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The US polecis and action AGAINST CUBA ARE WRONG

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Started: 8/18/2013 Category: Politics
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I see the actions of the US goverment as wrong.I hope some one will take the challenge oppend will i,good lucke to make em change my mind


I'll Accept.

Good luck. BOP is on Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


The U.S blockade or embargo difficults every action thath an every day cuban takes.every day every minute of his life.
-The point of starting muss be the aggressive polecis of the U.S. government uses against cubas people.since even before the revolution took power in cuba.The U.S. government has supported the batista regime.batista was an military dictator how took power by a military coup.The U.S. sold to these aggressive government how exploited the Cuban people weoponery.when the revolutionary power took power.the high society fleed the countrie
(citing the New-York times)a quantity in cash equal to the Cuban national tresor .Has the Cuban people seen a cent of that cash?No.Has the U.S. government extraditated the thiefs how maked thath money by the exploitment of the Cuban people?No.Did the U.S. give Cuba its money back?No,no,no"
-before the revolutionary regime could even propely establish its power.The U.S started by taking measures against Cuba the originaly embargo was:
-A stop of all oil suministers to Cuba
-The U.S. started refusing all credits to Cuba
-They postulated a law that prohibittated American oil refineries to refine Cuban oil.
-They reduced the sugar quote .
-They forbad the selling of U.S. pieces to cuba in a time thath Cubas industrie was almost fully made out of American industries.
They put such economic measures on a country were more than 70% were with the U.S.,Cuba exported more than 70% of its sugar to the U.S.
These is a fragment of a document from a reunion thath had the purpose to prepare a plan for the president of the U.S.,these is from a document thath was disqualifided in 1980.these is an analize from the U.S. government about Cuba and theire action plan against the revolution.
Note;this document has been written 1 year before thath cuba declared it-self a socialist State.
1 year before the invasion in playa giron.
What does that mean?
The U.S. admits thath the Cuban regime has massiv popular support .
The U.S. says they want the best for the Cuban people fredoom for the citezens for Cuba but they try to create desepair and economic trouble to the island.and they use this means as a way to fight the regime of the islands by hurting its people.
The commercial blockade
-the U.S. blockade forbids to cuba to export its wares in to the U.S.Cuba cant sell anything to the U.S.
What could cuba sell to the U.S. every year?
-50000 Tones of niquel
-Sea products
-Medecinique products from Cuba created in Cuba .
-Cuban cigars (that sell theme selve as contraband at a price of 50 dollars a year in New-York)
-Cuba could sell rhum
Other injustice Cuba cant handel in U.S. currency
Example:in the year 2010 U.S. charged an important swiss bank the U.S.B. the bill of the bank was of 100000 U.S. dollars just for taking a transference in U.S. dollars .
Thath makes cuba having to change their U.S. dollars into other currencies.Cuba losses every year 50 to 60 million dollars because of the change-tax.Cuba recives dollars every day but they handel with them.
-no company can sell wares to cuba thath has more than 10% of U.S. components.making international commerce wih other countries extremely difficult.
For example in the transport and electronics.
The U.S. doesn"t buy wares with Cuban components.they send inspectors to control thath laws are respected.
For expel:the car companys Mercedes-Benz has to profe thath they aren"t using Cuban niquel in their cars.they are inspectors that gop into their factories to control thath.
The U.S. treats companies that are interested in commercing with cuba.
They cant sell their wares in the U.S.;there executives cant can in the U.S: the children of the executives cant enter the U.S.
With all those treats people how want to commerce with Cuba have to think twice before investing in Cuba.
The problem is cuba can commerce with every body exept the U.S. but everybody exept the U.S. can commerce with them.

The U.S. has slim support against Cuba.
The U.S. embargo has broken for the first time in 1973 by Argentina .Argentina has given Cuba a credit to buy American wares in Argentina from companies thath were affiliated to big U.S. companies.U.S. protested but Argentina treated with nationalizing these companies if they woud not sell.U.S. saw it self forced to make an exeption.But that woud not last when senator torecceli past the torecceli law.
The law says :
-ships how handel with cuba can not enter U.S. ports.(what makes Cuba having difficulties finding capitens that are ready to do sea transports to Cuba.
-American companies and their affiliats muss obey to American law,as extra territorial.
What does thath make it takes control over these companies away from the countries . It is a steal of the countries right to rule it self .
That ended the commerce Cuba had in Argentina with companies how were affiliates of big U.S. companies.So companies that were in Argentina,were worked by the Argentiniens with argentiniens resources can not sell to Cuba.becausse of laws maked outside of the countrie it self.
But Argentina isn"t the only country that supports Cuba.
Every year Cuba presents to the U.N. a motion to end the embargo.
In 2010 it gain 179 positives, votes 4 negatives and I abstaint.
These profs that cuba has massiv support and that the U.S. don"t act in the favor of the Cuban people.


