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The US should put less money into military and instead put more money into education and NASA

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Started: 3/7/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance. Look forward to debating!


Also looking foward to debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Since 2001, the base defense budget has soared from $278 billion to over $530 billion. In 2011, we spent over 20% of the total US budget on just defense, and only 2% of our budget on education! In 2013, the military budget rose to 37% out of the total US budget, pushing other things back such as social security funds, NASA and education funds, and funds to help disabled veterans. Last year, we spent $618 billion on military, making us first place overall in the world for the most money spent on military. Our military spendings were 3 times more than the second place holder, China. I think the US needs to stop and think about the priorities they've made. We spend more than 18x the amount we spend on the education of our children on our military budget. The NASA budget is miniscule, less than one percent. We need to decrease the amount of money we spend on the military and instead invest it into education for US children, NASA programs that have been losing funding, and taking care of our disabled veterans here in America.



You're saying that the military gets to much money. Nasa spent $349 million to test a rocket amd now that place where they tested the rocket is now abandoned. Too much money is spent on nasa already. All that money was waste,the testing sight was only used once.
Nasa spent over $3 billion on other things that are useless.
Would you spend more money on something that dosent work?
The answer is no, noone wants to spend money on something that dosen't work. So why should more money go to education when we have a broken education system.
The U.S. Ranks 14 in education
2nd in ignorance
24th place in literacy
17th in educational performance in the world.
Before you want to spend money on something broken try fixing it first.
You do know that the military protects the Constitution, the entire nation, and including you. The military is more important than nasa. The military needs the money to keep being number one in the world.
The disabled veterans did an outstanding job protecting your children and everyone who lives in America. They deserve the money to be healed and to get them back on their feet for protecting you. Give the veterans the respect they deserve it.
Debate Round No. 2


You're right, US education isn't the best. You want to abandon the education of children just because the system is 'broken'? A nation with that way of thinking wouldn't last long. By putting money into education, we can improve it. It's really that simple. By spending money to improve our education, we would be fixing it. Do you think it will just magically fix itself when it feels like it? No, everything needs money.

You say NASA money is a waste, and it is clear to see that some projects have been failures. But building a rocket is much harder than forming a military team. Some NASA projects won't work, and we'll have to accept that. And most NASA projects have been tremendous successes, like the moon landing, Mars Curiosity Rover, and many others. You can see a list of successful missions here:

I agree with your last argument, we need to respect veterans more. Did you misunderstand something I wrote? On that fact, I totally agree with you. We should spend more money taking care of them then current military. Only about 7% of US funds go to them. Veterans in America are treated horribly. They often have a hard time getting a job when they get back and the healthcare process is horrible. We should spend more money on our veterans then on our military.

We don't have to cut back on military much, but by doing so, we can improve many other fields and take better care of our veterans. We can also improve our standings on education leaderboards. I want you to look at this graph:
I don't think we'll lose our standing as number 1 anytime soon.

Sources not listed:


Money doesn't solve everything. The problem with the education system starts with congress. If you want to fix the education system then either elect the right congressmen for the job to fix the education system or run for a position.
Money won't be the solution. In many places around the nation have something called a levy. In most places the school with the most votes gets the levy while the other school doesn't get the money. The solution is how the schools get the money.
Fix how school gets the money, a school with more people are getting the money in most places. That isn't fair to a school in need with fewer people. So the problem and the solution is how the schools get the money.
Did you know the military makes missiles, tanks, ships, helicopters, airplanes, weapons, grenades and much more?
These are just 9 more inventions by the military that you use everyday.
Do you know the cost of every invention used by the military or the ammo or guns they use? Don't you think that might be the reason why the military gets a lot of money?
This link says how much one bullet cost. A bullet is about 20 to 80 cents each. To fill a pistol it might require 8 bullets. If each bullet is 20 cents the we need to multiply 20 times 8. That equals $1.60 to fill a pistol. On September of 2009, 456,651 people enlisted in the army. If each person got one pistol that holds 8 bullets for 20 cents for each bullet. The cost will be $730,641.60. This is just the bullets alone. The cost for a gun is a few hundred dollars. I will be using the lowest amount of cost for a pistol that I find. I found a pistol that is $489.99. Let's multiply that by 456,651. The total cost is $223,754,423.50. The reason why the military spends a lot of money is because the prices for what they need is expensive.
If prices for guns and ammo is expensive, imagine the cost of an airplane or ship.
So you're saying that if something is harder then it deserves money. A rock is harder than a tissue. Should we give money to the rock?
It is not hard to make a rocket at all.
Step 1: make tubes
2: open rocket in computer
3: make new model
4: make motor
5: testing
6: build
7: fins
8: motor mount
9: fins and launch lug
10: nose cone
11: recovery
12: attaching bits
13: finishing
Only 13 steps to make a rocket. Is it still harder to make a rocket or to form a military team.
Can you swim 500 yards in 12:30 minutes. What about 50 push ups and 50 sit ups. Can you run 1.5 miles in 10:30 minutes while wearing boots and pants? If you can't then you can't join the navy seals. Those are the minimum requirements. Is it still harder to make a rocket than to form a military group?
Nasa does not need more money, it needs less. Nasa wanted to know when someone stays in bed for 70 days straight. It cost $18,000. $3 million for a seminar on how congress works. $390,000 to teach kids on climate change. $125,955 to make a 3D pizza printer. Was all this necessary spending?
Debate Round No. 3


"It is not hard to make a rocket at all."
Unless you work at NASA, I don't think you would understand the mechanics that go into making the rockets engines and thousands of intricate parts. They don't just slap fins and metal together. The process of building a rocket can take over a decade because of the process involved. This site offers insight on how hard it is to actually build a spaceshuttle:

I would agree with you, guns and ammunition in general is expensive. The government has to take this in mind when sending military teams somewhere. They can't change the price of this material, so I don't see where your argument is. If anything, the information you gathered helps me considering the cost of sending out supplies is so expensive. I understand why military is expensive. By cutting back the funds, money that would've been spent on a grenade or bullet could go to children's education or exploring unknown parts of our solar system. I would think these things are more important.

