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The United States Should not have gotten involved in WW2

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Started: 1/14/2012 Category: Politics
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Resolved: The united states should not have participated in ww2

Definitions: The United States: The United States Federal Government or as I shall now refer to it, the USFG

Participated: Provide military, economic, or social support exclusively to either side, while at the same time taking actions that would hurt one side with the goal of helping the other side ie embargo's on japans oil, banning all private businesses from dealing with Germany, speaking out against Germany's attempt to annex there neighbors and so forth.

WW2: The second world war including the 1930-1939 military build up precluding the war.

My argument boils down to three main points

1: The USFG's involvement in European politics actually helped start/prolong WW2.

By blocking oil imports to Japan we forced them to ally with Germany and strengthened the German resolve to go to war. Not only that, by invading Germany and attacking Japan we actually helped lead to the rise of the soviet union, a group that killed far more people than Hitler ever could have. Had the united states not gotten involved in the war, Germany would have been isolated from Asia and instead of a World war, we would have had a simple European war. Hitler, hating Russians, probably would have invaded Russia anyway, but the tiny nation of Germany would have no way of controlling, or even defeating, the gigantic nation that is Russia. Germany would eventually either come to a stall and work out a peace deal with the Russians, or it would have conquered Russia and then experienced a nation wide revolt that they had no ability to contain. After overextending the grasp to Russia, Germany would be unable to control Europe as well and France, England, and the other European nations would have revolted as well.

2: The soviet union wouldnt have been the global threat it was

Germany would probably come out of the war a bigger nation, but the upside of that is that Russia wouldn't have been able to claim large parts of Europe as its own and therefore wouldn't have emerged as the super power it was in the post war world. Hundreds of millions of people wouldn't have been forced to live under the rule of communism, and would have experienced a drastically improved quality of life. Not to mention the fact that as i mentioned earlier, the USSR killed far more of its own people than Germany ever could have. Also, we wouldn't have had to spend trillions of dollars fighting the soviets and running up massive debts we still haven't even began to repay, not to mention the American lives that were lost fighting in Vietnam and other nations so we could stop the "domino effect" of communism

3: Our involvment in the war led to the development of the atom bomb

The manhatten project was a gigantic project that cost the modern day equivelance of 25 billion dollars. Had the united states not created the super alliance that was the axis we wouldnt have spent that much money on the project because there would have been no need. The russians lacked the capability to develop there own project and only managed to build one by piggybacking on our research. No other nation in the world had the capability to develop such a bomb. Had the united states not decided to meddle with european politics the bomb would have never been made, no other nation would have made it, and we wouldnt have gotten so amazingly close to ending the world.


"President Truman announced the project has cost $2,000,000,000"

I look forward to what should be an interesting and thought provoking debate. If you make claims about specific numbers please include links to reputable and verifiable sources.


Yes they should have gotten involved in WW2. JAPAN WAS ATTACKING US!!!!

"Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, Hawaii: 361 Japanese warplanes attack American airfields and shipyards, disabling 19 ships, destroying 200 planes, and killing over 2300 men. Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Malaya, Philippines soon fall to Japan." says
Debate Round No. 1


Wow, ok, you are really bad at this. I posted a well thought out and sourced three point argument, you just ignorantly posted a unresearched two line comment that not just wasted your time, and anyones time who read this, but more importantly you wasted my time. Try and read up on the format for this site before you just go around accepting debates. At the very least try and respond in the format i used.

The reason japan attacked us is because we cut them off from oil, thus allying ourselves with the allies and forcing them to join the germans, who were also against us because we were enforcing trade embargoes on them at the time and had spoken out against there efforts to annex there neighbors, the typical european squabbling that we turned into a full blown world war.

If you want to still have this debate, please dont leave any more comments like that one. Go for the tried and true format, Refute my case and then introduce yours. And go ahead and give my definitions a read.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by debateme 5 years ago
Pro just extend your arguments.
Posted by HumanIsDead 5 years ago
Yeah, I really should have clicked the challenge button when I saw this topic before pulling out reference materials. Pro, you deserve a better opponent to your well constructed position; I rue that my hesitation cost me a chance to explore such a rich area of discourse. While I don't share your position, any attempt at reasoned discourse should be praised.

I can't help point out, I love constructive criticism you understand, Japan had signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany in '36; this agreement was a precursor to the the formal creation of the Axis powers and illustrates that Japan was hardly "forced" to ally with Germany. By the time the Tripartite Pact was signed in September '40, the Japanese and Germans had been bedfellows for a number of years. Likewise, America did not start the oil embargo until August '41, after the Axis alliance had formed and as a response to the very real threat a Japanese hegemony represented.

I'll leave it at that for now. If you ever want an opponent for a debate on fun issues like this one, I would be happy to oblige. I wish you the best of luck with you present "debate", by the way.
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