For starters:

-Batista Vs. Castro
The US supported Batista because he was powerful. His American-Friendly Regime being in power kept Communism out of Latin America. Keeping Batista in power meant the security of the population of all of America (North and South.) This proved to be the case after Castro took power.

The US also had interests in Cuba, and Batista was friendly with those interests. Anyone who views things realistically understands the importance of maintaining national interests. Only a fool would dangerously ignore national interests out of a sense of childish innocence.(1)

The problem with Castro was that he was Communist. His success in Cuba was spreading. Che Guevara, who helped in Cuba, began moving into South American nations.

The US begin it's embargo when Cuba formed ties with the Soviet Union. This alliance the USSR now held in the middle of America was dangerous, and a threat to US stability in the region.
So what was the difference in Batista and Castro? Castro was a threat.

-Harm to the People
The new Cuban government has led to more oppressive laws than Batista. This is likely because Batista sought to keep the US friendly with him.

The Embargo has actually helped the Cuban People. Review the bottom example:
The Embargo has removed a combined $1 trillion from Cuba since it begun.(2)
At Cuban Corporate Tax Rates alone , that is a Government loss of around $300,000,000,000 in taxes.(3)
That $300,000,000,000 would have been used to further oppress the Cuban people over the years.

The issue with fueling the economy of Communist Nations and Dictatorships is that the money never hits the bottom (the poor people.) It's rapidly taxed and removed from the economy and into the hands of the Military. It doesn't get used for hospitals, or schools, or welfare... It's removed and kept by the nation's Military, and is used often to opress the People.

Instead of aiding poor Cubans, he'd only further aid their Oppression, and support the rise of a Communist power in Central America.

-Support of the People
Many communists nations held great support, so that's irrelevant to if the government is good, like the USSR, and China. Support of the people only made the governments more dangerous.

The Cuban support was of little importance in proportion to the threat of a USSR ally and Communist Nation beside the US and in the middle of America. While the idea that politics might be more important than a person's opinion is unpopular, it's realistic, and has saved the Cubans from the oppression of a much stronger Cuban Government and stopped the rise of American Communism.

The rise of a much stronger Cuban Government would have meant mass oppression on the people and a expansion of Communism in other American nations.

The US also offers Cubans free passage and someday Citizenship if they can make it to the US shoreline. This caring allowance isn't allowed to even the USA's closest allies.(4)

Losing trade with Cuba doesn't harm the US. The US has extensive Trade Networks across the world, and isn't affected by Trade Losses of only $20 billion a year, or 00.1% of the US Economy.

The Cuban people aren't either, as the Trade Revenue would never make it past Companies and the Government. The poor would have never seen that money.

One can't argue that the Trade Embargo is bad because it Embargo's Trade. Which seems to be Pro's main argument.

-Support of the Embargo
The support isn't as important, as Politics must move forward even if the general population doesn't understand why. People understand very little about politics, using Common Sense and Fallacies to understand something that moves far beyond the realm of Common Sense. The Government must, at times, put Politics first even if the idea doesn't sound right.

When forming any Alliance (including a Trade Embargo alliance) all the countries must respect the laws regarding the Embargo. Thr laws are simply apart of the Embargo, and anyone in the Embargo must respect them.

A nation may not enter an Embargo against Cuba and then get mad that they aren't allowed to trade with Cuba.
The US shouldn't start an Embargo, and be okay with other's who signed up for it freely trading with Cuba against the rules of the Embargo.

When a Nations signs into an Alliance, they must respect it, or respectfully leave it.

The UN isn't in control of the Embargo, so that's irrelevant.

The US has helped the People of Cuba who would otherwise be under the control of a much more powerful and oppressive Government. The US also allows safety to any Cuban who makes it on shore.
The US must look after US interests.
The support for Cuba is misled by childish ignorance. People have a habit of going against the norm, and for 50+ years, the Embargo has been the norm.

