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The USA has a Right to Purge

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Started: 11/1/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The Purge is a nessissary way to prevent the country from liberating atheists to create a complete social collapse regarding child sexual affairs, neglectful boyfriends, and an overpowering tyranism of proud gentlemen who are wasting all t heir money, space and time.

Those who have been neglecting social ambitions for personal gratification of ssexial purposes, to which we empower men who are completely unentitled to any of the worth they are carrying to seduce you; As one would not have sex with a bum: perverts factual exist and are empowered by the liberating of sexual intentions and homosexual acts { such as advocating anal and oral sex is now legal to all age grounds predominantly. surely you are aware perverts arrive of the social implications. ]

They are ensuring eh safety of a world where they can implement safe work revisions to allow the culture to grow ungoverned by federal facts.

The USA has not yet been safe enough, do to adulterous facts, to reserve such a sanctity [to which I mean: it would collapse]. But now that we are at war, we can muster the strength to remove the internal conflicts which destroy our Countries reformed tact. To aid the general populous and all those that partake of it.

Factually we have not being following eh rules of a prosperous culture. Instead we give in to sex, drugs and money as though we lost an appreciation for life when we failed elementary school. Because the miss-use of American wealth is treason to humanity, our Country and our countries pride. For low wages save individuals at a far.

Indeed a Purge is necessary. That does not mean I am in complete accordance with the limited potential barriers of a Governing Party obstruction injustice. However I am not following the events unfolding.

I have complete faith in the purpose of them. To remove the threat to societies collapse.

By permitting this social establishment to go on promoting and advocating drug life they neglect the rape society underground they are supporting, while wasting away doing things that are not enhancing adoringly, (as in not sexually, nor slothenly, or intoxicatingly). In this way America has collapse and we are preserving our rights by not enlisting the heretics into our voting pool.

The criminally insane, non lovers of all humanity in their sacred being, are not eligible voters.
Debate Round No. 1


There is no need to further defend myself. The Purge is viable, necessary, purposeful and respectable.

The citizens of America are treasonous,

supporting, defending and empowering the Drug Trade, by funding them
which promotes their abduction sex trade, economic collapse agenda, and gun violence.

Woman empowering men who support via funding this trade and behavior are not only being abused and neglected, but they are enviously corrupting the next generation out of spite, arrogance and negligence.

The American States need a Purge to purify their population and take a census of arm, munitions, potential American threats, sustainable currently illegal behaviors, to oddit the criminally embezzled money which collapsed the government, to save captives and rape victims, to purge the underground sex slave trade, to remove internal threats, and establish a new foundation of peace to move forward with the poverty in Mexico and south America.


Before I begin my argument, here is the defintion of purge

Purge: is the removal of people who are considered undesirable by those in power from a government, from another organization, from their team owners, or from society as a whole.

My case:

I. No one deserves to be removed from society, solely based on government, society, or orgnization likings. If the person has commited a crime, then they derserve to have a justified punshment, not removed society.
Ok, so m opponent brings up how liberating Atheists, or negletful boyfriends should be removed from society. First of all, unless they have commited any crime, there is no reason to remove from society, because in their point of view things are different. I will go deeper into that for rebuttals. Since this is a lawful case, the different punishments. The biggest one is a death penelty, and that is in rare cases. Notice how these descions are made by court, based on the said crime. No one deserves to be removed from society because of if there is a liberting atheist or negleltful boyfreind.

II. No need for a purge
If there is a crime in action we have police or some types of officials, then we have a orginized court to take matters. My opponent is ignoring all of this, and believes this is all faulty and we all need a purge. During a purge there are many other possibilites if a society is removing people,innocent can get harmed. We have 707 prisinors per 100,000 population. USA has one of the highet incaraction rates, so that tells that police or other orgizations are effective.


"The Purge is a nessissary way to prevent the country from liberating atheists to create a complete social collapse regarding child sexual affairs, neglectful boyfriends, and an overpowering tyranism"

My opponent has gven a blind assumption with no evidence. Some of which have no legal harm.

"The USA has not yet been safe enough, do to adulterous facts, to reserve such a sanctity [to which I mean: it would collapse]. But now that we are at war"

We are at war? With whom? If we are at war with other countries, how will the purge solve this? USA has one of the highest incarceration rates, and how are we not safe? My opponent gives no evidence for his blind assumption.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Commondebator 2 years ago
Ok lets break down the B.S here.

First of all, I took the definition of purge, something you should have done before insulting me like a fool.

" given a entire novel worth of information."

Please do source the so called novel worth of info?

"he asked questions in a final round where I could not reply."

I am very aware of that, that's why its called a rebuttal.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
My opponents conduct was misplaced.
he asked questions in a final round where I could not reply.

That was his own fault in misconduct.

we are at civil war, and in other countries***
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Your delusional. A purge is used to ensure women and children are not raped in basements. A purge in a democratic society doe snot displace it's citizens,
It is a purge of contestable conduct.

XD your insane. you can't even come to a rational conclusion without being given a entire novel worth of information.

WE"RE A DEMOCRACY. in a purge no one would be removed. Think first. do not rashly respond without considering the topic at hand.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Con you can win this easy, all you have to do is use English coherently, and pro will do most of the work for you.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
In a couple of days we need to purge democrats from congress.If we do not America will suffer more than can be fixed.
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