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The United States government should sever all economic ties to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Started: 12/15/2012 Category: Politics
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Saudi Arabia is a threat to the United States of America. If we stop them today, they won't be a threat tomorrow. There are reasons socially, economically, and politically to why this bill is great to the United States.
1. Socially, this bill has a profound impact on the way the United States is seen in the international world.
2. Economically, this bill has a profound impact on the national debt of the United States and has a deep impact in the long run of the United States.
3. Politically, this bill has a positive effect on the United States. With this bill, not only will the United States have one less enemy but it will also have one less enemy in the crucial area of the middle east.

Moving to my first contention. According to (HUMANS RIGHTS WATCH), Saudi Arabia has 24 pages, each with 10 articles, meaning that the Human Rights Watch has 240 human rights violations on Saudi Arabia so far, and still counting.
"The authorities used a wide range of repressive measures to suppress freedom of expression and other legitimate activities. Hundreds of people were arrested as suspected terrorists. "--Amnesty International

What this means is that the United States is supporting a regime of anti-democracy and anti-freedom. This is something that the United States strives to become. How can it support something so against its ideals?

This isn't the only thing, however, that can benefit the United States with the passage of this bill. When it is passed, this bill not only will help the struggling people of Saudi Arabia against a tyrannical government, but it will also help the country of the United States as a whole. Because one person looked, we found an extremely large chunk of oil reserves in the Bakken formation in 1974.
-Bakken formation was found in 1974
-200,000 square miles || GIANT a lot of oil is there
The finding of this created an oil boom
The resulting sudden boom has reduced unemployment to 3.5% and given the state of North Dakota a billion-dollar budget surplus (National Public Radio)
Green River Foundation(kinda like the bakken formation) has the potential to be AMAZING
It is estimated that this one area in Colorado has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia.
Think of how many jobs will be created and how stimulated the economy will become

Politically, this bill has an enormously positive effect on the United States. The fact that oil is the main export of Saudi Arabia and the fact that they are our enemies would create one less enemy that the United States has to deal with.

According to the organization FLAME
80% of the prisoners held at Guant"namo are Saudis

analysts agree that the Saudis need the U.S. as their customer much more than we need them as a supplier
How are they enemies?
A poll released by Zogby International found that 87 percent of Saudis have an unfavorable view of the United States.

As Gerardo Joffe(president of the organization of "Facts And Logic about The Middle East" has said "Given its totalitarian policies, its open support of terrorism, and the anti-American, anti-Israel vitriol spewing daily from its state-sponsored press and religious institutions, the U.S. must reconsider its relationship with Saudi Arabia. It"s time to acknowledge that the Saudis are effectively waging a war against us " that they are behaving like enemies "

Good luck and thanks!


I accept this important debate. I believe Saudi Arabia is not a harmful country for the United States. Rather, the country is an important and indispensable for the survival of the U.S. from the economic point of view.
``The United States and Saudi Arabia established full diplomatic relations in 1940. Saudi Arabia`s unique role in the
Arab and Islamic worlds, its possession of the world`s largest reserves of oil, and its strategic location makes its friendship important to the United States. The two countries share common concerns and consult closely on regional security, oil exports and imports, and sustainable development.``(U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia, Moreover, the United States has sold Saudi Arabia military aircraft, air defense weaponry, armoured vehicles, and other equipment to strengthen its defense capability for a long time. (

The most important thing for the U.S. is that the U.S. has been too much dependent on the high quality oil exported from Sauji Arabia since the end of World War Second. It is the vital energy source for the U.S. economy and the daily life for the general public. However, these days it is expected that a new energy source like shale oil which can be extracted in the U.S. will be replaced with a large amount of imported oil from the Middle East.

Mass media reports that the day when the U.S. will not depend on the oil from Arab world might come in the future.
This situation might contribute to reducing the trade deficit of the U.S. However, in my opinion this is a very optimistic view. There are number of disadvantages for shale oil. For example, ``critics of shale oil extraction pose questions about environmental management issues, such as waste disposal, extensive water use, waste water management, and air pollution.``(

I firmly believe that Sauji Arabia remains the only, one stable oil supplier for the U.S. for many years to come.
Therefore, the U.S. must continue in keeping the economic and diplomatic relationship with Saudi Arabia as long as possible for getting the stable supply of the energy resource which is vital for the economic activity.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Where my opponent has it wrong is that Saudi Arabia is the most stable exporter of oil in the world. This simply isn't true. There are many other alternatives for the United States in terms of oil importation such as Mexico, Canada, and Russia.

Although he has good intentions, my opponent got another thing wrong. Saudi Arabia does not have the world's biggest oil reserves. It simply isn't the case. Sure, the main exporter of oil in the world is Saudi Arabia but that is simply because the United States hasn't tapped into their true potential of the Green River Foundation, as I had said before. Not only does this one piece of land have more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, this is a piece of land inside the United States. What this means is that the United States would have more jobs in production and it would stimulate the economy, unlike what my opponent had said.

