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The USFG should withdraw completely from a foreign country.(Debate rap!)(Analytical debate)

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Started: 11/13/2010 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Women's rights
Are really tight
But the Japanese
Are having trouble with these
If you've got eight minutes
I'll tell you how it goes
Sit down there and start to flow
You got it? Good, stay with me
Observation one is inherency
The USFG is holdly on to a base it doesn't need
US-Japan relations suffer because we won't recede
But the problem with these bases are the servicemen
They are trained to dehumanize people and then
They think its ok to rape and abuse
But the Japanese women have no right to choose
Thus I present the following plan:
The USFG should withdraw forces from Japan
Observation 2 is harms; Contention one is patriarchy
Thats just not alright with me
The government makes it all to easy
For these soldiers to be acting sleazy
They aren't punished for these crimes
But they really need to get with the times
We live in a world of womens liberation
Its quite a sensation
So get with the plan and vote for pro
Free these women and act like you know


Thanks, Pro! Admittedly I've waited until the last second to do this (I've been busy) so thanks for your patience... we'll see what I can come up with before it's due date! Anyway I had asked a question in the comments section regarding whether or not this rap debate pertained to Japan specifically, because it appears that way from the argument though the resolution is non-specific. You responded to another person's comment but not to mine, which is why I postponed posting, to figure out what exactly the real topic is. Nevertheless I decided to rebut what Pro says specifically regarding the U.S.'s military presence in Japan, particularly, considering my round's almost due. Thanks for the battle debate -- I've always wanted to do something just like this :)


Yo... Pro's interpretation is really convoluted
Not well suited to the truth of how WWII concluded
So relax, sit back with a snack as I walk you through it
And attack the way we're portrayed in this feud, it's
Too abstract for my liking - recall Japan's secluded
And we took over their military, all their bases included
So it's no wonder we're there, in fact they like it [1]
Cuz we secure their future for them like a psychic
See this sweetie tries to make it sound like we're seedy
But we're needed there, see, because of our treaty
Yeah it's a contract of sorts we signed after the war's end [2]
Now you want us to back out, well how bout not be a poor friend?
Look our main reason for staying's to ensure their safety
You're portraying or navy as abhorrent and shady
Saying they're taking breaks to concentrate on raping ladies
But let's not take away from what most do til day ends
Do some retards make mistakes? Not maybe, absolute
But let's not be too hard on our troops to ignore the truth
So check it - we don't do a lot there, our role's mostly protective [3]
So our stay's not expensive despite what you've contested
Or suggested about the going-ons, very few have been arrested
And most of the time what they did wrong was not molested
Instead 90 percent of problems with American soldiers
Are traffic glitches - guess they can't handle them Rovers [4]
And very few sexual assaults have been reported
So I'm sorry Pro but your contention's not supported
Your point just can't be awarded as this is a rarity
Your argument's too poor to afford it, guess you need some charity
Or rather some clarity on why we're doing what we're doing
Cuz so far you're losing this battle I'm viewing the more I keep spewing


Debate Round No. 1


Sorry it took so long to post, I've been prepping for a tournament. :) Thanks for accepting! Good 1NC rap.
This debate's come down to moral obligation
Like I said, women's rights are a sensation
Con wants you to believe that it's okay
But its not rare, this abuse happens every day
Cases are not reported, that's true
But the reason why is at a loss for you
These women are afraid to report the violence
So they continue to suffer in silence
Con is arguing it's alright if it's once in a while
But that argument should make you smile
With relief, because rape is no joke
And I'm certain this next claim will make you choke
Voters, you have a moral obligation to vote for the plan
To completely withdraw from Japan
Stop the women's oppression, and kill the abuse
You are given a vote, it's your right to choose
So choose correctly, with ethics in mind
Saving this women is so very kind
And obligatory for you, as a human being
You need to protect others of your kind and start seeing
That a woman is in no way less than a man
Be it in the US or in Japan.
I thank you for your time to listen to my rhyme
I hope we can do this again sometime.
:) <3


Thanks, Pro...

Check this - I'm a feminist, so let's get something clarified
When Pro says I don't care about women - then that's a lie
I never suggested for a second that assault is okay
I just think Pro's at fault for placing sole blame
On our soldiers as a group instead of controlled glory
What most troops are doing there isn't solely gory
Or even a little, in fact, most there are harmless
We need to fact check these claims or just harness
Restraint so we could get the whole story unarmed best
I've complained - about her accusations and ever since
She's reiterated her claims but gave no evidence
So why should we believe they have any relevance
I say we take these rumors and just lay them to rest
So far I've pointed out our treaty's importance
But Pro's ignored this; you know you can't reward this
She never said anything about what I mentioned
But they haven't expired so extend my contentions
Meanwhile I've inquired about her suggestions
But her inspired accusations just seem like inventions
So I put her in the crossfire dimension
Then retired this liar like she was a pension
Cuz she - failed to prove our troops are raping women
She's sinking while I defend the navy swimming, thinking
That we should probably uphold our end of the bargain
Don't get sold on my opponent's hold or PC jargon
Our presence in the Pacific's ardent, strategic
Now I crippled her argument like a paraplegic
So if you think she's remotely made a case, you're wrong
I've done everything it takes for you to vote CON
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by angela.siebrecht 7 years ago
Thank you! Thinking of using it as a performance piece for policy at an upcoming tournament! (:
Posted by CiRrK 7 years ago
impressive 1AC rap!
Posted by Danielle 7 years ago
Is it referring to Japan specifically?
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