On a Political Field, Cuba is a threat to both it's people, the American Continent, and the US, and the US must find ways of keeping American Communism from spreading and gaining power.

The Trade Embargo isn't friendly, it's not meant to be. Complaining that it's not nice is childish, and bares little weight. Like any aggressive action should be, it is for the better of the other 915.5 million people in America (North and South.)

Debate Round No. 2


First the titel of this debatte is: The US polecis and action AGAINST CUBA ARE WRONG.
Not:he US polecis and action AGAINST CUBA ARE and were WRONG
by that argument i desmiss your cold war arguments its modren times is the blockade in cuba right now morrally right and just?
This is was i meant for this debatte and just for the record like you read in my argument that you didnt conter were the polecis.
Because you didnt argue with me that all these U.S. polecis are real,i will supose you aggre that those polecis exist.

So now comes the big question is castro still a threat to U.S. terroteries?
no,the the army'has estimated 45,000 troops included 39,000 members of the Ready Reserves.
Not sufficient do any sort of invasion so is cuba really a treat to other countries.

(the US, and the US must find ways of keeping American Communism from spreading and gaining power)
Why if a country becommes communisit it has nothing to do with you is the country own right to chose it form of goverment and tryng to change that is a violation of the countries right to rule them self.

(The Trade Embargo isn't friendly, it's not meant to be. Complaining that it's not nice is childish, and bares little weight. Like any aggressive action should be, it is for the better of the other 915.5 million people in America (North and South.))
let me see wanting justice is childish?Okay todays society is domed then.

-Support of the People
You said the cuban wouldnt ever have seen the money the lost by taxes?so lets start by the good things the cuban goverment did:

-Free health care for every citezen(A marvelous thing is it not?something the U.S. does not have,but the cuban goverment has troubel mantening it because the embargo)
-Free studies (again ,a marvelous thing is it not?something the U.S. does not have,but the cuban goverment has troubel mantening it because the embargo)

-racion carts that ensure that every cuban has his food (again ,a marvelous thing is it not?something the U.S. does not have,but the cuban goverment has troubel mantening it because the embargo)

What are the U.S. justification for the embargo?
Cuba:Why does to U.S tries to make us starve with these embargo?
U.S:We block you because you arent democratic,because you onli have one parti.
Cuba:but you have such wonderfull releation ships with china and saudi arabia and you only allow two parties to go to the debattes and you need millions to organize a campain and get elected.

Is Cuba a dictatorship?
With recent changes to the cuban constitution the mandates have been that the long mandate of fidel coud not repite it self .Raul castro has won the elections and will not candidate durring the next elections.that means that a non castro president will come up.

Is the U.S. embargo helping the peopel of cuba ?
no,the embargo creaters desepair,hunger,death(the U.S. doesnt sell some of their new medecins to Cuba)
with now a day Cuban poletics it isnt a reason to keep the embargo.

Are the U.S polecis right for the U.S.?
NO,Cuba has offered her help in seroius american matters like the war on drugs and illegal imigration why does the U.S. dont take their help?

Emigration:a vietnamise goes to the U.S. the emigrates a cuban goes to cuba he flees.
The U.S. emigration polecis are against the U.S. constitucion because U.S. citezens are forbidden to go to cuba.
cuba has new emigration laws that are more just .

conclusion why keep the embargo going?


First the titel of this debatte is: The US polecis and action AGAINST CUBA ARE WRONG.
Not:he US polecis and action AGAINST CUBA ARE and were WRONG

This is unwarranted. You brought up Batista, and I countered it. Also, the premise of the debate is to debate whether or not US policies and actions are wrong. If we determine that they were put in place for the right reasons, and those reasons are still relevant, than the actions are still justified.

The reasons to begin the Embargo:
:The new Cuban Government was Communist;
:The new Cuban Government was hostile to US interests and US owned businesses in the area.

:Cuba is now Socialist, still an enemy of the US. Cuba is ran solely by the Communist Party;(1)
:Cuba has yet to return US Interests and Businesses. Cuba is still a threat to US interests in America.

Because the actions beginning the Embargo were justified, and are current issues even today, the US is justified.


This is was i meant for this debatte and just for the record like you read in my argument that you didnt conter were the polecis.

I countered each of your arguments on the policies. Grouping them together and tackling them all in 5 sections that discussed each issue you brought up. I don't know what you were expecting, an individual reply to every sentence?

