restart.

3. Most Cuban agricultural land is not being used, so growing sugarcane would not require destroying any habitats. It is comparatively safer than U.S. corn or Brazilian sugar.




Environmental Harms Frontline

1.No impact to species loss – surviving species will adapt.

2.Corn production technology is becoming cleaner.

3.Planting corn does not trade off with other crops because corn fertilization is efficient enough to provide additional crop yields.

4.Developing economies like China and India are more key to emissions than the U.S.

Economy Harms Frontline

1.Turn: Midwest Economies.

A.Government support for domestic corn ethanol is critical to preventing Midwest state economies from collapsing. The plan causes prices to drop, destroying jobs and magnifying the impact of any recession.

B.Importing ethanol from Cuba will collapse Midwest economies

2.Sugarcane ethanol will never be productive enough to make a dent in global gasoline consumption. Other policy changes would be necessary to solve.

3.The international ethanol market is too weak to drive up demand.

4.The U.S. economy is resilient and will recover from any shock.

Solvency Frontline

1.Even if the U.S. fully supports Cuban ethanol, there is no domestic political support or prospective internal economic demand to restart the industry.

2.Cuban governmental policies are anti-business, which will impede foreign investment.

3.Brazil is already ramping up diplomatic pressure on Cuba to develop sugarcane ethanol,

and it is more influential than the United States.

Debate Round No. 1


Dropping the embargo will help America's image around the world. It's the right thing to do.



Dude - you dropped WAY too much. Extend all of my arguments! Vote for me!
Debate Round No. 2
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