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The US needs some reform to do.

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Started: 2/8/2015 Category: Politics
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The United States needs quite a bit of reform. Debt, unemployment, and racism are some of many issues that face the biggest economy in the world.

Debt: The United States' gross government debt is 106% of its GDP, leaving about $1,000,000,000 unpaid! The United States needs to find a way to save money while dealing with welfare issues.

Unemployment: Although it is improving, the US government needs to give everyone a chance to get a living out of their life! As of October 2014, the unemployment rate is at a chilly 5.8%, although in the midst of the Great Recession it was at high as 10%. Everyone should have a chance to earn their money.

Racism: In 2008, Americans put a step forward in race relations; President Obama. However, that isn't enough to put an end to racism in the United States. Many scientific studies show that murderers of white people are far more likely to be executed than murderers of black people. After the shooting of Michael Brown, the United States might look a racist police state. We cannot let this happen, as it will ruin our global appearance.


I accept your challenge and I think this will be an interesting debate.

My burden: To prove that it is not necessary for the US to reform
My opponent's burden: To prove that it is necessary for the US to reform

He states that the gross government debt is 106% of its GDP. However, he did not cite this.
The US does not need to reform to fix this problem, many things costing the US money will eventually end putting them at a profit.

The Unemployment rate of 6% is actually really good. Most developed countries, such as Germany, Britain, Spain etc. are on par or higher than the US's rate making your point invalid. How can we just magically create jobs?

You have stated that we must reform to end racism. Why have we had 6 Civil Rights Acts? Why have we had 2 Executive Orders against discrimination? We cannot reform to end racism, people must change.


The US has survived as a nation, why do serious reform?

We have survived as a nation on our founding principles for almost 250 years. Why change now? As you said, we have the biggest economy in the world. How do you know that reform will not ruin this?

Reform may do more harm than good

We have just come out of a recession. How do you know that reform will plunge us back into recession? Reform has too many risks that do not outweigh the bad.

Pro has decided not to cite his sources for multiple facts. I have shown that obviously the US does not absolutely need to reform.

Thank you and please vote Con
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Posted by RavenDebater 2 years ago
Interesting topic. I would like to take this up with you but i agree %100 with what you have said
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