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The US Postal Service should continue Saturday mail deliveries

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Started: 8/12/2013 Category: Politics
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Rules- 1st round is acceptance only, last round cannot introduce new arguments, concluding statements only.
Definition- Define that the postal service should continue deliveries of mail
I will be arguing against this topic, so the person who accepts will argue that it should continue.
Thank You for reading


I accept your challenge. Please provide reasoning and any other evidence to suggest that the USPS should cease Saturday delivery.
Debate Round No. 1


Mathhelper forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Mathhelper forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry about that, I couldn't get on due to my lack of wifi. Now my arguments,
1. Saturday is the only day people can use it
Many workers cannot afford to take mail on the weekdays. The lower class workers rely on Saturday mail to deliver and get mail. They don't have a lot of time. The reason why Saturday deliveries are so special is because it is the only day on the weekend in which workers can use the postal service. Many workers complain that cutting deliveries is unfair to the lower classes, because Saturday deliveries are very important. According to polls taken by Pull Research, about half of Americans don't support the end of Saturday mail. When the US postal service tried to stop Saturday deliveries, protests nationwide gathering hundreds of people gathered, causing a bill by Congress that stopped that from happening. President Obama will sign the bill when it reaches him (Most likely). Hela Brohler, a New Yorker, said that she works "crazy hours" and it is unfair for those working long hours every day. She says that she can only visit on Saturdays because it is on the weekend. "I never get a chance to look over my mail," Borer said. "If they don't deliver on Saturday, they just lost one customer." Also, according to NBC, many polls taken that disfavor Saturday delivery are actually online and unscientific. Even if packages are still delivered, letters, catalogs, and important bills won't be delivered. Savings or not, Sharon Lynch said she was "incredibly disappointed" with the new delivery policy. "Every time I come to use the post office, I hear they're taking away a service," Lynch said at New York City's historic James Farley Post Office.

2. Hurts those dependent on mail
For those dependent on Saturday mail, it would be frustrating and inconvenient if they couldn't get their mail on Saturdays. Start-up companies, rural societies, the elderly (who are understandably used to traditional mail), the disabled and others depend on mail. "Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe"s plan to end Saturday delivery is a disastrous idea that would have a profoundly negative effect on the Postal Service and on millions of customers," said Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers. "It would be particularly harmful to small businesses, rural communities, the elderly, the disabled and others who depend on Saturday delivery for commerce and communication."Many companies said ending Saturday delivery would have a devastating effect on their businesses.

3.Part Time Jobs will still be lost
The postal service claims that no jobs will be lost and that they will save money. This is not possible. However, in the event that this does happen, and they somehow manage to save money, there are still part time jobs that are closely related to Saturday delivery. Unfortunately, going along with what the postal service says, these part time jobs are not protected. This means that all of these jobs will still be lost. Directly going with what the post office says, regular jobs and such will just be moved and transferred to go to other days. But first off, will this really save money. They claim that 2 billion can be saved, but with no layoffs what so ever, then how is that possible. Layoffs are almost ensured, no matter what the Post Office says. To this, postal workers complain that 80000 jobs could be threatened. But let's say that this doesn't happen, and the US postal Service makes the change without any layoffs, cuts, or salary reductions. Even then, the 20000 part time jobs that many come to rely on are directly related and based off of Saturday delivery. The Post Office has made no solution, they have completely ignored this. If Saturday delivery is gone, then so are those 20,000 part time jobs.


1. Saturday is not the only day people can use it. They still have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Even if the addressee is not home during delivery, letters and small packages are usually placed into the mailbox or in front of the door. The addressee can easily collect his post accordingly.
You argue that the hours are inconvenient. Maybe, but most people do not work such long hours that they're completely unable to visit a post office on one of the aforementioned day from 7:00am to 6:00pm. Even if they did, they still have FedEx and UPS, both of which operate on Saturday. The USPS is not their only option.

2. Individual and corporations dependent on Saturday mail can use either UPS or FedEx. And exactly who is dependent upon Saturday mail anyway? Inefficient start up companies? They can just send mail during the week or use FedEx or UPS. If they cannot, then a business with such inflexible operations shouldn't be allowed to exist. Communication? We have cell phones and the Internet. It does not seem justified to spend millions of dollars to help a few old ladies and "disabled" persons who refuse to embrace new technology.

3. It doesn't matter whether part time jobs will be lost. Western civilization has advanced to the point where we no longer need a postal service, except for package delivery. And for that we have UPS and FedEx. For everything else, we have the Internet and telephones.
By your logic, we shouldn't have stopped ice block delivery. After all, some people don't have refrigerators.

The postal service is a huge cash suck, has been bleeding money for years, and is no longer necessary for society. The money saved can be better spent of health research or aid to the poor.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by countzander 4 years ago
I accept your challenge. Please provide reasoning and any other evidence to suggest that the USPS should cease Saturday delivery.
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Reasons for voting decision: I believe con was confused on which side he was supposed to be, which only supports pro more for going with the spirit of the debate by adapting. CONDUCT: I know con missed two rounds, but he showed significant improvement. ARGUMENT: Two missed rounds, resulted in con being unable to gain any credit for refutations; thus pro's points were uncontested.