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The USSR was the most valuable Ally in WWII

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Started: 3/24/2015 Category: Society
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Hello, I'm Billy. If you're a British or French person, you may have heard this from an American: "We saved your butt in WWII." As an American, it may sound irony, but I disagree. Many Americans don't realize how powerful the Soviet military was. Before I get into that, I'll list the Allies and the Axis states.

Allies (combatants): Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, China, Poland, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Philippines, Mongolia, Finland (1945), Iraq (1941-1945)

Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Finland (1941-1944), Iraq (1941)

The Soviet Union borders or is relatively close to Germany. Italy, Finland, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. All Axis states were affected by Soviet intervention except for Thailand (Japan was affected near the end of the war).

If you see a WWII Every Day type of things, you can see the Soviet Union did a ton of work for the Allies, and made it look easy. In a matter of 43 months, the Soviet Union went from 25 km from receiving its Nazi fate to conquering the Axis. I admit though, not everything was great at the end, when Eastern Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and other Eastern European countries had communist governments established. Nevertheless, the Soviet Union was still crucial to making the war lasting less than 6 years. Without the USSR, the war could've dragged on for a much longer time.


I am willing to agree that the Soviet Union was a good ally during WWII, but I am no willing to accept that the Soviets were our best ally. It simply doesn't make sense. First of all, the Soviet Union didn't really join the Allies until Germany invaded the country. Even before that, Stalin had even signed a Non-Aggression pact with Hitler for peace. That means that at first, the Soviet Union wanted and had nothing to do with Germany's empire. Also, they were also invading other countries.

The second reason why I disagree with this statement, is that the United States was the real power. They fought Japan in the Pacific Ocean while fighting the Germans in Europe. They had the weapons supplies, and the right men for the job. They dropped two atomic bombs on Japan ending the war there. I also never recall ever hearing anything about the Russian advance on D-day; It was the British, French, and American forces. The Russian missions must have been insignificant or top-secret.

"If you see a WWII Every Day type of things, you can see the Soviet Union did a ton of work for the Allies, and made it look easy. In a matter of 43 months, the Soviet Union went from 25 km from receiving its Nazi fate to conquering the Axis."

This statement is false. The Soviets never conquered the Axis they may have won small, insignificant battles, but overall, never took over the entire Axis power. The U.S. advanced using the "island hopping" teqnuiques, and ended the war with two atomic bombs. As well as the fact that the U.S. liberated the troops under German rule in France. there is no way that the Russians could have done anything more significant than that. When Hitler made the terrible mistake of opening up two fronts and attacking the Russians, it was Hitler's mistake. Not Russian blood, sweat, tears, and success.

There is no way that the Russians were our best ally in WWII.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, I admit, that I made the "WWII Every Day" phrase seem unclear. Here's a link to see the battlegrounds every day:

If you have seen that YouTube video, you could see that the Soviet Union crashed through Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. Other than shipments, the Soviet Union had to force their way through the land all by themselves. The United States had its allies to land in Normandy Beach. Yes, Operation Barbarossa was Hitler's mistake. Nevertheless, Stalin weakened the Germans. Think about it this way. The Russian Empire, Soviet Union, or Russian Federation has a natural lethal weapon: a brutal winter. Unprepared for the upcoming winter, Hitler charged into Soviet territory, with Soviet heroism in Leningrad, Stalingrad and Kursk. The Nazis weren't the only group that fell into this trap, More than 100 years ago, Napoleon's unsuccessful invasion of Russia led to his abdication.

Well, to wrap it all up, I'll make another statement: More than 8.6 million Soviet militants died in the war, but Russia had a broad victory over Germany in 4 years.


Your argument made it seem as if the entire reason why the Russians were the most valuable allies was because of Operation Barbarossa and the Soviet Union's harsh winter. You also stated that the Soviet Union crashed through the smaller countries that were taken over by the Germans first.

When I watched the YouTube video, here's what I saw: The USSR watched Germany take over Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Then, when threatened by Germany, they made an effort to get them out of their beloved country. The U.S. was invaded by Japan on the other side of the globe and used the "island hopping" strategy and forced Japan to surrender all by themselves. The U.S. also fought in Africa against the brilliant tank officers from Germany. Then, the U.S. along with the help from Great Britain invaded the beaches of Normandy freeing France, and going further to Germany. If I am not mistaken, they also fought in Italy as well. So the U.S. troops fought and helped defeat all of the Axis powers while the Soviet Union sat there, and took over the smaller countries while the other countries did the heavy lifting.

Finally, the 8.6 million Soviet casualties is impressive, but when you consider that many died because of starvation, and of hypothermia it doesn't make them look so good. Also, while the other Allies were helping free prisoners from force labor camps, the Soviets were making their own in Siberia.
Debate Round No. 2


OK, I apologize again for making my debates unclear. When I'm talking about the "smaller countries", I was talking about the non-Tripartite Pact Axis states, such as Hungary and Bulgaria. Why were most of Eastern Europe communist after WWII? Because the Soviet Union controlled all that land during WWII (this excludes Greece). This includes Poland, Hungary, and Romania. The U.S., along with its allies, landed in Normandy, while the Eastern Front was the Axis against the Soviets alone (excluding aid). The USSR was extremely valuable because Hitler's actions made it so. It wasn't that the USSR was the most valuable naturally, but so what? The Russians were the most valuable, and we can do nothing but get used to it. History can't be changed. Heroic actions by Soviet troops weakened Germany. That includes a harsh winter.

In contrary to your arguments, it requires great value to conquer several countries single-handedly. If the Soviet Union wasn't so valuable, it probably wouldn't have succeeded.

In the paragraph, I will debunk a common misconception; the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to Japan's surrender. That is not necessarily true. In August 9, 1945, the Soviet Union invaded Manchuria, which shocked the Japanese, leading to surrender. In fact, after the atomic bombings, it wasn't immediate surrender. The Soviet Union played a big role in there as well.

Go here to understand the meaning, tune in at 6:37 and look at the Pacific theater:

To conclude my debate, I have debunked the common myth that the United States was the biggest hero in WWII. The Soviet Union was. The Soviet Union was the one that conquered East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and made major contributions to the defeat of Finland and Japan. The US, with allied aid, conquered West Germany and Italy, and made itself look like the reason of Japan's surrender, when the real reason of surrender is the Soviet-Japanese War of 1945. Please vote for me, and thank you for reading my speeches.

- Billy


bartset forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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