The Pro isn't listing off any example of a policy I ignored, therefore his claim is unwarranted.

- Castro still a threat?

Cuba is the 11th wealthiest nation in America, out of 35 nations.(2,3) Without the Embargo, Cuba would rise into 10th place.

no,the the army'has estimated 45,000 troops included 39,000 members of the Ready Reserves.
Cuba has the 4th largest Military per 1000 capita in the world, at 107.8 militants. The nation has the 3rd largest Military in America, at 1.2 million soldiers(4) and is the 13th largest in the world.

With this, while not a direct threat to the US, Cuba is a direct threat to other nations in America, with the 4th largest military only having half of Cuba's military size. Cuba doesn't release Military Expenditures.

This makes them a threat to the US, as keeping all of America safe is a direct interest for the safety and security of the US.

Cuba is still Socialist, ran by the Communist Party. When one removes himself of childish ignorance, they understand that Socialism and Communism is still direct enemies of the US. Russia is still the US's main political rival, and Cuba is a turning point for Russia if a war breaks out.

The idea is that what happens in other nations isn't the US's concern is childish and ignorant of reality. The whole World is a concern to First World Nations. We are not isolated, we are a part of the Global Economy, and must protect that fragile economy. This is why the UN tries to prevent so many wars, because revolutions, wars, and the overall negative affects on economy can have a major effect on the other Nations.

What happens in America is a major concern to the US, especially since if a political fall out between the US and Russia occur, we do not want a lot of Communist/Socialist nations at our border. The World isn't a story book... Politics isn't a fun game... Global Security isn't always fun for the person you are protecting from. Cuba, and anyone we allow to be consumed by American Communism, will become a major threat if our Soft Power fails.

As for your comment:
let me see wanting justice is childish?Okay todays society is domed then.
Justice isn't always friendly. Justice sometimes comes in the form of a giant stick. The world isn't a child's game, it can't always be played like one.


- Support of the People

Free healthcare isn't free. It costs hundreds in taxes, and in nations like Cuba, is a further attempt to build dependency and make the people unable to live without Government.

The major issues with Cuba's Healthcare system are;
— Low pay of doctors.
— Poor facilities—buildings in poor state of repair.
— Poor provision of equipment.
— Frequent absence of essential drugs.
— Concern regarding freedom of choice both for patient and doctor.

The Government owns the people's health, and health choices.

Cuba's Healthcare issues come from it's being nationalized instead of thriving in a business setting. The issue are also not the US's fault. If Cuba ended it's massive Army making up 11% of it's population, it could afford better Healthcare and Education. Same for Food Carts. With such a large military count per person, we know why there is a lack of funding for other programs

Besides, these are all features of Socialism. You are using circular logic.
The Embargo started because the nation is Communist/Socialist. It hurts the nation's ability to be Communist/Socialist. Therefore, it should be lifted.

If the US's Embargo is hurting Socialist programs in Cuba, then it is working.
Cuba has a massive Military Budget. lacking funding is their own fault.

Cuba also has the support of it's people through repression.... Brainwashing your people is poorly looked upon. Being at a level of 176 (Repressed)(only North Korea is lower), the support of Cuban people is won over through repression, not commitment.(5)


-What are the U.S. justification for the embargo?

This was a sick form of Appeal To Emotion.
The US is not friendly with China. Relations with China are because, as the 2nd largest Economy, Being friendly is more beneficial to the entire world. Being hostile with Cuba is more beneficial to the Americas.

We do not keep the Embargo because they are not Democratic, but because their government is a threat to the stability of US interests in America, and they bare close and dangerous ties to the US's lead rival.

-Is Cuba a dictatorship?

: the office of dictator
: autocratic rule, control, or leadership
: a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique
: a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated(6)

A Dictatorship grants all power to a dictator or a small group (clique, government organization or group) such as a Political Party. Pro has admitted that Cuba is ran by one party.

As for the election, the Pro must leave behind such gullible views. Allowing Elections are a ploy used by many Dictators in the world to allow the fake feeling of freedom. With absolute power, Castro is still a Dictator.


- Is the US Embargo Helping?

Cuba still has trade rights with Mexico and other States in South America. They are not starving for trade. While the value of trade with these nations are much lower (as is intended), the amount of goods and services available to Cubans is not. Any lacking medical supplies and food is related only to the Cuban Governments high Military Costs, draining the economy of valuable funding.

