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The United States is ruining anime

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Started: 5/3/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Whenever an anime has come into the United States, one of three things usually happens. The anime is left alone and thus stays perfect, the anime is dubbed into English in what is usually a crude fashion and ruins it, or it is turned into a live action and destroyed. Such as with what happened with Dragon Ball when it was made into a live action. So I dare anyone to say that the United States isn`t making a mockery of what so many have come to adore from Japan.


Thank you for posting this debate, which will be an extremely interesting debate.

Please excuse my small absence in this debate as I wanted to study on what I was to debate about.

I was surprised that my opponent has chosen 5 rounds to debate this subject, however I will try to schedule the first coupe of rounds. Then come back from my opponents questions or remarks. There is alot of Japanese Anime that has come to Europe and America, so we have some decent material to debate.
However, my opponent has chosen not to specify which Anime series he/she would like to debate. In order to focus this debate I will be debating that:

Anime that is dubbed in English is for the majority of fans and actually makes it more enjoyable

Even though I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball, to keep things fair I will be discussing Dragon Ball Evolution (Live action film)

In order to discuss English dubbing over Japanese Anime, I choose to discuss Full Metal Panic. For anyone that has never seen this I will provide the link at the bottom.(1)

I will be debating that America is not making a mockery of Japanese Anime

I will also debate that Japanese anime that is dubbed or made into a live action is ruined or destroyed.

1. Total destruction or disintegration, either physical, moral, social, or economic.2. A cause of total destruction.

1. Put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it.
2. Completely ruin or spoil (something)


Vote Con ;)
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah, sorry about the five rounds thing, I just clicked on the first number I saw, but i digress. When an anime comes into the U.S, its usually dubbed, and in most cases, done poorly. I do note a few exceptions however, such as Death Note and the one posted by my opposer. Now, while I do agree that ruin and destroy might have been to strong of words to use, my point still stands that it is being ruined by America. My biggest issue is in that of censorship. America seems to believe that it is necessary to edit even the slightest of things in an effort to, what they believe, will not damage our minds. I am noting such examples as one of the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, where, in the Japanese version, a farmer is seen smoking. Well when the U.S edited it, they completely removed the cigarette. This also occurs in One Piece, where instead of bullets and cigarettes, they are changed into suction cups and lollipops.


Id like to thank my opponent for the return debate and I accept my opponents apologies for for the 5 round mistake.

In this round I will give explanations to the points that I made in round 1. Which was:
  • Anime that is dubbed in English is for the majority of fans and actually makes it more enjoyable
  • Discussion about Anime turned into a live action. Dragon Ball Evolution (live action) as example
  • I will debate that America is not making a mockery of Japanese Anime and talking about how Japanese Anime is not ruined or destroyed

Anime that is dubbed in English is for the majority of fans and actually makes it more enjoyable

It would be hard to give an actual number to ho many Anime fans are out there but according to Jetro (Japan External Trade Organisation) and Anime!Anime! announced that the US Anime industry is worth $4.8 billion. (1) That is a hard figure to ignore and obviously a hard figure for distributors to ignore. I'm hardcore fan of Anima esp Manga, so I will sit and watch Japanese Manga just for the true experience. But fans like me are the minority. Lets just say you have 1 million people sitting in front of the T.V with their children and an un-dubbed Japanese Manga came on T.V. How many people would actually sit there and watch it? Would more people watch it, if it was dubbed in English? I know that more people would prefer to watch the latter.

Even as a hardcore manga fan, I actually prefer watching dubbed Anime, no matter how bad it is. At least I know what they are talking about and can relate it to what I am watching. My son is into Japanese Anime but only thanks to English dubbed, he wont watch the Japanese version and I'm guessing most kids wont either.

Japanese Anime is for everyone. I'm nearly 30 and I still enjoy just as much as I did when I was 9. Back then, there was truly bad examples of dubbing but I got into it. Without the dubbing I wouldn't of bothered in the first place. As I said, Japanese Manga is for everyone, so they have to please everyone. At least we have the CHOICE if we want to watch English dubbed or non-dubbed and being that you can choose, it makes it more enjoyable.

Discussion about Anime turned Live action. Dragon Ball Evolution (live action), as example

My opponent wanted to debate Anime turned to Live action. My opponent used Dragon Ball as an example so this is what Ill use as my example in this debate.

Dragon ball Evolution made a cool combined box office gross of $57,497,699 (2) and that's not even including the sale of merchandise. The film had mixed reviews but still as a big fan of Dragon ball, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It was the most successful live action film to utilise costume, production and audio design, not to mention so inspired fight choreography to provide the flavour of anime without becoming to cartoonish.

I have nothing against Anime turned to live action. In fact, I could list lots of Japanese Anime that would be a great live action. I don't even mind if they change a few things to suit the audience as I enjoy it for the experience. No anime fan, couldn't tell me that if their favorite Anime got made into a live action, they wouldn't go to the cinema to watch it?

For production companies alone, its a great money spinner if it turned out good. What have they got to lose? Millions of people love Anime and would flock to see the latest live action, me included. If the film gets bad reviews, so what, they have made their money, aint no way disgraces the original. Then going to the point which I have made before, we have the choice which way we want to view our favorite Anime.

A debate about how America is not making a mockery of Japanese Anime nor ruining or destroying it

Mockery Derision; Ridicule. An absurd misrepresentation or imitation of something

I have already made clear of the meanings of "Ruin" and "Destroy" in my first round and my opponent has made it clear that the above words might have been too strong of words to use.
My opponent has stated that his point still stands that America is "Ruining" Japanese Anime but has given no point or example of this ruining taking place. Ill await some further evidence from my opponent with this issue.

I put forward to my opponent that America is not making a mockery or Japanese Anime. To do so would be an insult to it. Please take a look at the meaning "mockery". To which there is no evidence that America is actively making a mockery of Japanese Anime. Surely to make a mockery , you would have to do it on purpose?

My opponent has made his/her "biggest" issue in round 2. This is somewhat bad planning from my opponent.

While in wait for some further evidence from my opponent, I will prepare the case

1. Censorship of Japanese Anime

2. The positives of Censorship

3. Reasons behind Censorship

4. Debating about current or new issues

I would like to thank my opponent for the debate

Vote Con



Debate Round No. 2


liru forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3


liru forfeited this round.


chickenquiff forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


liru forfeited this round.


chickenquiff forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro dropped his arguments and never got much beyond asserting opinions. Con followed through with rebuttals that went unanswered. Con should have challenged the premise that most anime is censored. Only some of the anime, mainly on non-cable TV is censored, and some intended for pre-teen audiences.