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The US federal government should substantially reduce its military presence in South Korea.

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Started: 11/3/2010 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The United States has about 28,000 U.S. service members serving as part of United States forces, Korea in South Korea.
Korea Times, September 9, 2010

Both military's are designing such exercises to ensure that they are able to defend, able to attack and to kill. Our No. 1 responsibility in the ROK is U.S. Forces Korea is to deter and defend the ROK. There are about 28,000 U.S. service members here as a deterrent against North Korea.

Thus the plan: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military presence in South Korea by withdrawing United States Forces, Korea.
Advantage 1: Constructing the 'North Korean threat'

1. Political and techno-strategic manipulations distorts North Korea's military as a threat, justifying U.S. intervention.
Bleiker, Professor of International Relations, Nov. 18, 2003

The US and South Korea have argued the military balance on the peninsula represents one of the most severe imbalances in military power anywhere in the world. North Korean troops were said to outnumber South Koreans with the North enjoying an even greater advantage in tanks, aircraft and naval forces. The defense White Paper insisted that strong capabilities of conducting mobile warfare. All official defense statistics present a seemingly alarming North Korean presence. The strategic studies discourse acquires a degree of political and moral authority that goes far beyond its empirically sustainable claims. The official statistics compare quantity, not quality and the South enjoys a clear strategic advantage over the North, even without American weapons. South Korea is far superior in communication, intelligence, electronic warfare and offensive weapons systems. The much feared North Korean army is largely a fiction. About half are either untrained or soldier-workers engaged in civil construction. Many of North Korea's tanks and aircraft are obsolescent, leaving its ground forces and lines of supply vulnerable to attack from the air. The political manipulation of defense expenditure statistics perfectly illustrates how technical data are used to project threats. Policy-makers and security experts keep drawing attention to North Korea's excessive military expenditures, which is hardly ever done in official statistics. The 3.5 percent of GDP that Seoul spends on its military amounts to more than twice as much as the Northern Korea expenses. The techno-strategic language of security analysis of the strong North Korean army, of the worlds third largest military capability is as prevalent and as strongly hyped as ever.
2. Evangelism of fear and logic of identity creates anxiety the need to eradicate danger creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Campbell, 1998

In fostering an evangelism of fear, with death as its impetus and salvation as its goal, logic of the evangelism of fear ferments the very conditions that it claims necessitate vigilance against the enemy of the self: it produces its own danger. The evangelism of fear and its logic of identity are not just of the past. The menace of nuclear war, the resurgence on insecurity, the rapid progress of technology are factors that create a climax of anxiety. We have reentered this country of fear and projection evoking it in both words and images, fear is objectified in macabre visions.
3. These threats manipulations could escalate words into an all out war because of miscalculation.
Armstrong, Prof. of History, May 26 10

North and South Korea have remained in a state of armed truce with open warfare just a hair-trigger away. The sinking of the Cheonan shows how volatile the situation remains. There is a real danger of the current war of words escalating into a shooting war, which would be a catastrophe for the surrounding regions. But if all sides, including the US, pull back from the brink, this tragedy may also present an opportunity to defuse tensions with North Korea. The North Koreans have said any retaliation would be met with all-out war. It's hard to see what further economic or diplomatic pressure can be put on North Korea, which already faces tough previous sanctions. Deterence can like provocation from the other side and in such a tense and volatile environment a slight miscalculation can lead to disaster. But cooler heads must prevail. Millions of lives are at stake. The international community should take advantage of Kim Jung Il's willingness to return to multilateral negotiations. It is time to end the Korean War, not start it anew.
4. Regional proliferation causes global catastrophe.
Hayes and Hamel-Green 2009

Failing to address proliferation, there is the possibility of nuclear attack, whether by intention, miscalculation, or accident, leading to the resumption of Korean War hostilities. Key population centres are within medium range missiles. Even a limited nuclear exchange would result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportions. Even a limited nuclear war in the region would rearrange our global climate. The nuclear darkness will cause a deeper drop in temperature than at any time in the last 1000 years. From decrease in grain production, hundreds of millions of people will die from hunger. reactors might be targeted causing radiation effects. The follow-on impacts on the global economy could make the current global financial crisis pale by comparison. Great powers could break the global non proliferation and disarmament regimes. Many unanticipated impacts on regional and global security relationships with geopolitical turbulence, including possible loss-of-control over fissile material or warheads in the chaos of nuclear war. The proliferation issue is a global one.

Advantage 2: Slavery for Security
1. US intervention has led to a sponsored and regulated trafficking system in which one million women have served as sex providers for US soldiers.
Moon, Professor of Political Science 97

The selling and buying of sex by Koreans and Americans have been a staple of US-Korean relations since the Korean War and the permanent stationing of US troops in Korea. US military-oriented prostitution in Korea is not simply a matter of women walking the streets and picking up US soldiers for a few bucks. It is a system that is sponsored and regulated by two governments, Korean and American (through the US military. Both governments have viewed such prostitution as a means to advance the "friendly relations" of both countries and to keep US soldiers, "who fight so hard for the freedom of the South Korean people," happy. The lives of Korean women working as prostitutes in military camp towns have been inseparably tied to the activities and welfare of the US military installations since the early 1950s.
2. The military demand for sex workers causes thousands to be trafficked and exploited. These workers are subject to basic human rights violations, violence, lack of agency and racism.
Third World Network, Sept, 2002

The largest employers of women are bars located near US military bases. These women are admitted into South Korea on 'E-6 Entertainment' visas. Based in official statistics and published reports, 5,000 women could have been trafficked into South Korea. The actual number may in fact be higher. Women trafficked into the South Korean entertainment industry endure working conditions that clear;y exploit them and there is a real threat of violence if any of these women do not perform exactly as instructed. Other human rights violations are widespread, including illegal confinement. forced labor and even forced prostitution. Filipino women are especially prone to sexual exploitation as their English language skills make them attractive to American service men. Women of other nationalities are also sexually exploited since foreign workers are often easier to intimidate. The US State Department classified South Korea as one country that did not meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.