My opponent has another thing wrong in his writing. Saudi Arabia doesn't have the same concerns and similarities that the United States has. Saudi Arabia actually supports Al-Qaeda and has actually aided Syria and surrounding countries against the war on Israel.

Overall, Saudi Arabia is an enemy of the United States that shouldn't be given the right of trading with the United States.


As you point out, ``oil imports into the United States from Sauji Arabia come in at second place with about 160 million barrels of crude oil annually.``(
Canada is ranked at first place. In recent years the United States has imported approximately 200 million barrels of crude oil annually from Canada.(http://www.quoteoil.... com)
However, we must keep in mind that ``in the Middle East there are an estimated 727 billion barrels oil in reserve.
The amount of oil in the Middle East far outstrips what is available anywhere else on Earth.``(
In recent years the government of Sauji Arabia has been using financial resources brought about by oil export to the U.S. for building social infrastructure. This has contributed to creating mass employment opportunity.

Chas.W. Freeman, JR.(President , Middle East Policy Council) says that ``the economy is booming. The stock market was up 75 percent in 2004 in Riyadh. Construction is everywhere in evidence. Public debt is being retired.``(

About eight years has passed. And now Riyadh is one of the fastest growing and most prospeous cities in the world.( http://travel.

In my opinion the root cause of social unrest and terrorism is the economic disparity between the rich and the poor.
However, rapid economic growth has contributed to reducing those serious social problems in Saudi Arabia.
As a result, I imagine that a hatred feeling and distrust toward the U.S. among the general public of the country have been greatly reduced.

From above arguments I beliebe that a freindly relationship must be established between the two countries as long as possible.
Debate Round No. 2


81%. That's the literacy rate of women in Saudi Arabia. 45%. That's the amount of women unemployed. Women can't even drive in Saudi Arabia. 100%. That's how many people are Muslim in Saudi Arabia. Why is that the case? Practicing any other religion in the country is a crime.

Although, as my opponent has said, Saudi Arabia's economy might be booming, their economy is booming because of the oil exporting they have. No other buyer of oil is bigger than the United States, once Saudi Arabia sees that the United States Government is serious about their human rights violations , they will realize that what they're doing is unacceptable and ultimately will change their ways. We could continue to import oil from Saudi Arabia and positively reinforce their atrocious behavior or we could stop funding their causes and begin to sever all economic ties to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Greed or Morals. Which one will you chose?


You have said in Round 1 that Saujis are waging a war against the U.S. However, I believe your opinion would not take place in the future. In my opinion Saujis might wage a war against Iraq. The reason is that an authoritarian Shia regime that is close to Iran poses a threat to Sauji Arabia. (by Zaki-Laidi, Bye-Bye, Middle East ? http://www.project...-

As you pointed out in Round 1, the government of Sauji Arabia has introduced a wide and strict measures to supress the freedom of expression and other anti-government activities among the general public for a long time.
Morerover, their life is regulated strictly by Islamic law. It is true that people have been compelled to live in the society which anti-democracy and anti-freedom are highly evaluated.
However, we must recognize that the spread of Internet and ``Spring of Arab``movement which began in 2011 in Tunisia have contributed to paving the way for the emergence of freedom of expression and the demanding for democracy among the people in Sauji Arabia.
New information technology is playing an important role in changing the old and traditional style of governance in that country. In my opinion this means that Sauji Arabia is becoming a country which is not necessarily an enemy or threat to the United States.

In the last ``what is happening in Sauji Arabia is especially important. The desert kingdom holds virtually all the world`s spare crude oil production capacity, enabling to raise or lower output to keep prices relatively high and stable.``( Supply surge jolts `peak oil`theory, by Michael Richardson, The Japan Times, December19,2012)

From above arguments I believe that the U.S. should keep economic and diplomatic relations with Sauji Arabia for the benefits of the two countries for a long time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Amica 5 years ago
S. Arabian people and American people should not break the ties. The dictatorship dynasty in S. Arabia is a Western stooge. They came to power after British rule and have served their purpose for a while. If American politicians truly believed in freedoms and social reforms they supposedly desire for S. Arabs, then they should not have supported the dictatorship from the beginning. The politicians support the rights of a people only when such rights help them get something. For whatever the reason, the Saudi dynasty is doing everything their masters ask of them. Hence, the question is: who cares about the people then?
Posted by MouthWash 5 years ago
The Saudis are American allies. Its treatment of women has no bearing on our economic and geopolitical relationship with them.
Posted by Rayze 5 years ago
Con had more reliable sources than pro and consistently backed up contentions. However, I don't think con was able to refute pro as successfully as he could as con could have mentioned the historic ties the US has with Saudi Arabia since the FDR administration. Pro destabilized his own arguments by stating gitmo prisoners were 80% saudi when those imprisoned in gitmo were al qaida affiliates. Pro could have touched on the Anti-american sentiment in Saudi Arabia, which based on what I have read has not.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made few spelling mistakes such as "Sauji Arabia". Pro did not convince me that Saudi Arabia is a threat.
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