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The United States Federal Government should increase Foreign Aid to Russia

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Started: 3/4/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I would like to affirm this position by presenting some facts, presenting a plan, and showing the advantages of said plan.



1. USAID is an acronym for the United States Agency for International Development


1. Russia has 700,000 orphans.

Russia has more orphans now, 700,000, than at the end of World War II, when an estimated 25 million Soviet citizens were killed.

2. Conditions are terrible for Russian orphans

Russia has over 700,000 orphans with only about 25% of them housed. By age 15 or 16 a Russian orphan will age-out of the orphanage system. They are sent back into the streets with about $30 and nothing else. Of course, due to poor conditions in the orphanages many of these kids run away long before they age out. More than half of these kids end up in jail or prostitution. A Russian orphan will have his passport stamped 'Orphan'. People do not want to hire orphans and do not want them marrying their children. They are considered outcasts. Only one out of 10 orphans will make it to their 21st birthday. (2)

This fact means that 630,000 Russian orphans will die before the age of 21.

3. Russia isn't doing a good job working on this problem.

In recent years, the Russian government has repeatedly pledged to bolster efforts to help families stay together, to increase the number of children who are adopted and to expand foster care. But it has not had notable success. (1)


1. Russia has a problem with HIV/AIDS

Russia has one of the world’s most serious epidemics of injection drug-use, according to the World Health Organization and UNAIDS. It is estimated that Russia has two million injecting drug users, 60-70% of whom have HIV-related illnesses. In the past decade, the number of HIV-infected people has increased from an estimated 100,000 to over one million. (3)

2. Russia isn't addressing the core issue about HIV/AIDS

The Russian authorities have come under strong, widespread criticism for their policies aimed at dealing with the IDU/HIV epidemic. Education to control drug abuse has focused primarily on the promotion of drug abstinence. In addition, officials have relied on criminalization as the main deterrent. That approach has created obstacles to effective addiction treatment and HIV prevention. (3)

Foreign Aid is about to be cut

This new pressure point on the foreign aid budget comes as the administration is trying to reform the US development agency. To implement those reforms will need investment, not turning off the spigot. If a group of more conservative Republicans get their way, they will eliminate federal funding for the US Agency for International Development (USAID). (4)


Mandate 1. The US will supply one billion per year to USAID to be used for aid to Russia

Funding: Ethanol Subsidies

Enforcement: GAO


1. Humanization

USAID's Assistance to Russian Orphans program has reached over 80,000 vulnerable children in Russia, reuniting more than 12,000 with families (5)

In 2008, 80,000 russian orphans were helped with about 70 million dollars. By increasing Foreign Aid, we would be able to save even more lives.

2. HIV/AIDS Combated

USAID's HIV/AIDS program focuses on reducing the rapid growth of the epidemic in Russia by increasing access to best practices in HIV prevention, care and treatment. USAID projects are raising awareness about and helping prevent transmission of the disease among at-risk populations, especially injecting drug users and vulnerable youth. (6)

3. National Security

We can never forget that in meeting Congress’ first priority – keeping America safe – there is no better value than the one percent of the U.S. budget that is spent on foreign aid and diplomacy.

A poll commissioned in 2010 by the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition concluded, “nearly 90 percent of active duty and retired military officers agree the tools of diplomacy and development are critical to achieving U.S. national security objectives and a strong military alone is not enough to protect America.” (7)

So, why vote for my position? For National Security, and to save thousands of lives. By voting on my side, you would save thousands of lives from HIV/AIDS, and thousands of orphans from life-eating poverty, while at the same time increasing our security.

Thank you, and I eagerly await my opponent’s response.










We have a $14 Trillion debt...let Russia take care of their own problems...we have no $$ to give them.
Debate Round No. 1


I eagerly await the rest of this debate.

Let's jump in to your sole argument.

1. This plan only provides 1 billion dollars. That is 0.00007 of our national debt. Barely significant.

2. Congress' first priority is keeping America safe. Advantage 3 is that of "national security". That means that this plan is keeping with Congress' first priority.

3. IMPORTANT-- This plan adds not a single penny of spending to the status quo (in other words your position). In the status quo, this 1 billion is being spent on ethanol subsidies which actually cause inflation. But with this plan, this money is being diverted to a way better cause. Think of it: would you rather be spending tax on something that causes inflation or something that increases our national security and saves thousands of lives?

Clearly my position is beneficial in comparison to the status quo.



mb852 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent forfeited the round. This means he has nothing to say against my response to his argument, so it still stands. This plan creates no extra debt while using our money in a better way.

Please vote Pro.


mb852 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Yet again my opponent has forfeited. He clearly can find nothing wrong with this case.

Now, if you're voting right now and thinking "Why would I want to send my money to Russia!? Fix our own problems!" Just remember, you're either voting for the status quo or the plan. With the status quo, this 1 billion is being spent on ethanol subsidies which cause inflation and actually make our dependance on foreign oil worse, not better.

With the plan, it gets used for a better cause: our national security, and saving thousands of lives. Don't vote against this plan just because it's not using the money in america. You have to look at it through the comparative advantage lens. National security for america vs. worsened national security. Thousands dying vs. thousands surviving.

Thank you, please vote pro.


mb852 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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