Cross-x: How many forces?
Why are we there?

Case: Adv 1. No warrant: Your Bleiker evidence does not prove the claim, it simply states that North Korea is weak, NOT that there is a perception that it's strong. Without the fear, the rest of your claims in ad. 1 are false. Also, turn:

The essential ingredient for maintaining the status quo on the Korean Peninsula is the "deterrent value" of combined U.S.-ROK forces. This has maintained the peace on the Korean Peninsula for four decades and continues to maintain it today. Without U.S. forces ROK leadership would be reluctant to rely on DPRK compliance to any North-South agreement. There can be no doubt that the combined forces of the Republic of Korea and the United States could decisively defeat any attack from the North.

In other words, if we remove out military presence, THIS will cause war.
And, there is no war in the SQ.
Strobel and Landay, 10
No war erupted after earlier North Korean acts that were more provocative than the sinking of the Cheonan was. Those included a 1983 bombing linked to North Korea that killed South Korean cabinet members who were visiting Burma and a 1968 commando raid on the South Korean presidential residence, the Blue House
Advantage 2: No impact. Human rights violations, so?? Also, prostitutes will have clients with or without presence.

East Asia Stability DA: Plan causes Japanese Rearm and Chinese regional aggression.
Dao, 3
The Japanese reaction could be quite strong. Withdrawal from Korea could raise questions about the United States' commitment to Japan. Other Asian leaders would be likely to interpret a troop withdrawal as a reduction of American power, no matter how much the United States asserts its commitment. China might flex its military muscle in the Taiwan Straits.

Chinese-Taiwan war causes extinction
Strait Times 2000
If China were to retaliate, east Asia will be set on fire. Russia may seek to redefine Europe. India and Pakistan could enter a dangerous phase. Beijing also seems prepared to go for the nuclear option.

My opponent already stated that prolif leads to extinction. cross-apply: Japanese prolif leads to extinction.

START will pass now.
AP 11/4
Obama has the votes to approve the START treaty. We believe we have enough votes to pass it in the Senate, it's just a question of when it will be brought to the vote."

Plan drains political capital, causing START not to pass.

Rojansky and Collins 10

Without a new treaty, Washington will be unable to manage the risks associated with Russia's vast nuclear arsenal, which still poses the single greatest existential threat to the United States. Reducing Russia's nuclear arsenal and taking missile launchers in both countries off alert reduces the likelihood of accidental nuclear war, keeping Americans safer. A new agreement would be beneficial for increasing regular engagement between the U.S. and Russia on strategic issues, which will help build mutual understanding, and avert needless suspicion and conflict.

Numerous other impacts to good relations, including solving climate change
Graham 8
On a range of other issues - for example, civil nuclear energy, pandemic disease, and climate change - each country is capable of making a major contribution, given the vast scientific talent of each.

Tickel 8
The idea that we could adapt to a 4C rise is absurd and dangerous. Global warming on this scale would be extinction
Debate Round No. 1


CarmenAnu forfeited this round.


My opponent concedes all of my arguments. They state that all of her arguments are untrue and that removing presence leads to large scale nuclear war. I will not add new arguments as I need not do so. If this is a policy debate I have won.
Debate Round No. 2


CarmenAnu forfeited this round.


I repeat: I have won. Extend my arguments leading to nuclear war by lack of deterrence.
Debate Round No. 3


CarmenAnu forfeited this round.


Arya8 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by sully1313 7 years ago
This aff was pretty terrible the SOKO aff is god enough so that you dont have to ruin it with K advantages Bleiker 03 card straight links itself to the detterance disad, something you never want to do. Also, your Campbell card is stupid you cannot solve anxiety even if you withdrawal people will still be scared of north korea. Armstrong and Hayes- Hamel Green cards are terrible i dont know why the neg didn't just read the security k. You performitavely contradict yourself when you say that threat construction is bad and then you read two threat construction cards. On the prostitutes advantages
1. You dont solve
2. Turn by just focusing on South Korean woman being forced into sex you marginalize commercial
sex workers who are being raped by U.S. soldiers everywhere.
3. Moon 97 is way outdated that card should be from 09 or 10 if you want to read this aff
Posted by chengste 7 years ago
From someone who was stationed there for 1,5 years we need to be there to deter both the North and South, also to deter China. Our presence there is much needed for our own countries safety, South Korea is one of our allies, if we where not there the North would surely attack. Then we would have to go and attempt to reclaim the land, again, this is a very hard task and would cost us many lives.
Posted by Arya8 7 years ago
George Washington's speeches are not a good model all these years later, and you misconstrued them
Posted by Ls4baseball 7 years ago
I started to read her points for this.... then i remembered there is no point in reading all of this.

"It is our true policy to steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world."

~ George Washington

AKA get out of other countries.

oh and Ron Paul 2012!
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Vote Placed by sully1313 7 years ago
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