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The United States is militarily superior to North Korea

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Started: 6/23/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance.


Lincoln-Douglas value debate. Failure to adhere to value debate will result in an automatic loss.

Please remain ethical.


The USA is known for throwing lots of money into wars which is why they are in so much debt - use Vietnam as an example - but the USA is willing to spend lots more money and send in lots more troops than North Vietnam is - the USA also has a lot more troops than North Korea which gives them a huge advantage as well - I feel as if America would win but they would have to make quite a few sacrifices.
Debate Round No. 1


First Round was acceptance only,


North Korea has about 9 or 10 nuclear war heads - if America was to start a war with Korea - they would lose a lot more civilians because North Korea would be willing to send as many nukes to America as he would to win - I don't think America would send any nukes at all into Korea - so North Korea would win.
Debate Round No. 2


Nathaniel.Braswell forfeited this round.


North Korea not only has over 1,000,000 troops with very powerful weapons. They also have a lot more allies than America. China, Russia and India would be willing to fight against America. With all of these people by North Koreas side. They would be unstoppable! They would have triple as many troops as America and triple the weapons. So North Korea would win.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Conservative6120 3 years ago
China, India, and Russia would not invade the USA... in fact, India would support the USA, and China and Russia wouldn't because of the nuclear weapons... not to mention that the USA has about 2,000 more nuclear warheads than North Korea, North Korea doesn't even have one that can reach the USA..
Posted by voxprojectus 3 years ago
I can make a case
Posted by TGambit 3 years ago
I'd do it. I think there is a small shot at winning but hey someone has to do it :)
Posted by salam.morcos 3 years ago
Why don't you debate: The US is larger than North Korea. Or that the US is in North America. Or that Canada is north of the US. All these would be just as tough as this one...!

I might even win with debate... Not because I believe it, but because I'll use debate techniques that I don't like.
Posted by Donderpants 3 years ago
So one sided. US is famous for spending so much on it's military. It consists of more than 40% of the worldwide military. While the exact figure changes, 48% has shown up repeatedly.
Posted by thett3 3 years ago
lol is this a joke?
Posted by Darthidiot 3 years ago
Maybe Utherpenguin, but thats about it.
Posted by Darthidiot 3 years ago
I honestly don't think people will accept this.
Posted by Envisage 3 years ago
How the hell is this a remotely fair debate? Wtf.
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Vote Placed by imabench 3 years ago
Who won the debate:--
Reasons for voting decision: "China, Russia and India would be willing to fight against America" You could give me a millennium and that still wouldnt be enough time for me to explain how f*cking stupid that statement is. Pro didnt present a case, but con presented a very asinine case, so Im voting this a tie due to how horrible both sides did here, and I advise others to do the same