If the US opened trade, it wouldn't help Cuban Poor People. Nearly all of the $20 billion in trade a year would be sucked into the Military as always, and aid in further repression.

Another issue with Pro's argument is that he thinks the trade money will go into the people's paycheck. Trade happens between companies, not employees. The Companies (and rich) will earn extra money, while the employee's paycheck stay the same. Anything the Government gets in taxes to go to dangerously furthering their military even more.

- Is the Embargo helping the US?

The Cubans, in the 1990's, was caught red handed using the Drug Wars to their advantage, aiding the Drug Traffickers in return for getting weapons for (wait for it...) Latin American revolutions.(7) They aren't highly credited with honesty.

As for US citizens not allowed to go to Cuba... That is;
1: Not unconstitutional.
2: The point of an Embargo... To Stop trade and travel to and from a Nation.

The Embargo has helped further secure US interests in America, which is a major benefit. The US Government must benefit the US people first, everyone else second.

The Embargo has also helped stop the spread of Communism and Socialism in America.



Pro never answered for the following:
The entire Batista Vs Castro section;
How any trade revenue with the US would be took by the Cuban Military;
How the Cuban Government would use any funding from Trade Revenue to repress their people;
How the US Government allows any Cuban who makes it on shore to live and become a Citizen here;

Pro has dropped the following arguments:
The argument that most people support ending the Embargo;
The argument that the US is making more trade restrictions for it's Embargo Allies.

Pro has also claimed that much of my argument is irrelevant.
The reasons for having started the Embargo justify it;
The reasons for having started the Embargo are still there;
The embargo is still justified;

The Pro's entire argument can be said as this...
"The Embargo should be lifted because it's causing an Embargo, and that's bad."
"The Embargo is because the nation is Socialist. The Embargo should be lifted because it's hurting the nations ability to be Socialist"
He is arguing that the Embargo is bad because it's causing what an Embargo should cause...

He has so far provided only faulty evidence, such as the idea that Cuba has only has 45,000 soldiers, less than 4% of the actual number, as well the idea that Cuba doesn't have enough funding for social programs because of the US when it is really because it's holding the 3rd largest American Military, and 4th largest per capita.

The Pro has not kept his BOP.

I pass it on.
Debate Round No. 3


i have to prof that the U.S. polecis are wrong not the cuban polecis are wright .
the U.S. polecis are wrong because they are hypocritical.
say they do not negociate with a communist regim because it has one party,when you negociates with countries that have no partie what so ever like saudi arabia is wrong.
but saudia arabia has oil.
baising your foreign polecis on profit and not on morals is wrong is a prosititucion of the countries integrety.

batista vs castro
batista:commited mass murder of the cuban peopel with us support.A real holocaust a fascist regime.
At the time the U.S. were fighting against the nazis.
thats hyprocresie fight something and supported.

you said its the us concern because were all live on the same planet but should not the haul panet get a say on the matter .

U.N votes against the embargoin 2010: 179 positives, votes 4 negatives and I abstaint.

the US real objectives.
the US signed a law that it haul purpuse is the conquest of cuba and maked it a state

is cuba a dictatorship no .it has elections raul castro will not candidate for the next elections,so we will have a non castro president.

U.S terrorism
batista groups an the U.S goverment i are behind terror attacks against cuba .suicide boming,biological warware .
if cubas embargo muss stay up for the goood of america why did most american countries voted against .

but cuba only has one partie again you have perfect relation ship with monarquis.and you only allow for two parties to go to the debattes.the us sistem is crocked.i will put a video up explainnig why.

Cuba does not repress their peopel pacific protestation are allowed. only most of the cuban peopel try to beat the protesters up.when the polecis take them away for their own protection.they say they goth kippdnapd.but io they let the peopel do what they want.the news goes viral cuba lets protesters get killed!

cuba has problemes kepping its infrastructure uo because of the embargo if the hospital are in ruin its the U.S. fault

problemes with us voting system:
source of my informations:(you learn spanish in scoll i hope)


To start:

Saudi Arabia was an ally in many wars. Saudi Arabia is also not Communist. So bring them up is irrelevant to rather or not it's okay. Besides, Saudi Arabia could be considered more of an Absolute Monarchy than a Dictatorship.