The navy seal information you gave me is vain. I know that it is hard to become a navy seal. What I meant is that it is not hard to take trained navy seals and tell them where to go/what to do. Since they are so well trained, this shouldn't be very hard for them to understand.

First off, the NASA information you gave me at the end needs a source, for I don't know if that's even true. Secondly, all those things seem important to me except the 3D printer, which would probably go to more important things then printing pizza. Do you think the moon landing is a waste? Or the rovers exploring planets for our benefit right now? I will refer you to the list I included in my previous argument.

I understand what a levy is, but by giving our education money, we can improve the standards and supplies we give the children. This money can also go to grants made available to schools who need it. They don't have to pass a levy to get a grant if they really need the funds.


If it's hard for nasa to make a rocket then there's a problem there. Shouldn't they be smarter and should be easier for the people in nasa? Why should we give more money to people who can't make a rocket?
All you have been doing is agreeing with me.
Also you say the U.S. spends to much on the military and i clearly pointed out why. Don't you see the prices of the things they need? How can the U.S. spend less when the prices are so high? One bullet or gernade can make a diffrence in a death or life situation. Of course you would'nt uderstand unless you have been in war before.
What's more important, exploring space, giving money to something broken, or to protect America?
Without protection there wouldn't be nasa or education.
Whenever you debate you need to specify on what you say. You said "building a rocket is harder than forming a military team". The way you used the word forming is a verb so that means creati g a military team. To make that team you need to create soilders. And how do you think you do that?
The answer is by training soilders and they have to meet those standards.
For some reason i forgot to post my source so here it is.
Again you are using opinion in your debate. "all those things seem important to me". They might be useful to you but not to the economy.
A lot of school needs money, but again the problem is still how the schools get the money.
The rovers exploring mars have done nothing but sent back photos of red dust over and over. What are the benifits in that? We know that its red, nothing new has been found. The mars rovers are a waste of money, they do the same thing over and over. The cost of a mars rover is $2.5 billion. Nasa spent that much money to put a camera on mars.
I ask the voters to vote bases on the information that you have read and to keep biased feelings out to vote fairly.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ninja4Butoku 3 years ago
At 430miletime: "Can you swim 500 yards in 12:30 minutes. What about 50 push ups and 50 sit ups. Can you run 1.5 miles in 10:30 minutes while wearing boots and pants?" Literally, all that is really easily done, it's not difficult to accomplish. I'm not saying anything negative about them, they are incredible warriors. I did all of those, and better, after about two months of martial arts training (6'1" about 240lbs at the time with minimal exercise), and I wasn't training every day, maybe a few times a week.. Building a space rocket is literally 500 billion times harder than meeting those requirements, that's just a fact and you can never dispute it and dream of winning.
Rubik's cube, again, not too difficult and with a few weeks of practice, it's attainable; it's just basic mathematical algorithms.
I think our military is more than powerful enough but I also believe that we will need to expand our borders in the future and that we need to prepare now. Imagine if NASA saw a meteor on a collision course with Earth 100 years from now and we weren't been able to do anything about relocating or stopping it? Also, don't forget the vast number of spin-offs invented off of NASA's technology and ideas. Without NASA's inventions and innovation, our military would be half of what it is now. How about we take money from the military (they can shed $50 billion with no major worries), reduce the career welfare people, deport the illegal immigrants, reduce our prison population, rid ourselves of political corruption, and invest all that money into what is needed most. Feel free to debate this further with me.
Posted by 430miletime 3 years ago
Just vote based on the info you see in the debate. That's how people get found guilty or not guilty. The people in jury duty can only decide based to the evidence that is appeared in the trial and to be impartial.
ninja4butoku ill like to see you get an obese person and make that person get the requirements to be a navy seal. Also you can't say something is easy unless you have done that yourself. For example you see someone solving a Rubik's cube in under a minute and you ask them is it hard and they reply with no. Do you think that a Rubik's cube is easy when someone said it was easy? If it is easy then solve the Rubik's cube in under a minute.
Look at the mars rover as an example. That is not a benefit to the safety of the country or to the military. You are more worried than space that the protection of the country you live in. You do know about Isis right? If you do then lets say we take more money away from the military and give it to space exploration. That money would be useless when Isis is becoming stronger. That money used on nasa could of been used on tanks, planes, ships or anything else needed to win a war.
please think about the safety of the freest country on this planet than on exploration.
Posted by hect 3 years ago
@430miletime how about you remove your obviously bias vote based purely on your own prejudice rather than the quality of the debate or I will do the same on this debate
Posted by Ninja4Butoku 3 years ago
As soon as 430miletime said that it's harder to form a military team than it is to make a rocket, he/she lost all their weight in this debate.. Also, anybody that is not morbidly obese can achieve the minimum SEAL requirements with relative ease in just a couple months of training, they're not that difficult. Comparing it to designing a rocket is paltry. What he/she doesn't realize is that most of what the military uses was designed BY NASA and/or their spinoff technologies. Without NASA, we'd be a weaker, and less innovative, country. Even a 10% cut in the military would enormously help this country; it should be done. "So why should more money go to education when we have a broken education system." I've never seen MORE of a reason for the education system to get more money to help fix it.
Posted by StalinIncarnate 3 years ago
It's a flamboogle to me how exorbitantly the US spends on its military.
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