Pro has continued to ignore me. Being Communist was only half the issue... Cuba shown great hostility towards US Interests, taking US owned businesses and other such locations and turning them into Government property. This high-level theft isn't tolerated.

Pro has continued bring up nations who are neither Communist, hostile to US interests, or in the middle of America.

Cuba is Communist... Still hostile to US interests, has a history of trying to spread Communism, and is 105 miles away from Florida.(1) Cuba is one of few Communist nations, of the other nations, the US is only 'friendly' with one, because it's in the best interests of the World that us and China not be on bad terms.(2)


- Batista vs Castro

The Pro brought up Batista. When I brought him up, Pro criticized me for not following the Resolution. Now he has brought him up again. That's okay, lets continue.

Batista had killed around 20,000 Cubans during his Regime. Castro is responsible for 73,000 to 85,657 deaths, with a high estimates of 141,000 people murdered under Castro.(3,4)

"you said its the us concern because were all live on the same planet but should not the haul panet get a say on the matter"

This is a gross misinterpretation of what I said. I said when the world is in danger of revolutions and wars, it has to act. An example is the Middle East revolts, because they depend on the Middle East being some what stable. Well this example, Cuba, isn't a threat to the World, but to America, so it's America's place to act.

The problem with the UN is that they are weak. They want to make everyone happy with an idealistic childish concept of politics. Another issue is that the UN doesn't control the Embargo, nor are they the ones threatened by Cuba.

If Cuba was a global threat, than the UN would be more concerned about it, and you would see different results. But Cuba isn't a threat to them, so their opinion is irrelevant. Cuba is a threat to American nations like the many it tried to overthrow. This makes them America's business, not the UN's.


- The US real objectives.

The problem with claiming the a nation like the US has been planning on conquering Cuba is that it's not realistic. If a nation as willing for war as the USA wanted to conquer Cuba, it would have happened a long time ago.

Many Dictatorships have 'elections.' The inability to elect doesn't make it a Dictatorship.

the office of dictator
: autocratic rule, control, or leadership
: a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique
: a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated(5)

If the leader or party has absolute power, regardless of elections, it's a Dictatorship.
Cuba is still a Dictatorship.(6,7)

The Pro has only rewritten his last argument without tackling my prior argument against it.


- U.S terrorism

There is no sources provided prove of any terror attack against Cuba.

Most American nations were never in the Embargo to begin with. It's a psychological thing, when you are not involved in something, you stop seeing the point in it, even when there is one. Besides, how many people back up the Embargo doesn't determine if it's wrong. That is Appeal to the People.

The Pro is using Red Herring. Terrorism is wrong, but we aren't talking about American Terrorism. We are discussing the Embargo.

- Repression

The Pro claims the people of Cuba are not repressed, then claims "only most of the Cuban people try to beat the protester up."

Is Cuba repressed? Yes. (8,9,10,11,12)


"cuba has problemes kepping its infrastructure uo because of the embargo if the hospital are in ruin its the U.S. fault"

That is terrible logic.
If the hospital lacks funding, it's because of the government proportionately vast military spending.

This argument alone shows the mass Bias the Pro has in the topic.

The Pro still has no sources.

The Pro has dropped the following Arguments/Sections of Argument:
-Is the Embargo Helping the US?
-Is the US Embargo Helping?
-What are the US Justification for the Embargo
-Support of the People
-Castro still a Threat?

Pro has dropped nearly every argument, and in so doing, Pro has conceded that...
- The Embargo is helping the Us
- The Embargo is helping the
- The US is justified for the Embargo
- The Support of the People isn't irrelavent
- Castro is still a threat.

The Pro has thrown the Debate by dropping these points.
Debate Round No. 4


leandro.sanchez forfeited this round.



Pro has forfeited. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Normally I have trouble weighting a final round forfeit, not this time. The final page of R3 summarizes everything nicely... Pro could not find any sources online which back him up (pure laziness, as there's sources for everything imaginable). CONDUCT: Missed round. S&G: Read the resolution (it doesn't get better in the debate rounds). Pro next time set a rule to ignore this. ARGUMENTS: Pro gave bias, con may have as well but such was his job. Pro left it entirely unchallenged that he'd dropped nearly every point (such as the moral implications... Damned US, I want Cuban Cigars!). SOURCES: Con used a lot, pro used none. Using none does not give immunity to this area (one side did the work and gets credit for it, the other did not).